Isn’t Griffith the bigger cuck because Guys had already taken Casca’s virginity so Casca was essentially used goods...

Isn’t Griffith the bigger cuck because Guys had already taken Casca’s virginity so Casca was essentially used goods when Griffith fucked her?

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You, the reader, are the biggest cuck because you watched the whole thing

>"autistic retard with no experience interacting with human beings outside his small inbred family circle attempts to understand and make claims about sexual and romantic relationships" thread #575545

but I had no interest in Casca.
By that logic a random bystander who witnesses a rape in a back alley would be a cuck as well.

hi, reddit!

I don't think he had any romantic attachment to Casca. Plus, his actions caused Casca's baby to die which probably qualifies as needing a completely different word.

>t. never fucked a virgin
>t. only fucked used goods

go back there

if he had no romantic attachment to Casca then why did he get all jealous when he overheard Casca and Guts and then try (and fail) to hump Casca in his crippled state?

Shit, you seem to be an expert on the site. I guess it's a nice change of pace from talking about shit you're completely fucking clueless about any time you bring it up.

He was possessive of everyone in the Band of the Hawk. He wanted everyone to love and idolize him, and when Guts surpassed him and started getting the attention of Casca, he felt demoralized. He came onto Casca only after he was crippled because he wanted to feel like the king again. Then during the Eclipse, he didn't fuck her because he liked her. He did it as a power play over Guts.

You got everything wrong! Griffith is a cuck because he wanted to be fucked by Guts. But Guts fucked Casca and that's why he raped Casca. I would prefer seeing Griffith raping Guts to be honest.

but Griffith was still the original cuck because Guts fucked Casca first.

Griffith literally took a princess's virginity and has her undying love and devotion.

Do you even know what "cuck" means, you fucking meme baron? Griffith had pretty much no attachment to Casca as a person. She was a fine warrior and he liked that, but he didn't love her. He just fucked her because why not, and there was nothing else between them.

but that doesn’t make him any less of a cuck with regards to Casca

Holy shit OP. I don't even read/watch Berserk, but that is the most retarded logic I've seen in ages

>Guys had already taken casca's virginity
Yes many many guys had taken her virginity, she was a washed up whooer by the time guts got her

Haven't read Berserk but this make sense. You don't get to become a badass in that world without going through some pretty dark shit first. Double for females. Casca likely got her hefty dose of unwanted attention before she started slithering throats.

so you think she lied when she told Guts it was her first time? damn, then Guts really would be a cuck

however she did bleed during sex with Guts, indicating that her hymen was broken then and thus she was a virgin

>slithering throats
dumb phoneposter

cuck has lost all meaning at this point

Don't you guys know any other word other than cuck? I really hope Miura just finishes his damn work finally so these threads can die.

Miura’s never gonna finish it as long as Sup Forumsutists keep paying for it and he’s rolling in cash

OP is using it right, he's just a retard for believing Griffith wanted Casca.

I remember reading that his health wasn't in best shape, maybe he'll kick the bucket.

>OP is using it right
considering there are absolutely no ties of matrimony involved in any part of this story, he's about as far off from the definition as he possibly could be. You're an absolute idiot. Learn how to speak your own language instead of rotting your already feeble mind with retarded newfag internet memes.

>implying you have to be married to become a cuck

show me a definition of "cuckold" on any reputable dictionary that doesn't explicitly mention marriage you goddamn mouthbreather

the word itself is based on the cuckoo bird, a species that tricks other birds into raising it's children and not their own.
birds don't get married, idiot. the fundamental part of a cuckold is that you raise a child that isn't yours

ah yes, the cuckoo bird. a species that will destroy the eggs of other bird couples.
Griffith literally did that by destroying Guts' and Casca's baby. Plus it's metaphorical because of Griffith is known as a bird.

>the word itself is based on the cuckoo bird
stopped reading there. I don't give a shit. Which part of "show me a dictionary definition" do you not understand? Do you know what a dictionary is?

How to confuse Sup Forums:
>You fuck a virgin
>She cheats on you with a nigger
>Now who is the cuck: You, because you got cheated on, or the nigger, because he gets your sloppy seconds and any kids will have your DNA because telegony?
It's like a Sup Forums Zen koan.

There is the traditional use of the word cuck, Which is a derogatory word for someone who allows his sexual interest to sleep with other men.
>That man is a cuckold, he lets his wife have sexual intercourse with his plumbers.
There is the fetish term to refer to someone who gets off to that.
>That man likes to masturbate to his wife getting fucked by other men, he is a cuck.
Then there is Sup Forums term that basically refers to anyone who submits or champions an idea that goes against their better interest.
>That man is strongly supporting the policy changes in his company that will lead to his replacement because he believes it makes him a better person, he's a cuck.

>stopped reading there
t. brainlet
do you even have the slightest idea as to what etymology is?

yeah, but it was his demon semon that BLACKED his baby

>There is the traditional use of the word cuck
There is literally only one definition of the word used by people within the age limit to be on this site and who weren't raised with social media memes as a substitute for a father. Prove me wrong. I'm still waiting.

The sex wasn't about Caska, notice how he doesn't take his eyes off Guts for the whole thing.

I think it depends on whether or not you intended to have a relationship with said virgin. If you fucked her and moved on the black dude would be the cuck. If him fucking her emotionally destroys you, then you are the cuck.

is telegony actually real?

You'd think that, but Griffiths demon semen corrupted and essentially killed Guts' baby, therefore showing him to be the superior not-Cuck

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>Prove me wrong on an anonymous imageboard.
Nobody cares who you are, Scottsman.

or maybe they're both cucks but Griffith is less of a cuck

>"whiteknight whines about some inane shit" post #37926287623

was that father of that baby Guts or Femto?

Then again, Griffith does please old men for money. Does that make him more of a cuck or less of a cuck (seeing as he's probably cucking some qt countess while getting it in the butt)

I think a cuck is basically a person who's wife/gf fucks someone else of there own accord. Thus guts wasn't cucked

That's like the loosest use of the classic definition, besides Sup Forums uses it more in the sense that if you claim to support of that you're a cuck. The negativity is more on the male trying to "justify" or support it than him being emotionally affected by it.

I don't really think getting jealous of your ex-girlfriends sexual partners counts.

I don't think that makes him a cuck because not only is he in full control of the situation but also nothing else is really being robbed from him. He's just choosing to use his qt boipucci to advance himself politically.

>I think
You really don't need to. You can use duckduckgo to find the definition of just about any word you don't understand without having to do any guessing

Griffith is the real cuck because he couldn't fuck Guts, something Caska did effortlessly.

No, he's the biggest cuck because Casca had stolen Guts away from him.

Even when he fucked the princess he was thinking about Guts

Is it homosexuality or something very Freudian?


He was the first to rape her

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