Boruto thread

So what's going to be his role in the movie arc?

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Sending Namida and Wasabi and their pure love to the Pure Land.

Sumire team is the best team ever !!!

The part that makes BoruSara so appealing to me is Sarada yelling at Boruto when he does stuff.

Keep shipping discussion out and talk about the plot.

I think that's WHY Sarada acts this way towards Boruto. She knows he's strong and can do better but his shitty attitude holds him back. She sees the potential he has and how far he could go if he was more serious about stuff. That's why she's so hard on him.

Sumire a.cute.

Which is why tsunderes are garbage

Reminder, BoruSara is NaruSasu with a NaruSaku paint job. This pairing promotes previous pro naruto fags/anti sasuke fans wanting to fuck Sasuke as a girl. So hows that projection, narutards?

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And yes

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Leddit is so mad about Team hanabi.


i am going to make Hinata an Aunt

Screencaps? I’d expect this more from tumblr

Holy shit, i hate shipping the uzumakis. Am i the only one who doesnt see the appeal in shipping a aryan color clashing weeb with damn near everyone?

I actually miss the shonen part of this series, just dudes trying to get stronger than eachbothe4, thos crap with shipping Mini Sasuke and Mini Naruto is boring the hell outta me.

Who /cutiegang/ here?

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>being this butthurt over a pairing in a children's cartoon

I just looked. They are venomous, saying it's the worst episode and the team is horrible and annoying.

That's a shame.
Sumirei is one of my favorite characters.
Wasabi is pretty cute, bonus points for tomboy AND catgirl.
Namida is alright, she's not that annoying, but she can toe the line sometimes.

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I want to make namida cry.

Sumire brings all the boys to the yard

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You'll have to get through me first, buddy.

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idk about worst but yeah it wasn't a good episode. I don't like the team much either so I agree with them there.

They seem to REALLY hate Namida. And also some mentioned the only good parts were Sarada shitting on Boruto (again) and Mitsuki making that comment about women's tears, no joke.

I am convinced some of them come here.

How can anyone say this was the worst episode when we had a denki firefighter episode or the whole shikadai arc.

I thought it was a solid episode overall, including those parts. Sounds like they have an agenda, especially with Boruto and Sarada's dynamic. My favorite parts of them are when they agree to work together, then are surprised when it goes really well. Like when they teamed up to try and change Sarada to another team and they worked together to take on Mirei. It was a lot of fun to see them enjoy cooperation.

I can see why they don't like Namida if it's just because she's annoying.
Honestly, I think the hardest thing the show has to do is make the fans care about the characters. Personally, that's what I think made Naruto (and Shippuden to a greater extent) so enjoyable, because of how much we cared about everyone. It's probably gonna take a long time or us to care about the new cast to a fraction of that of the old, but I think they're doing a good job. I've warmed up to about half of them so far, including Team 15.

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What didn't you like about Shikadai's arc?
Given that I like Shikamaru, and Shikadai is a carbon copy, I found Shikadai pretty likable off the bat.
I'll admit pulling Ice style out of nowhere was lame.

yeah I like a lot of them too. Except Denki. Fuck Denki. The more I see of him the more I hate him.

maybe because Shikadai's arc was actually good brainlet

You're a funny person, user. You should do stand up.

>Their clan failed because of the 2nd Hokage's paranoia

Yes, yes. By handing them power as police officers. Sarada's in the same, rare sane mold as Shisui, Itachi, and Danzo's childhood friend Kagami. Surprise, surprise. An Uchiha wasn't crazy or traitorous and Tobirama and even Danzo liked him. The Uchiha are mentally ill with the Curse of Hatred to the extent that even Sakura was worried about Sarada's well being.

It's really weird that the police, the physical embodiment of "the man," is treated as some persecuted minority by Uchihafags.

Yeah, I'm with you there.
In the last episode, when the building was about to collapse and he pulled out his fucking laptop and ran structural analysis on the building, that was upsetting.
It's like Dragon Ball where Toriyama forgets his characters can do things. Why couldn't Denki have just touched the wall and sensed everything with chakra or something like that?
Fucking stupid.
At least he's grouped together with Iwabe, I'm not a fan of him either. He's okay and I like him more now, but in the end, not my favorite.
Metal Lee is just Rock Lee with autism (the bad kind) so at least the 3 of them are all sequestered together with captain that's just as lame as them, Udon.

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Not him, but what didn't you like about it?

jobbing to Mitsuki, Sarada, Shinki and Shikadai.

It was boring, plain and simple. it was your typical SP filler with the usual watered down Zabuza/Haku shit. And Shikadai is just Shikimaru, but somehow he seems even more dull.

>I can turn into a catgirl
>I can summon a chakra vampire-lion
>....I can cry

great power you got there

Its easy to see why they would be so mad about Namida. She's very girly with her crying and plebbit hates when a girl is not the strong independent type.

better than Denki

Stay mad

girls cry over literally everything. It's accurate. They're overly emotional. You can't be mad at them for that. Namida is a typical girl.

Just watch. Namida's cry will soon rival the force of Pain's Almighty Push in Boruto Shippuden. You'll see.

>magic computer man is worse than ninjagirl crybaby

yeah okay NOT

I don't like Namida. I just jate Denki more than anything. This isn't me defending Namida, her sonic cry is stupid too. Just Denki sucks so fucking much I can't get over it.

Literally Denki

It's lame but sonic scream is a decent power.

Or maybe because she has nothing going on for her other than crying and being a slut?

Is there a show with more wasted potential than boruto?

They wasted so much time on shogi and the whole thing about the bandits was just half assed.

boruto still has its potential retard



BnHA and DBS, now go back


there are heroes who fly with it

Remember when shinobi could detonate paper bombs just using chakra to signal it?
But Namida has to cry to do it.

how is she a slut?

>he doesn't know

Sadly, this.
I'm holding out for post-Chunin exams to get consistently good. I wonder if there will be an overarching plot that spans the rest of the series, like with Naruto/Shippuden (basically, get Sasuke back, and deal with major problems that get in the way like Akatsuki/Kabuto).

Swing-kun’s breeding ropes were butchered by SP

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I want to commit a crime

It seems like the overarching plot will involve the ayyliens somehow, which I did not care about in the slightest until the anime, so I’m hoping we get more of that

yes I don't know, that's why i'm asking.

Do you not see the way she looks at her pussy?

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What kind of crime, user?

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there probably will be

I'm liking it so far though

What will be the Boruto equivalent of Sasuke getting Powerbombed by the Raikage?

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Yeah you're right. I wonder if they'll tie that in to Kawaki somehow.

She wanted to fuck Mitsuki and Kagura

Ino getting "Powerbombed" by the Raikage

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boku no hero aca doesn't have wasted potential. It just turns bad during the mountain arc. Completely different. Super is a just more dragonball.

Boruto could have taken everything naruto did correctly and capitalized. But, alas.

She wouldn't be able to survive that though.

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Same, most episodes are enjoyable, and every now and then we get a scene that's really good and shows that it has potential. For me there was Boruto interrupting Sumire/Mitsuki's fight and teleporting them, Sarada vs. Lightning Girl, Team 7 vs. Mirei, and Konohamaru breaking out of the guys bind with a Rasengan. Show's got potential, just need to get the characters down and give us a good overarching plot.
The OST is pretty good, too.

>everything naruto did correctly
Which is not much
>and capitalized
It’s been only a year, Naruto’s had plenty of subpar years and arcs during its run

Super isn't just more Dragon ball, all the hype is gone and it's mostly just lame.

We're only like 50 episodes into Boruto, Naruto is over 700 with Shippuden. Expecting it to be as good right off the bat is a mistake, it's got huge shoes to fill.

>Hanabi is canon Jounin skill
>She got a team and not left to rot in obscurity in the Hyuga clan
>She got best team: Team Hawawa
>now more likely to be present when shit gets real

Wtf, I love SP even more now!?

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I was calling them Team Furry, but I like Team Hawawa more now.

and it's filling them. I'm very hopeful for this series.

but that's not the best team

This episode made me depressed about the state of these threads. We now have definitive proof that Sumirefags are only part time Boruto fans and only care/post when she appears ignoring anything Boruto otherwise. What a shitty fucking fanbase.

Because the thread is more active when its a Sumire episode?

Right. When Sumire appears, threads are active. Any other time? ghost town. This episode confirmed Sumirefags are the worst element of the fanbase.


Are you fucking retarded or just shitposting? Sumire posters have always been around

Madara avenged Sasuke in sprit. Plus hes strobger now and thars all that matter.

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It's worse because it's just part of a shitty pairing war.

We'd still be in the first thread after the episode if it weren't for the "you really get along comment" or if Bort hadn't been in the episode at all.

Got damn Sarada, Boruto said he was sorry already, why can't you let go?!

>still desperately trying to blame Sumire for his own insecurity

Soo completely ooc then.?

>Which is why tsunderes are garbage
This guy gets it

Fuck off. Everytime Sumire is brought up in any form or fashion some Saradick cunt comes around to shitpost. It's a ghost town because no one wants to give those retards more (You)s, like what I'm giving you.

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Are you? the threads have been on life support for weeks, Sumire episode happens, suddenly we max out threads at Sup Forums or Sup Forums speeds.

I hear that. Seems most people who visit these threads only care about their waifu wars and nothing else.

I suppose the threads being dead for weeks and suddenly coming to life when Sumire appears was just a coincidence then?

Or maybe there’s nothing else to talk about, and you’re still butthurt that she actually encourages discussion

Check out this victim complex. Someone mentions this shitty situation and they've got to be on the opposing side of this shitty waifu war? both sides can fuck right off.

>Sumire episode happens, suddenly we max out threads at Sup Forums or Sup Forums speeds.
Is it that hard for you to accept that people like her? Don’t blame Sumire posters if you faggots are incapable of keeping the threads alive on your own

When is that emo looking faggot Kawaki going to show up?

It’s not a victim complex if you’re constantly bitching about Sumire

>g-guise I'm only pretending to not pick a side look at how much virtue I'm signalling.

No one cares. Now fuck off.


>threads have been on life support for weeks
Because nobody cares or wants to talk about Shikidai or Iwabe or their teams.