Sayonara Peter Pan


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where'd you get the raws? usual places only have some chapters

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Honestly, looking wherever. There is a reason this shit is in fucking Vietnamese.

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Looks interesting, OP

>stick around kid

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>tfw you will never have a giant OL nailgun you to the wall

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Are MC and his friends normal sized people being hunted by giants, or are they midgets being hunted by normal people instead?

Either way, it reminds me strongly of Gantz in the premise of giant fucks being the antagonists.

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And then we're back here.

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> tfw you will never RIP AND TEAR a sexy giant OL

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Because it's in Oriental moonrunes I DON'T FUCKING KNOW! We're 11 chapters in and no English TL in sight.

think story is all kids are tiny until they graduate from High School then only the top 1% are taken to be enlarged(memory wipe) while the rest are killed.

> tfw you will never crush and absorb(?) a sexy OL into your mecha

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Because you don't need translations to jerk off to your cringy fetish fics. I'll only TL good manga. Stuff that's actually worth a damn. Not this trash god knows where you picked this one up.

Is it that hard to comprehend? Just pay some fucker to TL it for you if you care that much. The guys that TL actual porn will probably take your request. What are you waiting for? I recc shotacat TL or whatever they're called.

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>Have a size play fetish
>But only for comfy stuff

What a waste of a manga for me. I don't want some big busty sadist waifu. I just want a giant waifu who I can do comfy and cute stuff with.

God what a fucking waste. Fuck I bet there's even vore in this

not op but one place only has the odd number chapters

i found 6, 7, 9, and 11 in jp in one place, 1 to 6 in korean in another
the chinese only translated up to 4

>hot giantesses
>giant mecha
This shit should have been translated by now, how shit what the fuck are people waiting for? It's like the best parts of Neverland and the giant alien chapters of Gantz had a baby.

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because giantess fetish a shit

There actually is a comfy giantess. I'll post her now.

I'm only posting the giant girls because I figured that would get someone's attention. Have you seen an entire chapter yet? That's like judging Teppu because she is a mega-bitch in the first chapter.

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>best parts of neverland
Neverland has no best parts. It's shonen trash with pacing issues.

>it's Gantz but worse
Just reread Gantz, an actually good manga, again.

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Holy shit it turned into a fucking trainwreck.

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to be fair the Teppu MC is a cunt for most of the manga
her main motivation is that she wants top beat a fluffy genki girl's face to shit

>I figure that would get someone's attention
Well attention you've gotten. And I've given you the answer. Just pay a fucker and then you'll know for yourself that it's trash because you can actually read it. You can pay per chapter. You've got nothing to lose.

>it doesn't abide by my arbitrary rules because I want every story to be the same
Duly noted. If you want clich├ęd holywood trash just watch PG/Disney crap all your life.

Jesus Christ I feel like when manga first started getting posted online and you actually had to hunt for your jump off before Mangafox and shit. Looking for this manga is nostalgic in a way.

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If you aren't a garbage TL how much would it cost?

If I wanted cliched Hollywood trash I would reach Gantz dumbass. They asspull a Deus Ex Machina from nowhere. Really should have ended with humanity defeated. The fuck? Gantz shouldn't have had a happy ending.

You haven't explained a single thing. You're just reiterating someelse's opinion poorly without understanding what they meant. Prove me wrong.

Also, I don't really understand your comment at all. Is that even English?

I honestly wouldn't know. I figured they do that shit in their free time so any type of compensation is a win.