Hunter X Hunter

What's there endgame?

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Get killed by chad clown

I'll never understand the meaning behind this image.

Yukkuri parody
Literally just shitposting

la creatura...

Pitou is still alive and will be back!

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17 hours to spoliers, lads. Hopefully we get some Cammy this chapter.

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Will Fuu and Kachin survive the banquet? Will their escape succeed?

That's their whole point and why Hisoka is going to be their death.

If Hisoka is Togashi's way of explaining the value of self belief (Hisoka has long since come to terms with being some sort of gay rapist clown and is only alive because of it) than the Spiders fight with Hisoka is Togashi's way of explaining Belief in Self vs Belief in Group.

The Spiders have no real belief in themselves or in their group. No end game, no goal. They're shitty people from a trash city who have never left trash city. And now they are being stalked by a gay rapist clown and they have no fucking clue how to deal with him because they don't believe in themselves as people or the spider as an entity anymore. If the Spiders had even an ounce of introspection as a group they'd realize how fucking retarded they're being right now.

But when will best MC return to the series?

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>Fuu and Kachin
nope they are next after halken in the grand scheme of things

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They're going to become Tse's next artwork when their worm tunnel ends up taking them directly to his room.

I'm interested what their plan is, because I doubt the worm can actually leave the whale. So where are they planning to go?

They probably think the worm can leave the Whale. However, if they can't, Melody could keep them in hiding in the lower levels for a while.

Wouldn't Foo-foo or Matty be smart enough to test if they can actually leave?

would gon date alluka knowing he has a dong

Killua wouldnt allow him.

I want to see the heartbreak in killuas eyes when that happens

Of course they would test it, but we don't know yet and Togashi might hide it until it happens.

Meant to quote

why, it would be pretty cute

Would Alluka date Gone?

Killua likes Gon himself, so he’d try to prevent him from going out with her and mask it as “trying to protect his sister” or how “she’s too young and innocent” for him

Gon could get anyone’s pussy if he wanted it

I don't think he likes him that much as of now

>he likes him
who are you talking about

Don't worry, Anons. Cammy will stop this homolust conversation!

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meant for

gon got older to fight pitou, he's a big guy


What does Benjamin's Nen Beast do

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What do the mouths mean.

It bites things REALLY hard

It shouts at things REALLY hard.

>one big mouth
>one small mouth
benjamin says he want to be king, but in fact he likes the sweat of the gym

So is youtube not working for anyone else? Went to look for a video of pic related and shit not loading, anyways, pic related is Kalluto endgame.

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being the best exemple of fraternity?



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Pretty sure that gon is for kaito (girl)

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He's back to normal though. Unless he kept the massive balls.

He's hurt, for sure, but Gon just needs to call him and he'll be back at his side at the speed of light if Alluka allows him.

The most flavourful and original ability I've been able to come up with for Benjamin is rewarding the men who succeed in their missions. Kinda like a soldier being awarded medals. But that seems like it could be Zhang Lei's ability.

That said, Nasubi mentions the whole "a beast who has nothing but claws and fangs has no hopes of surviving" in the next page, so the King might have been lying and Benjamin got a shitty Nen beast that has nothing but fighting power.

Will people also pretend to like her when she inevitably dies, just like with Neon?

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where is he

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Is she a persona 5 character now? Also, literally neonwho?

>phantom troupe
>phantom thieves

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The secret 9th Spider.
He has to lay low due to being a chimera ant.

Didn't he die?
The ants killed gyro...

when killua comes back he'll have a gf

>neon is dead

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he's an ant now

Spoilers. Fucking. When.

12 more hours.

Fuck you.

Doujins when?

After the Spiders die he will take over the dump that is Meteor City.

It just went up to 18.

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Nah, Halkenburg will 'die', a few more princes die, but the king dies suudenly, halting the battle royal. Halkenberg pretended to die, and killed his father. Tse will continue killing his half siblings for fun, though.

Chapter 378 spoilers.
Status: Unconfirmed.

>Shizuku: "I'm going in."
>Chrollo: "Wait. Bono, you transform and check it out first."
>Bono activated Battle Cantabile: Prologue and readied his spear
>Bono: "I'm going in."
>Chrollo: "Careful. We don't know when and where he could strike from."
>Bono: "I know."
>Bono cautiously stepped inside the restroom. No sign of Hisoka. No vents for him to pop out of. Probing the ceiling revealed it was solid; no panels to remove and drag someone through like in a horror movie. Bono slowly opened a stall. No traps-
>Bono: "He's rigged all the toilet bowls with cards! Sorry Shizuku, but you'll have to hold on while I tear these out."
>He knew emitted Bungee Gum was greatly weakened due to Hisoka being a Transmuter. It was a simple, if disgusting, task to tear it out of the toilets with his spear. A shameful thing for the song and dance of his people to be used for, but it had to be done.
>As he opened the middle stall's door, the cards came flying out at him. Bono, half anticipating such tricks, narrowly dodged them. The sound of glass breaking and falling into sinks echoed throughout the room as the cards slammed into a mirror.
>Bono: "That magician, I swear...!"
>Chrollo: "Hisoka is really going all out, isn't he? To be honest, I had a hard time believing it when I heard about what happened to Shal and Kortopi. "
>Bono: "I know, it's ridiculous how he came back from the dead."
>Chrollo: "No, not just that. Hisoka reveled in fights. He didn't try to assassinate people like this.
>Shizuku: "Something inside him probably snapped when he lost to you. Bono, are you almost done?"
>Bono: "Yeah, just about... Alright. All clear."

Shizuku's actually pretty chill and I like her lack a filter.

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He has one now.

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Part 2:

>Chrollo: "Shizuku, be quick. Bono, you maintain Battle Cantabile and guard the stall. I'll camp the doorway."
>Shizuku couldn't help but feel like they were missing some key detail as she cautiously sat on the seat, even though they already checked the entire room and disabled two layers of traps.
>Shizuku: ("Maybe I'm just being paranoid.")
>Over the sound of her peeing, nobody could hear the quiet noise of paper being pulled back.
>They had indeed missed a key detail.
>Why would a restroom not have vents?
>The following squish was just barely audible, but they instantly realized something was wrong.
>It all happened so quickly.
>Bono, Chrollo: "Shizuku!"
>It was too late.
>Hisoka, the magician, was already airborne over the stalls.
>Shizuku could barely react as the cards rained down. The first slashing down her arm, the second slashing down her back, the third cutting off an ear, and the fourth piercing her skull.
>Bono's leaping thrust was too slow, just barely missing Hisoka as the fiend's flight continued over the stalls.
>As Chrollo flipped the pages to an appropriate hatsu for this situation, Hisoka had already flown back into the vents through the other Texture Surprised opening.
>Tearing the stall's door off the hinges, they saw it was too late. Shizuku was dead.
>Chrollo: "HISOKA!"
>Bono: "Damn..."
>A faint chuckle echoed out of the vents.
>4 down, 8 to go
>The last page shows Hisoka slipping into Franklin's hollowed out corpse and puppeteering it with Bungee Gum.

Hisoka was the toilet all along, wasn't he?

I always liked Shizuku.

>Franklin's fight skipped
Whether this is real or fake, I'm mad.

>that last line
lol I hope that actually happens

Yes, this is the spoiler image.

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user, it's a pasta

Shizuku is neutral, who couldn't love her? Once the spider is kill she will join Leorio and become the MCs of the dark continent.

But it should be Feitan's instead. And no one notices when he gets stretched to two sizes bigger.

user there's like there's a good year and a half between this scene and chapter 377

I don't know why this gets me every time

No. Hisoka's master plan goes like this:
>Monitor spiders and get ahead of their route when it looks like one has to go.
>Enter bathroom, clear out civilians, and set up card launching traps in the toilet bowls. The middle toilet has them set to fly as soon as the door is open.
>Tear off both ventilation grates and throw them in the vents; cover the openings with Texture Surprise to make it look like they aren't there. Slip inside one before covering it.
>If vent openings are perfectly aligned, set up a Bungee Gum slingshot in the one you're hiding it to fly across the room and into the other vent.
>Wait for the sound to signify its time.
With the two decoy traps to distract them and there being no vents to suspect, they'd never anticipate the real angle of attack.
Piloting Franklin's body also sets the stage for a free kill.

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He demonstrated it to Machi.

Ahh that's right. I completely forgot.

Nah, Hisoka will try to assassinate them by climbing up the sewers along the pipes leading to the toilets. Every Spider will literally shit on him, then they will figuratively shit on him when it turns out diarrhea melts bungee gum.

They're not even bothering to look out for any of his physical attributes except height, so yes. Machi personally witnessed him conjure fake flesh, and they know from Paku's memories that he somehow forged a fortune under everyone's noses.

So, what are your speculations about Cammy? Will she do something like chapter 373? Maybe Cammy's nen beast will be revealed

I'm going to marry Kalluto.

Kalluto will kill Alluka

He's like 10 or 11.

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For mimicking Feitan, Hisoka just needs to cut off his own legs up to a certain point. This will give him fully adjustable height, and with a dash of Texture Surprise, easily let hm copy the manlet.
The spiders assume there's a limit to Hisoka's disguises, but they severely underestimate him.

Illumi will Kalluto.

Killua will kill Illumi.

Nanika's abilities will be publicly revealed and then V5 and hunters will hunt her down. screen cap this

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post ya favorite hunta

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Alluka will kill Killua.

>some sort of gay rapist clown and is only alive....way of explaining Belief in Self vs Belief in Group... they don't believe in themselves as people or the spider as an entity ..
You have no idea who you are or where you are right now. Get the off of whatever you're on this instant,including the internet and have a glass of water.

To get slaughtered. Right now, they're the prey. A role reversal. Now they will learn what it means to despair.

At this point, there's no stopping Hisoka. This young madman is going to wreak absolute havoc. Only deluded Troupe fanboys and Qurworf zombies deny it.

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gf (gon freecs)


gon is dating noko