It's another Type-Moon work requires previous knowledge of the world episode

>it's another Type-Moon work requires previous knowledge of the world episode

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You have two fucking choices and you know it. Experience whatever fucking game or VN or LN or notebook doodle nasu wanked out that has the information you need or just don't watch it.

But you're to much of a retard, you're gonna choose to watch, not understand whats happening and complain that you don't understand what's happening. Most Fate shows are made for fate fans to experience parts of the nasuverse in a different format.

>watching any Fateshit other than main timeline

Literally no reason to watch ANYTHING related to Fate other than FSN, old UBW movie, FZ, 2014 UBW and the upcoming HF

Everything else is literal trash.

>old UBW movie
God no, why would you do that

The only TP shows this applies to are Heaven's Feel movies and Carnival Phantasm

>understanding UBW on its own
>understanding KnK on its own

UBW fills you in with on the first two episodes
I forgot about KnK but you're right

>Understanding the concept of Counter-Force guardian without KnK or Alaya Beast without Tsukihime
Good luck with that.

Are you retarded? KnK was the first widely released TM work, it's fully standalone. Even F/SN and Tsukihime rely on a bit more background knowledge.

The average normalfag who watches the adaptations doesn't care about that as long as the can keep up with the plot

>it's another kiritsugu is shit episode

>it's another thread where neckbeards tell you to go read a 80 hours porn novel

>read Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya and FSN
>watch KnK and F/Z
>play Melty Blood
>still only know 10% of the lore

You mean 1%? Only FSN Fate route and GO is canon now

Based GO

Why not UBW? The one good route and it went to waste.

>read Tsukihime, PLUS-DISC, Kagetsu Tohya, F/SN, F/HA
>play Melty Blood and Extra
>Watch Zero and KnK
>still dont know what the hell is Alaya supposed to be
>mfw Nasu probably doesnt know either

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Granted, its better than HF but its no Fate

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nasu what the fuck


i don't understand

i don't understand any of this shit

why does he do this

it makes no sense

>Spending your valuable time reading about someone's autistic fantasy world just so you can watch a fucking cartoon.

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Kaleidoscope makes it all canon user.

It's the first released but it's massively more enjoyable if you read another TM works first. The best entry to the Nasuverse is still the FSN VN.

Worst waste of time of my life.

Sauce? Is there anything in GO that contradicts the canon?

Was EMIYAs ability "just" a reality marble or could it be one of the 2 unknown True magics? Simply creating something one imagines sounds like one

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Some people like VNs user

>being a twentynonary

>>Spending your valuable time reading about someone's autistic fantasy world just so you can feel superior about other nerds on the internet.

>>>Spending your valuable time acting you're a superior person while still being in Sup Forums

I feel like modern population of fate/tm bait threads didn't even watched F/Z in ongoing with Sup Forums. Hell maybe even UBW. Doubt anyone knows who Hero is.

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Fuck no, there is barely anything added by reading FSN before Rakkyo. It's the official introduction of the counter force and even its use of Servants.
On the contrary, Heaven Feel totally uses background knowledge of Zelretch, Aozaki Touko, and Mystic Eye Blockers from KnK and Tsukihime.

> Zelretch, Aozaki Touko, and Mystic Eye Blockers from KnK and Tsukihime.
2 strokes in VN.

That's why I said even FSN relies on "a bit" more background stuff. It's not major or essential, but it's more than KnK had. Unless you categorize knowing Touko's past from Mahoyo as essential to KnK, but barely anyone at that time had access to the original Mahoyo.

>implying people take their time reading about someone's autistic fantasy world to watch an inferior fucking cartoon about said someone's autistic fantasy and not because they want to feel superior to nerds who only watch the inferior cartoons

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Spiral Paradox movie actually explained CF thing even better and very visually appealing.

>what is a multiverse?
It's all canon in some way. I could write a bad fanfiction and it would be somewhat canon.
and it would probably have a better story than f:go


>mfw Nasu probably doesn't know either
type moon in a nutshell

Give me ONE (1) example. Just one is enough. Because you CAN'T. There are no such works. Though there is a big world, whatever you NEED to know, you're told in the entry you picked up.

type moon works are almost always god tier though

Carnival Phantasm

its just an RM- probably rooted in projection magic

Off the top of my head: Zelretch at the end of HF.

How will he ever recover?

why did the grail do what it did

in f/z, fate, ubw, and it finally vaguely explains it in hf

>want to play visual novels
>already finished ataraxia,. FSN and the other routes
>haven't done CCC, extra and the other light novels because they haven't been translated yet
>grand order is not translated yet
hurts desu

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>how did Anakin turn to the dark side?
>it’s only explained in ROTS
kill yourself

Do you actually believe this?
Only specifically Nasu's works, that he wrote entirely by himself without other hacks being involved would be considered anywhere close to "god tier". And even then, not all of them.

At this point, the shit and mediocrity in Type-Moon probably outweighs the good. Mostly thanks to GO and other recent Servant-focused shit.

To this day, still haven't touched Tsukishit, I knew Zelretch was some big shot, that's all I needed to know. The rest, that's only relevant to Tsukishit, not Fate.

You're told what you need to know. The Grail is corrupted, it only grants wishes through destructive means. You don't require any other knowledge. It is a bonus learning how that happened, not a requirement. Case in point, you are FORCED to play 2 routes before finally learning the truth, and even then, that truth isn't explored until HA.

Fuck you.

if we were told darth vader was a good guy the whole time and at the very end it's revealed he's bad for no reason and it's never explained sure

>I can say for a fact that not a single Type-Moon work relies on background info
>hasn't even read something as popular and beginner tier as Tsukihime
Holy shit what a faggot. Don't pretend you remotely have any idea what you're talking about.

>using the prequels as example for good storytelling

>I knew Zelretch was some big shot
He's not "a big shot" he fucks around in multiverses and is responsible for one of the laws of the universe. Rin training under him is a huge deal.

How many of you read Notes.?

It’s just a reality marble. True magic is on another level.

I have
V/V best girl

Do you think that analogy makes a lick of sense? The grail is revealed to be evil very early in FSN. In the final part of the story, the specifics are revealed.

Rin doesn't train under Zelretch at all. He just picks some apprentices to draw attention away from Rin.

>people say KnK 5 is great
>just shits chuunispeak babble in your face right after the climax "explaining" what's happening
>makes no fucking sense at all
>on top of a monk not realizing the coincidence in his name

I did. Shit's epic and Types / Aristoteles would be in more TM power level discussions if more people read it.

The Aristoteles' theme kicks ass too:

t. brainlet

You know, I wondered why Zeltrecth would even bother to train an heir, since you can usually only pass down your magic to someone from your bloodline. Then I realized he could just switch to a universe where HE is Rin’s father. Zelretch don’t fuck around.

>The grail is revealed to be evil very early in FSN
Um, no it isn't

Grand Order is translated up to the 5th singularity which is a good bit of stuff to play. It seems most people don't like the story that much outside of Fuyuki for the first half though.

>not understanding Paradox Spiral
You're actually just stupid. Rewatch the movie a couple of times before wven attempting to discuss it a couple lf times, GO brainlet.

I feel sorry for you

I thought sorceries couldn't be passed down.

Just read the wiki or ask at BL

About 20 hours into a 60+ hour VN is relatively early, yes.

The story is mediocre or trash even after that user, only a couple of Nasu's chapters are remotely good and wasted on a shitty game.

His name is not even mentioned. You don't need to know who he is at all.
>not recognizing obvious baiting

It’s the feeling of “man I don’t wanna die.” by humans. It’s really as simple as that. Now if you’re getting into the whole world of Alaya and the Earth then it’s a bit more complicated but...

Maybe you should actually establish elements of the plot instead of dumping them on the audience is completely flat exposition.

Like ok, Araya? The counter force? His building prevents interference how? What is this autistic shit?

>He's not "a big shot"
>he fucks around in multiverses and is responsible for one of the laws of the universe
>He's not "a big shot"

People are just easily impressed by the soundtrack

You're wrong.

Just read the wiki, jesus.

I see, thank you.

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It doesn't prevent interference. He tried to avoid it by creating a space removed from reality, but the counter force still foils his plans via Shiki and Touko.
Actually, even that bum randomly wandering into Enjou's apartment and that getting reported to the police is speculated to be the counter force's work.

About what?

As I remember KnK 5 don't even mentioning "counter force" by literal meaning. Be more consistent with your shitposting.

But they did say the words "Counter Force" though

>very early
>relatively earth
>the end of each specific route
>fitting either of those definitions

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It does. Usually translated as Deterrent Force in KnK media.

How is the end of the Fate route not pretty early into FSN?

can we take a moment to shit on FGO fags?
they're the cancer killing type moon.

Blow it out your ass you fucking retard, KnK dickriders cant even remember what they defend

Nah, FGO itself is doing that. The cancer fanbase is only a side effect.

>KnK dickriders
>they defend
/fgog/ falseflagger is not even trying anymore

So we agree that you have to at least have played f/sn to pick up other entries. So much for
>whatever you NEED to know, you're told in the entry you picked up

>You don't need to know who he is at all.
That makes it even worse.

That's magnitudes above being a "big shot".

>That makes it even worse.
How? Rin was called for a trail, some important person helped her. It's literally just a footnote. You don't need to give a single shit about it.

I'm not the retard who said that, user.

>Ciel is in top 100 magi
>Rin is in top 70-100
>Shirou with one magic is in top 10
What the fuck did Nasu mean by this?

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Wait, is there a magi tier or something?

How did Aoko get hers then?

>Shirou with one magic is in top 10
He's not even top 1000.

Autism can take you far in the Nasuverse. Pro tip: try cutting a bird a bunch of times to break the universe.

oh well then

Because you have absolutely no context to who that important person is, and he's very important. The meaning of it is completely different to people who know who he is than to those who don't.

It's like making one of your main characters ask Jesus to go buy their groceries.

Shirou isn't in top 10 at all.
Nasu just said that adult Rin could reach top 100 at the Clock Tower, and Ciel has some of the best magic circuits ever.
There's also a circuit rating for Mahoyo characters at least.

>GJ: I have a question about Fate characters. How high (or low) are the talents of Emiya Shirou and Tohsaka Rin within the entire history of the Association?

>Nasu: Rin really is a genius. Given time, she'll enter within the top 100 magi of the Association throughout its entire history.
>Shirou won't move out from being an magus apprentice, but as a spell-user, he'll be among one of the big specialists. Ultimately, he'll receive an evaluation on the same level as "Magus Killer" Emiya Kiritsugu had in his peak, maybe. If I were to put into simple numbers,
>Ciel: 100, Rin: 70-100, Shirou: 10 (under particular limited conditions, then 40).

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