Reunion. Also wingman of the year.

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Well this is certainly a present surprise.

Actually, it's kind of a ridiculous twist, but I'm still okay with it.

fucking hated that nerdfag. was one of the many reasons I end dropping that shit. except for the twins arc, that was awesome.

i still think nerd should've married the tomboy with the dredlocks

You two are dirty low class niggers. Mr and Mrs Smith BEST


>not wanting to see Paprika get BLEACHED

I'm really glad I read this, it was in my backlog for years. Whack translation though
>let get this jalopy movin'


Well this is a total asspull, but ill allow it.

So are they getting the hell out before the Russians ruin everything?

I'm like the opposite of you. Since they stooped focusing on nerd fag I stooped reading it.

this is too good to last
she's probably gonna get killed by Russians

Her husband is a total fucking bro. I don't think real people are that decent, especially in that culture and time. But I'll allow it.

No, the author is a massive vanilla fag. Besides the Russian occupation wasn't even that bad.

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It's a little too convenient for my tastes, but I like the two so I'm still satisfied.

fuck wait who is this again is this the chick with the dead husband

he said he would come back and marry her right?

You're months late, EOP.

You have encountered a nomadic waifu! What do?

Is it finally translated, or is this just a slowbro discovery

Then we are all slowpokes.

I made a thread for this when the raw came out months ago.

Looks like the translation is slow

Wasn't this posted a while back?

So /ss/ when?

So am I blind idiot, or is there a reason why my "c70 raws" folders is still as desolate as the steppes where these chink-kebab hybrids live???

You're a blind idiot.

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Marry her! Live a comfy nomadic life.

>Why did you do it?
>Well... wouldn't you?

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Well, so long's it's just me being retarded then, and the raw providers are still doing god's work I can rest easy.
Many thanks user.

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Same here. I dropped it when they stopped focusing on the shota/cake.

sauce? Or can someone just dump the pages, looks like another short chapter

Google is your friend.

Maybe, Smith wanted to stay despite being told he should leave because Russian and British look the same in a rifle scope but then this happened and I dont think he can stay if he wants to be with her since its risky.

He said he might be in reality he was clearly just pussying out and bailing

Shouldn't he have to covert to Islam for this? They sure as he'll wouldn't let Taras go apostate. I can almost ignore the asspull coincidence but the interfaith marriage at that time and place triggers me.

Nah not really. Plus She's only dressed like that because it was more a cultural thing then religious

Is it really an asspull? Smith didnt go directly to Ankara, he stopped in Persia (?) and then a lot of shit happened to him. Its possible that Talas and her husband arrived before him.

No one is that nice to allow their recent wife to fuck off with a fucking gaijin. That man hated her or thought she was too used goods for him.

Not in the sense that that she got there before him, we know he took his sweet ass time, but in the sense that she just shows up and the thing is done and dusted in ten pages? I'd call that asspully.

He probably didn't want to deal with that shit, so he sent her away with the gaijin to deal with.

>the Russian occupation wasn't even that bad
although true the twins will most certainly have hardships

Honestly the Russian imperial rule in central Asia was relatively lax. The hardcore Russification and devastation of the Aral Sea happened under the Soviets.

Ngl these two reminds me of Emma. But it’s damn time


depends on the type of nomadic life and area
despite it being mostly a meme the whole "digital nomad" thing is possible (though a lot is luck and work to get in that kind of position)

It is, exactly half the pages of the other no dialogue chapter, c023
probably means we are going to stick with Smith for a little longer at least
which I'm pretty happy with because mr britbong has a real important decision to make right now and I'd love to see Mori delve into his thought process, choice, and the repercussions of said choice.
in other news, does pic related mean that Karluk is officially a cool uncle?
Also good on Tileke, she finally got to hold that eaglelike she wanted

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But certainly you don't mean 19th century Central Asian nomadic life. Its not easy and, during the great game, by no means peaceful.

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The volume plus on Iranian lesbians was a bit of a low point.

>karluk comes back from his training as literally Conan the Barbarian.
>no more /ss/ and Amira gets impregnated within 1 hour

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>by the time they finally fuck it won't be /ss/ anymore
God dammit, it's Shut Hell all over again.

I am going to be seriously upset if there is not going to be a happy end for them.
Don't give me some shit like him going back one last time for whatever data and getting himself killed.

Russians were pretty bad on it desu, they did disgusting crimes such as Circassian genocides but I think the author wouldn't go that far

I believe she doesn't have any relatives except her late husband's mother, stepfather of some sorts and her new husband. I highly doubt they will mind.

I'm liking this one

I'm so happy with this chapter

Massive asspull but I don't care. I'm super happy.

So does this count as NTR or what?

Can you blame her though, that chicks boobs were ridiculous. And then she talked her husband into marrying her to lock up those boobs for her own enjoyment.

That's the first thing I thought when reading it. I've been memed beyond redemption.

Maybe, but he was certainly a good man to escort her up until she met the gaijin-kun.


Afaik muslims are allowed to marry to old pre-new testament christians and jews without having the spouse to convert.

That fucker was the luckiest guy in the series, but those chapters where one hell of a bore.

Not really? Husband was a widower, and it seemed to me while he had feelings for his late wife, he was just marrying again out of convenience and had no particular interest in his new wife.
Might as well help her find her husbando and find someone else.

No because he'll get his money back once he told her family she's dead.
it's like returning the stuff you don't like at the store.

>to old pre-new testament christians
Aren't those jews? Or you aren't jew without cut penis skin and jewblood coursing through your veins?

Idk, I'm not familiar with the terms. They called it People of the Book.

I really like Kaoru Mori

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Good. I'd rather believe in aliens than shota dick pleasuring woman.

t. omega lanklet

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Uhuh. That's exactly the type of shota you see in dj, right?
You ain't fooling no one.

These are the gains Karluk will acquire during his stay in the steppe.