Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

You know, I think she wants to fuck.

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hmmm, jury's still out on this one I'm afraid

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He gets cucked hard at the end of the manga, NTR bullshit

fo realz?

Oh no!


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And Mina doesn't want to fuck yet. That's why she's better.

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Look at those eyebrows

I don't believe it.

Would you let Takagi-san tease you for being a manlet?

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I can't believe his lazy eyed friend has an affair with Takagi and she chooses him over Nishikata

I would let her do whatever the fuck she wants just so I can have attention from a cute loli.

Why not, everyone else already does

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kidnap than rape.

I want to bully Mina while she tries to pee so she has to walk around with a full bladder trying not to wet her panties all day!

don't worry, she got what she wanted in the future

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thanks for the spoiler, fag. Hope you get rekt by a nigger.

>clicks spoiler
>gets spoiled

She might. I don't know, the undertones are pretty subtle.

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I envy this little shit and the blessed, peaceful life he lives

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She really won at life.

This is a lie, Mina is a slut.

>This is a lie,
>Mina is a slut.

You're right, that was a lie.


Who let you in here?
Go away.

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I want to to know now.


do you think this series will end with teen pregnancy? I mean they looked pretty young in the future