Yesterday we a had a thread about asspulls. Lets hve a thread about badly written characters today

Yesterday we a had a thread about asspulls. Lets hve a thread about badly written characters today.

>pic related

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All the women in Naruto were written simply to eventually be babymakers for the male charactes

Literally a luffy ripoff except unlike Luffy who has a personality he's a shouting caricature of a typical shonen protagonist with no complex thought patterns or character development

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Literally a ripoff of Kaworu Nagisa

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95% of the FT characters are badly written but Erza takes the cake(she is tied with Natsu), her design is beautiful but that's the only positive thing about her.

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Jiren isn't badly written, he just isn't written at all.

As much as I love Ruroken, nearly all of Kenshin's fights are either asspulls. Especially vs Shishio

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I mean you could say she has some minuscule character development with Jellal and wearing armor but that only existed for one arc

A joke of a heroine.

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Even worse than Pinkshit.

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Yet she is still more popular than Eriri.

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Most of the new characters in Nanoha Force, which is why it's been put on infinite hiatus. Literally can't make money with those characters at all.

Pinkshit used to be more popular than Hinata in Japan. Does it makes her a better character? No.
Eriri is trash, Utaha is pure shit and a joke of a heroine.

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>Teenagers pretending to know anything about writing

Granted, nearly every character in that show was awfully written, and one who wasn't was treated like shit, but she broke all the records.

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How so?

>every thread

How to Fix Sakura: A Guide
>DON'T make her have Uzumaki Syndrome. A more varied moveset is important for happy, healthy combat.
>Eight gates: Give them to her. Not necessarily all of them but enough for her to BS a power up like Nart and Sauce can. Even up to the second gate works. See below for elaboration.
>Defensive chakra cloak. A medical jutsu to reinforce her cells or some shit to increase her defense. Bullshit this further by combining with the gates to offset negative side effects. Note that since Gate 2 restores stamina, this could be used to give her virtually infinite stamina.
>Water and Earth Nature Release. Rounds out the fire, lightning, and wind that get covered by Sasuke and Naruto.
>Explicitly make her superior in base to Tsunade by the time the War Arc roles around. Out with the old, in with the new.
>Long range chakra punches. Releasing all of that chakra could help create shockwaves or beams or whatever. I dunno. Everybody's throwing ki blasts at the end anyway. Why not her?
>Give her an ultimate medical jutsu or cloak to rival Naruto's cloak. Maybe Konohanasakuya themed. With the massive chakra stores in the Yin Seal it could work out pretty well.
>Hell, chakra absorption could work well too considering all this.
>Finally, actually USE her in battle instead of having her get sidelined. Make her a threat. Make her competent.
And then you'll have a better character.

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All terrible ideas

You're just making a more powerful badly writen character. Kishimoto also gave her a power-up out of nowhere and was shocked when that didn't magically make her popular.
You want to fix her you do one thing, and one thing only. Give her a spine and have her stand up to Sasuke.

I don't get why Sakura gets so much hate when majority of the cast was terribly-written.

Have be wanted by sasuke, get rejected by him, aim for nature get used by him like twice while he's dating hinata then he rejects her and dedicated to hinata being forgiven by her all before end of story.

Sakura fixed....oh and is accidentally killed trying to revive naruto.

Pinon and Junon were great, so why was Kanon so garbage?

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Because she's a woman and this is Sup Forums. We understand reality here.

She was a main character and none of the stupid things that happened with her were also cool and impactful to the viewership

>She was a main character
So were Naruto and Sasuke and they were just as badly-written.

t. Pinkshit
Hinata like Sakura, gravitated around her love interest all manga and are hardly well-written.
Unlike Sakura, Hinata's feelings were explained in detail, twice no less, both times she revealed her feelings to Naruto in part I and II.
Explain to me: Why is Sakura in love with Sasuke? What does she like about him? What do they have in common?
Why is Sakura a ninja? Where the hell is her family?

Yeah, but they still had good moments or garbage moments that looked cool
them fighting it out so hard that their arms explode is cool but also stupid considering they weren't close
the closest thing sakura got to that was with her battle against Ino and that wasn't nearly as impactful unless you are a Inofag (like me) or a sakurafag

None of Kenshin's fights are asspulls.

>make her more powerful
>don't fix any of her hideously written traits

No, no they weren't.

The only shit that needs fixing really is ability and competency
Well and getting over her Sasuke shit but everyone on team 7 needs to get over their sasuke shit

>The only shit that needs fixing really is ability and competency
No user, you can't fix shitty writing just by having her be more powerful. She's a garbage character, not a garbage powerset.

Most common complaint is that Sakura is useless
Making her useful improves that
If you want good writing don't go to Naruto for it. All the characters in Naruto are garbage tier writing and even the plot reflects that by LITERALLY being impossible based on numerous conflicting events

It is beyond me why the chakra gates were even a thing in Naruto, especially seeing how it was proven opening the first few gates is hardly risky at all. Why wasn't everyone doing gates training? If anything this makes Guy seem like the best candidate for Hokage, just make everyone learn how to activate to first 2-3 gates now suddenly even the regular citizens of the entire village can probably destroy a genin level ninja

>Most common complaint is that Sakura is useless
Because she has nothing else besides wanting Sasuke for an inexplicable reason and wanting to be competent enough to have Sasuke

>Making her useful when she's useless doesn't fix her uselessness
So this is the power of autism

Brainlet, what I'm telling you is that fixing her uselessness doesn't fix the character

based hairposter

Don't bother rationalizing with shipperfags. The only want Sakura to be completely worthless because it makes choosing Hinata a less worthless decision.
The real issue here is that Kishimoto managed to make every single female character in the manga useless or a complete bitch, the only exception being Tsunade and just barely. Both Sakura and Hinata were completely one-dimensional with Sakura basically being a "muh Sasuke" and a physical abuser, and Hinata being a "muh Naruto-kun" punching bag. Both have accomplished absolutely nothing on their own even with incredible jutsu at their disposal and are only meant to exist to be future trophy wives.
Hence, this is the reason Shipperfags are unbearable. They realize no option is a good one, so they constantly cause shit by saying which one is worse just to justify the story being complete garbage.

>Hinata being a "muh Naruto-kun" punching bag
Objectively false though?

What's funny is her powerset is shit too. What kind of retarded build is a martial artist healer. Let's make the heroine too valuable to be in the front lines actually fighting! Let her fight so we don't have a healer later!
No wonder Sarada fans are hoping she isn't the healer, rather than kneeling all day over someone looking concerned.

Ironically the one time she was likable was her & that old lady's fight against Sasori. Evidently the answer for her is to just shift Naruto and Sasuke elsewhere. Applies to a lot of things about this series honestly, make almost any of the other teams-of-three the protagonists and the series would probably improve tenfold.

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>Hinata being a "muh Naruto-kun" punching bag.
If Naruto actually treated Hinata like Sasuke treated Sakura as you claim, she wouldn't be popular either, I guarantee it.

Not a punching bag as in domestic violence brainlets. I mean as in her only worth was just getting the shit beaten out of her to trigger naruto.

>>Kishimoto gave her her plenty of face time on promotional materials, covers, own fight, own flashback, and supposedly a raw talent in genjutsu
>>Readers are lead to believe she's at least as important as Naruto or Sasuke with references to the sannin
>>She spent her screen time complaining, crying, and generally act either obnoxious or just there
>>Becomes up a kitchen wench in the ending

Writers all need to get one thing clear - if a character is meant to end up as a token female, at least make her do endearing female things like acting cute or something.

Also objectively false. Most of her development with Naruto was not that.

To add
Luffy has way more fun and interesting move set as of his attacks and gears are all techniques based of his power of being made up of rubber
While Natsu just has generic fire powers and the power of friendship

The biggest proof of casual misogyny is the fact that Kishimoto considers Sakura a "normal girl."

Please elaborate. I've read the entire manga and the most development I've seen from them together was from the forced as fuck the last movie.

Her and, for a little while, Tsunade, were the only female characters prominent enough to even be called characters at all (she's still shit though). Last I checked Hinata, a character that is absent for almost the entire series and is incredibly one-note in the scenes she is in, was the most popular chick in this series which says it all really.

>beaten up by neji
>beaten up by pain
>saved her that one time that lead to the whole "its in his eyes" scene
>was about to risk her life for him a second time during the final war
>kishi literally stated that neji was killed to bring them closer

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>giving him the ointment
>proud failure speech
>vouching for his identity during the war
>slapping sense into him after Neji's death
Literally none of these are her getting the shit beaten out of her. She only got beaten up twice.

Yeah, that'll fix her.

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So you admit she was only beaten up twice? Thanks for the concession.

>kishi literally stated that neji was killed to bring them closer
Still mad, Hinata should've died instead. Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke too while we're at it.

I liked him as an antagonist, but we don't even know WHY he does what he does. Even Kubo didn't know.

Honestly, you could put half of the characters in Bleach in this thread.

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Sure, but those other scenes don't help. She literally needs to in danger or close to danger in order for to Naruto truly pay attention to her. The only two scenes that aren't like this are the proud failure/ointment scenes, but the latter shouldn't even count since Naruto didn't even care about her act of kindness.

His death just made no sense to me since Hinata literally almost died herself for his sake so that should have been the moment for Naruto to say "ok hey this girl really loves me". It's like Kishi forgot that he wrote that scene.

That's right. The 5% that was good was Juvia.

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>She literally needs to in danger or close to danger in order for to Naruto truly pay attention to her
But not literally though.

>but the latter shouldn't even count since Naruto didn't even care about her act of kindness.
He did, though?
>it doesn't count because I say so!

>But not literally though.
Except the manga literally proves you wrong. Most of the NH scenes (not that theres a lot anyways) happen because she's in danger, or about to be in danger. They have no normal interactions beside the two from the first part, and the hand-holding scene only came after she snapped him out of being upset which came from Neji being killed off to bring them closer.

>Except the manga literally proves you wrong
But not literally though.

>Most of the NH scenes (not that theres a lot anyways) happen because she's in danger, or about to be in danger.
Most characters are either in danger or about to be in danger in Naruto.

Truly I think I hit a nerve with my shipperfag speech. Now the hinata fans are on the attack. Please, provide some kind of proof that Hinata was actually able to do something by herself rather than completely rely on her 'Naruto-kun' to be some kind of character. While I agree that the proud failure and ointment scenes make her already look better than Sakura who was completely a waste of space at the time, it still only proves that her entire character revolves around banging the mc. It doesn't change my actual argument which still hasnt been disproven that all the female characters are worthless outside of their occasional moment where they freak out over a man.

>Please, provide some kind of proof that Hinata was actually able to do something by herself rather than completely rely on her 'Naruto-kun' to be some kind of character.
Fighting Neji alone is her being her own character, even if she lost. It was about changing herself and she did.

Bruh multiple anons now are trying to work this into your thick shipperfag skull. You're not convincing anyone unless you can actually show us more than one page from the manga where she actually has an impact on the story, rather than being a Naruto-kun machine.

Multiple people are wrong. The proud failure speech alone is her impacting the story, as is her confession, as is the sanity slap.

You could put half the cast of any fucking shonen on this thread including such as one peice or fma. Also the light novels explore his motivations.

The only thing she changed about herself from that fight is that she went from being a complete shit ninja to a complete shit ninja who is verbal about it. Nothing improved outside of that. The only bit of character she was given since then was being a secret glutton that can actually outeat Naruto.

Sakura has more blatantly unlikable traits.

Naruto's motivation was to be acknowledged by his village.

Sasuke wanted to avenge his family

Sakura wanted Sasuke's dick because she thought he was hot.

>Also the light novels explore his motivations
I didn't know that. Thanks, I'll check it out now.

She went from giving up to not giving up.

Yes, literally. Naruto and Hinata don't have any normal interactions except the ones you and I mentioned. Unless you think Naruto saying hi to Hinata and her fainting counts as a proper interaction.

>Most characters are either in danger or about to be in danger in Naruto.
Who cares? I get that romance isn't a focus in shonen, but NH could have be written a thousand times better. There's a reason why their lovestory had to get a movie, it's because Kishi never bothered to write it in the actual manga. We get some great scenes here and there like the proud failure one, but nothing ever implies that Hinata is the one Naruto wants to marry.

>It was about changing herself and she did.
Because Naruto inspired her. Do you get it? She is very much all about Naruto, even copying his ninja way.

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And that impacted the story in what way? Saying that influenced Naruto has no meaning since he already was given his complete motivation from Iruka in the beginning and the Pain fight was only used as a cheap reason for Naruto to go berserk, and even then it was super drawn out in the anime.

>Naruto and Hinata don't have any normal interactions except the ones you and I mentioned
So not literally none, then? You can't just except all the moments that prove you wrong.

>Because Naruto inspired her. Do you get it? She is very much all about Naruto, even copying his ninja way.
There's a difference between being inspired by someone and doing something for the purposes of being with that character. Hinata's was the former and there's nothing wrong with that.

>Saying that influenced Naruto has no meaning
>ignoring that Naruto went from depressed before the fight to ready and willing to fight.

Basically everyone in Hunter x Hunter.

>thread calling out what a bad character Sakura is
pinkshitfags are too transparent

>You can't just except all the moments that prove you wrong.
>"all the moments"
>at most 2 moments
>out of the entirety of a manga that has 700 chapters and ran for nearly 20 years

Not that user but I am laughing.

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It's not ignoring, it's just realizing that it has no actual impact because Naruto's constant deal is that he
>says he's gonna do thing
>realizes it's much harder than he thought to do thing
>gets depressed about it
>has a friend cheer him up in order to move on

What about Shikamaru cheering Naruto up when his mentor and father-figure died, something Hinata didn't do, or hardly did, in Naruto's darkest times. Should Shikamaru have married Naruto then for cheering him up and leading him into becoming a sage?

Erza is definitely the character in the series that pisses me off the most. Half of the obnoxious asspull powerups in the series come from her. "Because she's Erza" my ass, at least let her lose a few times so she can come across as human and not a blatant mary sue.

>So not literally none, then?
What are you even trying to say? When I say normal interactions, I mean actually talking to each other. Not one-sided bullshit, or cheap drama in order to get Naruto to notice her. They have literally five total interactions where they both engage in actual conversation with each other throughout the entire fucking manga

>during the written exam
>ointment scene
>proud failure speech
>hinata being able to tell that its the real naruto
>hand-holding scene

That's it. For a canon pairing, it's sad how little they got.

>Hinata's was the former
And then it eventually turned into the latter since "wanting to stand by his side" is what it all eventually led to. That was her main goal in Part II.

You could argue that she lost her fight with Irene, and only survived because Irene killed herself.

Sakura could be the most epic super strong omg character in the entire Naruto series but that won't change the fact that she's a shallow, manipulative bitch whose entire motivation is stirred on by a pretty boy who has openly stated that he never liked her to begin with.

I'm convinced Kishimoto hated her as much as the rest of us so he threw us a bone and just continued to send her down the path of irredeemablilty. There's no way a writer can unintentionally create a character this despicable.


>goes form psychotic ghot girl with freaky ghost shit into your typical yandere shit
eh better than nothing

Handwaved away as being hard to do, but never explained why.

Fuck, forget everyone else. Just have Naruto open up a gate or two. He already has retarded amounts of chakra and two different physical buffs. Give him a third and hes basically invincible.

That's the fight where she was able to destroy a meteor with all of her bones being broken, right?

Yeah, that's horseshit. Irene killing herself because "oh my god erza I love you" is also garbage. It's indefensible. Mashima obviously never gave a fuck, it's amazing that autists kept reading the series up to that point.

We all know why people kept reading it.
We all know.

she actually was for the most part of season 1 actually decent but then it went all to shit when some fucking degenrate cuck tried to implement his fetish in the series

I know why, it's just amazing that those autists kept reading a series because they found the generic copypaste barbie doll girls hot when you could go to thousands of other manga that have hot girls in them with stories that are actually entertaining to read. It's hardly an excuse.

>cant even defend or explain her love for sasuke
Sasuga Kishimoto

Naruto with gates would pretty much put him at absolute god level. He was even shown to keep Guy alive after using 8 gates as a cripple. That means with Naruto's extreme stamina and the auto-healing from Kurama, he should be able to run up to 6-7 gates constantly with basically no downside. He would've stomped Sasuke in the final fight.
Another real question I have is why didn't Naruto and Sasuke just swap an eye with each other. They would both have Uchiha and Senju DNA as well as the abilities of both, proven by Madara, and become full Sages of Six Paths.

You know a character is abysmal when even the writers admit they fucked up.

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But this is a thread about badly written characters, which doesn't apply to him at all.

This thread is about badly written characters. Why do he's this upset you?