You can only have one

You can only have one.

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easy choice

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>Patrician taste
>Normal and respectable taste
>Shit taste (love yourself)

kato kun


Kato is the only correct choice

They are all fucking broken.
No thanks.

Eriri and Utaha are hot and fuel my fetishes, but Megumi is the only good answer in the long run.

No contest.

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Megumi > Eriri >>> Utaha

Utaha > Megumi >>> Eriri

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Finally a decent list.

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Megumi for me. Utaha looks wonderful though.

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OP is not asking you to pick a worst girl though.


>no new IP

A shit.

Exactly why Utaha wasn't picked.

Yeah, Utaha is top 3.

>Uatahfag already trying to start shit

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Utaha is worst girl.

It's me or the three of them are wearing the "main heroine" jacket but with different color?

Stating facts isn't starting shit.

>This can't be happening, I'm the main heroine here!

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Hardly anybody will agree with that.

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Being Utaha is suffering in her own spinoff.

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Wishful thinking.

>not even the best scene of her arc

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It's true.

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>Utaha gets jelly and mad in the back

Side heroines always get overshadowed by the main girl.

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>the scene where Megumi throws a temper tantrum because she thought he picked Eriri over her

And people liked it more than whatever Eriri had in that arc.

>Most popular heroine with swimsuit from Fujimi Fantasia Bunko at Fantasia Festival 2017
>1) Megumi Katou (Saekano)
>2) Lina Inverse (Slayers)
>3) Rumia Tingel (Rokuaka)
>4) Yatogami Touka (DAL)
>5) Sistine Fibel (Rokuaka)
>6) Sawamura Eriri Spencer (Saekano)
>7) Tendou Karen (Gamers!)
>8) Inverse Yatogami Touka (DAL)
>9) Rias Gremory (HS DxD)
>10) Sento Izusu (Amaburi)
>11) Ousuki Mamako (Okaa-san)
>12) Chidori Kaname (FMP!)
>13) Sakurano Kurimu (Seitokai no Ichizon)
>14) Ferris Eris (DaiDen)
>15) Himejima Akeno (HS DxD)

She was never that important to Tomoya. She knew that and she still threw herself on him, why is she such a slut?

How can other girls even compete?

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Not always. And usually not when it's the side heroine's arc.

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Utaha wasn't even an option in this poll though.

Because she is irrelevant compared to Megumi and Eriri.

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Good thing Megumi stealing other girls' moments is literally a gimmick that the author himself acknowledges.

>first season
>Utaha is front and center
>second season
>Utaha is shoved into the corner

What went wrong?

[Citation needed for stealing Eriri's specific moments]

Volume 6.

>Patrician taste
>Normal and respectable taste
>Shit taste (love yourself)

Better now.

>Not a citation

>Eh? What about Katou? ...Well, she always gets the juiciest parts in every volume somehow, so aren’t we
just fine this way?

Nothing. Her propose in the main story was to babysit Eriri, get BTFO afterwards and serve as a plot device to make Eriri and Megumi cry.

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Megumi barely did anything in that arc. She didn't have enough screetime to produce even one stronger scene. You're being unreasonable and too much of a fanboy.

Yes, she's the least relevant. There's no denying that, but it still doesn't change the fact that you're trying to argue with a poll that doesn't even have her on it. In the polls where Utaha is included, she always ranked higher than Eriri.

Why is Eriri so unpopular compared to Megumi and Utaha?

Eriri did jackshit for most of the early volumes yet that didn't stop Eririfags from being rabid fanboys.

Utaha overshadowed both and that's the reason why she got sidelined.

Fuck off Eririshitter.

But that's volume 5. So Megumi stole Utaha's arc. Still doesn't have to be true for every arc after. Certainly not in volume 6.

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Because tsundere/flat chest/fang/twintails are all shit on their own, and when you combine them into a single character you get pure concentrated trash.

The last scene is literally the climax of the volume. Megumi leaving the circle made for a bigger impact than anything Eriri did and then wasted in the next volume.

>overshadowing both Megumi and Eriri
This Utahahitter is seriously delusional.

>in every volume somehow
Sounds like every volume, including Eriri's.

Eriri is more popular than Utaha though. Megumi is the main girl.

Oh sure, I know that Utaha is more popular but I personally prefer my favorite heroine to be prominent in the plot. That's why Megumi and Setsuna are my favorites.

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>Eriri is more popular than Utaha though
Using a poll where Utaha isn't even included is meaningless. Look at every other popularity poll, and you'll see that Utaha ranked higher than Eriri in every single one.

You're stuck in the past, Utahafag. Utaha's popularity is plummeting.

Why do you think they gave her a spin off? She's like Biribiri

You mean a recent and important poll where Utaha didn't make the cut.

No, try again

Because Utaha is the least relevant of the heroines. I stated in an older post that there is no denying that, but picking a poll where she isn't even a option is pointless. You should find the last nip popularity poll where all three girls are included, but of course you won't, since Eriri was ranked the lowest of the three.

Maruto had to change Megumi and Eriri in order to make them more "likable" while Utaha remained the same and kept her position as the most popular. It wasn't until she got sidelined that she became less popular than Megumi.

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>It wasn't until she got sidelined that she became less popular than Megumi.
Megumi was always the most popular of the heroines.

No, by the time episode 3 aired Megumi was without a doubt the most popular.

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movie stuff?

Utaha's legs >>> Eriri >>> Utaha >>>>>> Megumi

>Utahafag not knowing what character development is
>Utahafag believing that Utaha was more popular than Megumi

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Seriously delusional.

Utaha's tits > Utaha's legs > Megumi's megumis > Michiru's Michirus >>>> Eriri's anything

Next Monday. Maruto will give new info in the interview in Memorial.

Megumi > Utaha. Don't care about any of the other girls desu.

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Why does THK hate and sperg at Eriri so much? She's not even violent.

Eriri's body > Eriri > Megumi >>>> Utaha >>>> Utaha's cowtits

Sorry to break it to you, but Eriri's the least popular heroine in this series.

Muh tsundere. What else?

>least sexy body and worst girl above anything

He's a normalfag first and foremost. DFC is his enemy.

She's well-written and compelling so he gets extra butthurt.

>best anything ever


Nice discussion about the series. This is why Eririfags are the worst.

t.Utahashitter who rather talk about meta popularity and engage in shitposting

She has the best body for sure.

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Hell, by the end Megumi is more tsundere and does more physical violence.

Answer his question, THK.

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Literally fat cow.

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Popularity talk at least is on-topic, unlike this forced meta shit just so you can make yourself feel better about how disliked Eriri actually is.

Eriri is by far the least popular girl.

>THK still won't answer the question

Fuck off 3DPD