I'm taking over Bad Boys, the best delinquent manga you probably haven't heard about.

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Meraki can't host it because of nudity and they're already overworked anyway, so I'm going to do everything myself from now on to make sure it gets the TLC I think it deserves.
I rereleased the first half of volume 3 and released the second half, all in one go, and it nearly killed me. As readers, do you prefer chapters to come one by one, randomly, or would you rather get hit in the face with 200 pages at a time, more sporadically? Usually I try to release in bulk, which is easy with monthly series that have short scripts, but there's so much fucking text in Bad Boys... v3 alone had a longer script than any 4 volumes of Crows Zero 2 combined.

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I guess it's not a delinquent thread without this.

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Sorry but every delinquent manga that isn't kyou kara ore wa is sadly second rate at best

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Oryaaah, what'd you just say?!

Goddammit. Forgot the pic.

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Thanks Banchou. I read your preface on the new chapters and I'm glad to see you thought the series gets better. I got really hooked after Volume 6.

Anyways, Some news on Bakuon Rettou. I bought the next raws and once I figure out how to get this fucking EBJripper to work I'll get through it. Until I can figure that out I'll just keep on Shinjuku Swan.

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I shat myself when I saw that You're Welcome dropped this so this is great news. I honestly don't care how chapters are released as long as they are regular and the series gets completed. Single chapters or batches is fine. Are you hosting this somewhere and are downloads available? If this series gets finished we'll finally be able to read literally one of the best delinquent manga of all time so I'm very excited.

KKOW isn't even the best comedy delinquent manga m8.

Overrated shit, same arc 20 times and maybe in exception of the black haired mc the characters are terrible and never improve

Kyodai! Good to see you're still alive.
View count is pathetic, so I was thinking Sup Forums could give it a bump, even if delinquent threads seem extremely few and far between these days. I really mostly picked up BB because I wanted to talk about it, but if no one's reading it, that defeats the purpose. Unfortunately we can't host it on Meraki because all the nudity goes against Google Adsense policy, and the Meraki people are already overworked with Korean and Chinese stuff, so they can't even help out on this one.

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With Bad Boys being scanlated, more Bakuon Rettou soon, regular RokuBlues and Be-Bop High School scanlations and HnG picking up Otoko Ippiki Daishou Gaki, this is the best time to be a delinquent manga fan.

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Kill me, idk how i found about this one but its really funny. Cant wait for the anime adaptation.

Any delinquent series that focus on class divides? I find the bancho/ojou pairing to be incredibly underrated.

You jest. But lookie here, user:
There's an OVA, a live action movie, a TV dorama, and more.

>once I figure out how to get this fucking EBJripper to work I'll get through it.
If you come to the Meraki discord, some people there might be able to help you out. They use EBJ raws for just about everything Japanese.

Fucking hell Volume 3 was amazing, this shit changed from being a comedy to some serious shit really quikcly. Last chapter of Volume 3 was particularly good.

Hot Road sort of and from the description maybe Ogami Matsugorou and High Teen Boogie but I haven't read either so not sure.

I'm probably just being picky, but a hot blooded pompadoured delinquent falling in love with an emotionally autistic hime-cut ojou seems like a plot that should have been done a million times already.

woah, thanks comrade, never expected it

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It might have been but we wouldn't know since it's probably not scanlated. The three manga I mentioned earlier are all Shoujo serialisations so it's the girl who falls in love with the delinquent in them but it's close enough. Read Hot Road immediately if you haven't already, I say this is more or less every delinquent manga thread.

Also kind of related (and kind of related to the thread since we occasionally talk about Yakuza shit) read Gokushufudou: The Way Of The House Husband. Looks like a SoL about an ex-yakuza becoming a house husband, only three chapters but it looks nice.

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Nice thing about this one is that it's a webcomic, so raws are no muss no fuss.

Bump because this thread shouldn't die.

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40 year old Danno, Tsukasa and Hiro getting a haircut at a place run by 9th and 10th gen Beast members. Danno, who's worshipped as a god, gets preferential treatment.

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We need an updated guide at some point. Preferably without the completely meaningless ratings and rankings too.

Kek. nice to see the comedy element stays throughout all his work.

That art tho.

Tsutomu Takahashi had another nice bousouzoku oneshot a few months back.

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It changes quite a bit over 30 years, especially the very first few volumes between 1 and 3, though not as drastically as Clover or Crows and Worst. This is from the second last volume of BB. I kinda like old school BB art though, and I usually don't like old delinquent manga art at all, stuff like KKOW

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I personally find that the changes in art over a few volumes to be refreshing. As the story changes so does the art.

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More people need to include Tsutomu Takahashi in the discussion for contender for GOAT mangaka.

He's really underrated despite having a lot of series under his belt. He's also an old-school delinquent at heart (boxing fan, rock fan, motorcycle fan). Theres a video of how he draws his manga which is pretty unique. He also says how he much more fun it is to draw when he doesn't calculate anything and leaves it to feeling.

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Still waiting for Bakuon Rettou to be fully translated to start reading it... 2 volumes left.

Reminder that Nanba MG5 needs a cleaner and maybe a redrawer

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Agreed. Mostly because I don't think Crows should be up there over Worst. Same with Kiku.
But more objectively, Crows Zero 2 is only 3 volumes away from being completely out in English by now.

underrated? He's pretty well known in japan at least, especially since he got his own episode in naoki's manga documentary. Only really famous mangaka are in that. Jiraishin was super popular.

y-y-you t-take that back, user

That said, be bop high school is underrated and romantic and manly as fuck. I can't believe I put it off for so long.

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It seems unfortunate that Tetsuhiro Hirakawa went from doing 2 delinquent series simultaneously to doing a male idol series (although some minor delinquent stuff is going on in that right now too), but at least his art is still killer. Takahashi Hiroshi's poor man's Mad Max looks kinda like shit. As a series, it's not great either.

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For me personally I prefer it if when it comes out chapter by chapter but only if the releases are consistent and weekly, otherwise just go with whatever you find most comfortable. After all I'd suck if you were to take on the project in a way you're not comfortable with only to get burned out and drop it.

Is there any delinquent manga out there that's with all girls instead?

Oi! I don't know who ya' think ya' are, comin here claiming da title of banchou and whatnot, but the only banchou I will follow is DelinquentScans ya' hear me?!

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i love the series please keep going dear user

I don't know how long my translator kyodai has been at it, but I started a group called Delinquent-Manga when I first picked up Worst aaaages ago. I guess neither of us was really creative when we chose those names. I think there's a couple different groups with Banchou in their name going around as well.

"You're a hundred years too early to try and diss me!"

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>picking up Otoko Ippiki Daishou Gaki

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I dan't care where ya' are from user but this'a DelinquentScan's turf. If ya' wanna hang around here ya' bettah pay ya' respect and get in line, hear me?

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Oh yeah?

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>Gokushufudou: The Way Of The House Husband
Art looks nice. I worry how generic or stale it might get for some reason.

yeeeah, ya best remember that unless ya lookin' for trouble

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You're always free to make your own user. I began updating it and read/caught up with a handful of delinquent manga mentioned in the last delinquent thread but the turnout was so low and with so little input I just don't feel like pushing and update yet. There just hasn't been a solid delinquent thread that lasts a day at least for a while.

The series is ongoing isn't it? It's still running in Young King.

No, ended long ago, 2 volumes left to be fully scanlated.

I gave Jiraishin a try but had to drop it, damn did that feel uninspired, but perhaps it wasn't as generic when it came out? It was one if not his first manga so I know for sure how much he improved.

He does so much different stuff there's bound to be something you like. Bakuon Rettou still isn't really doing it for me personally (although I'm not caught up), but I looove Blue Heaven.

All his works are pretty dark and atmospheric though.
He can make anything look like a dark, dreary, huge place. Just look at his depictions of Frankfurt, Shanghai, new York, shinjuku, and Taipei in jiraishin and the factory town in zankyou

>Bakuon Rettou

I don't know if it will do it for you in the end then because it did it for me from chapter one, being so realistic and with such great art there's nothing like it as far as I know. It's almost like a historical manga in a way.

I have to read more of his stuff for sure.

yeah I'm a little sad there haven't been any delinquent threads. Maybe it's becaues delinq user isn't as active

I'm translating the first (of many!) romance arcs in BB right now and, considering how I've said for -years- how delinquent manga are better off without women (Clover's Erina being the notable exception) and romance especially, it is frankly bizarre how much I like the romance in BB. It helps that I know that most of them lead somewhere (read: children and new characters in later series) down the road, but even without those, they're good stand alone arcs.

It's being re-serialised.

>No, ended long ago, 2 volumes left to be fully scanlated.
Well it does run in Young King, even gets the cover sometimes. I could never tell if it was new material or just reprints (it doesn't make sense that it gets the cover every now and then if it's ONLY reprints and that publisher is recollecting the entire series)

Yo dude, wanted to thank you for picking Bad Boys back up so quickly after we dropped it.
I hope to see the rest in your pace, and wish you luck with it.


This is one of my favorite chapters of any delinquent Manga I've read so far. BBH is really good at condensing full stories into one chapter and making it turn out great.

I have watched most delinquent jdramas including this. AMA.

Is it worth watching, and also is Rookies worth watching?

Bad boys 6/10 cliche, obvious idol studio production, terrible acting
Rookies 9/10 great ost, amazing overall.
I'd also recommend gokusen and the first gto

What is the appeal of delinquent manga?

For me it's the fact that it shows a high school life that's much more exciting than my own goody goody two shoes life was. I also like yakuza politics and actual politics stuff (so Sanctuary is my favorite series that I've never worked on, because it has both) stuff, and delinquent gang politics also fall under that, which is why I prefer Worst over the combat heavy Crows.

Can we discuss various cuisine here.

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it's like moe SoL for a different demographic, instead of cute girls you get delinquent bros, instead of cute stuff you get fights. Instead of club activities you get biker gangs.

Suprised to see Gai there, never really thought of it as a delinquent series. Really fucking good though.
Kinda sad Densetsu is only mdidle-tier, but I just love that manga so much. Cried reading the little message at the end.

unless someone wants to commit to dumping chapters like back in the KKOW days they likely won't get that lively ever again.

Reminds me of the good old days when I was in school and could do whatever I wanted.