Would you lower yourself for a treat?

Would you lower yourself for a treat?

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id just lick her feet desu

Yes, I'd eat that nasty melonpan if it meant I got to lick her feet.


Lowering myself is the treat

I want to do indescribable things to her maid.

She looks bulliable. I think I'll just make her give it to me and make her lick my foot for the trouble.


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1v1 me you pigwhore

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I'd do whatever the fuck she wants.

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Glasses is interested.

Me on the right

You're damn right I would.

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I would lick her even without the treat

Why do men like licking feet?

Armpit is more my thing. Feet is kind of nasty.

post more feet/food combo pics please

I would quickly take the melon bread and run away.


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>lower yourself
Actually contact with a female, no matter what body part, would be climbing the ladder.

>implying I wouldn't lick her feet so much her socks would dissolve and I would be able to tell her toes apart by their shape when they rub against my tongue

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