Shingeki no Kyojin

Is /ourgirl/ gonna make it?

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Ymir is handsome

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still not dead yet

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she'll be back.

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literally one chapter later
they'll make it and marry eachother after

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LM soon.

BRAM deserved life and love.

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I have a feeling Eren communicated with her somehow and that's how he was able to get to Marley on his own.

Though I think he wants to eat Porco so he can get his jaw power, so he can break though the crystal.

Pieck of the week

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>tfw Armin akbar was real

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STOP. This chapter confirms Annie is in still in the crystal and she isn't getting out anytime soon.

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She'll get out of the crystal in the epilogue, calling it now.

What will be Gabi's reaction when Falco will get his brain blown out?

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>telling the EAfag to stop
good luck

they possibly could have gotten her out via other means.
Eren used his teeth, but we've yet to see him use any of his hardening ability. Also Annie might not be in a "Coma" state, and instead very much awake and alert like we've seen Maid. If they've been talking to her, maybe something happened.

How does she eat and poop in the crystal

Bert is a dick in the new game.

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EAcucks are retarded.


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Just read the chapter. Holy fuck that was cool.

He's always a dick. Nobody likes him except blubbering fujos.

He kills your parents. You spend the rest of the game building friendship points with him.

Blowing the horse's brains out.

Is there a kill button for him?

So not canon.

Yes, but you have to drink cyanide first.

It's another timeline.

Please tell me I can join him and save Annie.

When will LAME pay for betraying Erwin and allying with his killer?

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But they've been allied with manlet from the start

And then puke it into his mouth like a mama bird feeding its baby. Got it!

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I'm seeing it now, it just added stuff on Shiganshina.

Porco needs his waifu.

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They didn’t betray him, they saved him from himself.

No user, it’s just confirms she wasn’t eaten meaning it’s way more likely that she’s alive and probably the reason eren got into Marley in the first place.

>his waifu

She's gonna make it inside muh belly!

*It confirms that Eren tried to chomp her, and if the break the crystal down Eren throat's she would go.


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Wouldn't it be more likely that Eren just swallowed Annie, crystal and all?

I could see them trying to eat her as a crystal because she can’t communicate, but if they got her out they would talk before eating her.

What would they have to say?
>Hey you traitorous bitch, we're eating you now

No, Eren would just proceed to get her Bert'd.

Who is kill next chapter?

Here's a WIP of Annie in her crystal with flowers requested b some anons, that I will try and finish tomorrow. Wanted to do chrysanthemums at first but then I thought I would go for something a little more cheerful.

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Wedding place: Armin's stomach

I could actually picture a younger Eren saying that.

I'll be happy with any named character other than Flocke and/or Colt.

The Eren now would say "I'll take you to see your father" and then rip her father in two in front of her before putting her in his mouth and slowly chew.

Jean. There's a new horse in town.

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Based Colt is killing Jean on his birthday.

No, what he'll do is impregnate Annie then eat her baby out from inside of her.

>Annie with her hair down
Very nice.

He'll save his lil bro and his rapist

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you cannot rape the willing

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No, that's not what it confirms. Eren's dialoge confirms that he was already expecting to be unable to bite through the crystal. Nothing in his dialoge says that he actually tried biting Annie's crystal. The only thing you could imply from it is that the SL tried breaking it.
They are less retarded then most of the fucking fanbase. Atleast we kinda see that Annie did in fact "like" Eren to a degree enough to somewhag flirt with him in chapter 44 for example. Also being literally the only person Annie "ever" smiled to in the manga also helps. I am sure I am some other things.

You know it also doesn't take much to get a fandom starting right?


We know, dumblr Arminwhale. We know.

>delusional Anniehaters
>can't even think about anything other then to get Annie as dead as fast as possible
Sasuga user

It's surprising how retarded anons like you can be. The fact that you abolutely think Eren would do this is fucking funny. Brainlets, I swear.

Does Mikasa stand a chance against Porco ?

Annie is dead.

No. Porco is the mightiest warrior.

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>Implying he wouldn't.
He done worse with Reiner.

It looks pretty good, seriously appreciate it user thanks! Can't wait to see what it's like when it's finished. But I gotta say, your Gabi looks better.

How dead is Puerco?

Not even old eren would say that, he was completely calm when he held her down

In fact all old Eren wanted to know was her reasons. He wanted to talk to her.


It’s starting to make sense to me, I was always baffled when autist such as yourself would misread characters so poorly and then act surprised when they do something the writer was clearly building up to.

Shitposter goggles, you only see the most absurd of possibilities and ignore all the logical conclusions.

That's really nice

Leave Eren to me.

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Yep, I expect a deep dive conversion between her jail bars leading to Annie aiding SL.

I remember he said something like “you where always such a terrible liar.” That doesn’t reference any on screen conversation between them so I expect a call back to that and a full explanation of Annie’s flash back with her dad.


That was old Eren who was curious. Now as seen with Reiner, Eren doesn't give a shit anymore who would straight up murder all his "enemy".

nice work user, keep it up proud of you

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good stuff user, do you ship eannie?

Forgive me cause I'm a brainlet but I didn't really get what Eren meant when he said "you were always such a terrible liar". What was he trying to imply anyway? That he could see through Annie?

>That he could see through Annie?
Basically yes. He saw how terrbile of a liar she was when she said that she found the moves her father though her meaningless, while in fact does treasure them. Why do you think she was literally "the happiest we have ever seen her" when she asked wheter Eren wanted to learn them when he showed interest in them.

Sure she's a bad liar but how does that even come up in that context? Why would Eren give a shit if she's a bad liar when he was fighting her? If your answer is correct, how is it relevant to both of them when they became titans? Seems pretty out of left field

birbs are very important

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Wasn't that while they were fighting?
It was about how Annie would verbally talk down their CQC training but deep down took a lot of pride in the fighting style her father taught her. She puts on a show of not caring about things.

Yes, I get that but my question is more along the lines of why would Eren bring that up when they were fighting cause it did seem pretty fucking irrelevant (emphasis: to their fight) whether she's a bad liar or not.

Eren did nothing wrong

Why would Eren give a shit if she's a bad liar when he was fighting her?
Cause he was having a monologue about her her when he was confronting her in his titan form for the second time. Now finally accepting that Annie as the Female Titan, but not understanding her motives/actions and her drive. What Eren wanted to know is what "drived" her. Literally reread/rewatch their battle. Also Eren and Annie spend (probably) a lot of time together sparring, so a bond is there.
>Seems pretty out of left field
it isn't

He was coming to terms with her treachery and how little he knew/perceived about her.

Eren did everything right.

I see the Japs got the new game early.

Seem like an improvement over the first.

Did anyone see that CG intro though? Are they adding an OC special titan to the game?

Porco BIG despair

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If this where to have happened it would have been before he met with Reiner so that point has no value here.

You play as an OC donut steel that is a didan

>epilogue chapter
>Decades after the great Titan war Paradis island is a thriving, highly urbanized country
>The great grandson of famous Paradis marshal Eren Yaeger is a member of a land surveying company inspecting areas of the old city marked for redevelopment
>Today his assignment is a preliminary inspection of a large derelict building once owned by the military
>As he’s checking out the basement, he comes across a lever hidden behind a rotting bookcase
>upon throwing this lever, a portion of the wall (left conspicuously bare of furniture) falls forward like a draw bridge, unveiling a stair case that decended deep into the dark
>The young Yaeger man is not surprised by the appearance of this passsage, as the military/secret police built many such tunnels all around the former capital ages ago.
>Turning on his headlamp, he decides to take a look.
>After a long walk down the dark stairs, Yaeger finds himself in a large and very strange room
>It appears to have been a laboratory, antiquated electronic and mechanical devices covered in dust adorn the room
>But what stuck out the most to the young Yaeger was the centrepiece of this subterranean facility
>A massive diamond like crystal, that when his lamplight shined on, appeared to have a human figure inside
>Puzzled beyound words, the young Yaeger man approaches this crystal for a closer look
>As he comes within arms length of the crystal, he now sees that the figure inside appears to be a beautiful young woman, wearing of all things, a very old military uniform.

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>Filled with to the brim with curiosity, Yaeger reaches forward to brush the thick layer of dust off the crystal shell.
>As he does this, his curiosity turns to fear as the woman’s eyes open and look into his
>He freezes for a moment, when then the crystal shatters and falls apart like brittle glass, causeing him to jump back in a panic
>He recollects his senses and sees that the mysterious woman is now kneeling on the ground panting and weeping softly
>He muster’s up his courage and asks her cautiously
>”Who are you?”
>The woman’s head snaps up at the sound of his voice, as she lets out a surprised gasp.
>For what felt like an eternity, she stares into him with a look of terror on her face.
>Eventually she appears to calm down enough to quitely say
>”Who...who am I?...”
>”I don’t know... but... I think my name might be...”

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>So this.............. is the power of Paradis................ heh, not bad.


>Implying Humanity will still be around after Eren unleashes the wall titans.
Annie will be the Last Girl.

>stealth EA fag

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Honestly I think there might have been more to that, gonna wait and see