Heaven or hell?

Heaven or hell?

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Do people actually get off to rib cages sticking out.

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big titties are always better. always.


Japanese Shadman

Misa a shit.
Erika best girl.

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Not really into skeletons that tape volleyballs to their chests.


Including her is just unfair.

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>side mouth
>ear so low/unevaluated with her eyes
>chin so thin and sharp
And that's just her face, how can you want to fuck this?

When you're not a fuckin' fat cunt it's pretty normal.

Literally nothing wrong with sharp chins.

I don't always get off on ribs

but when I do, it's because of Raita

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Literally ayylmao tier anatomy. In order for that anatomy to be plausible, those girls would have to have been living in an atmosphere with extremely low/virtually-zero gravity while suffering from starvation. If they weren't severely emaciated, it's likely their breasts would be at least twice the size for both of them, if not more than that - they seem to store 90% of their fat in their tits, after all.

Of course, this would probably immobilize them outright if they traveled to a planet with more earthlike gravity - the sheer weight of their distended breasts combined with an atrophied skeletal structure and general lack of musculature would probably leave them glued to the floor by the weight.

Food for thought.

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>In order for that anatomy to be plausible
Here's where you went wrong.

Is their skeletal structure atrophied?

Look up spaceflight osteopenia.

>what is style

>this guy’s own face is so warped and disfigured his standards of beauty is vastly different from everyone else

Gemu giru gan go gufo..

when is 18.0 getting translated?

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When you pay for it.


I do wish Raita would focus more on the clothes fetish. It's usually maids, cheerleaders, and their magic outfits.

Explain how an artist's style can degrade to this level

>Literally ayylmao tier anatomy.

Don't insult my waifu, she's an ayylmao and looks nothing like these skeletons.