Violet Evergarden

Violet plays house and then we all cry

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They managed to make the cutest loli of the season.

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This fucking anime.

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I belive i seen this doll already

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From other thread, thanks to guy who made them.


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Haven't watched it yet, i heard there is timeskip. Did they show timeskip Violet?

No. Novel does not "show" either, just that adult Ann asks postman about the Violet and get told that she is still active and prominent. This is not in anime as to not spoil anything. They also removed episode 6 timeskip (but they also removed love confession in episode 6 altogether too)

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V2 is out tomorrow between 22 and 23 UTC right? Nice.


Vivid-Asenshi v2

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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If you're gonna wait until tomorrow just get the HS rip instead.

Fuck off, the loli hater KyoAni shows again they can't into little girls, now shut your trash and fap to your cake designed Violet.

Ep9 was already too much with the baww and drama for me. I like Violet and her CV and the ending of ep9 gave me a feeling that ep10 would be more upbeat but it doesn't seem like it...? Don't know if I want to finish this show especially since I suspect the ending will be nothing too tangible.

What the fuck are you talking about, there is nothing wrong about Ann.

subs when????

There is everything wrong about her whole pointlessly boring 1-episode character, yet somehow Kyoani tards who know not the first thing about lolis have the guts to call her best loli of anything?
Fuck off.

Can't you at least upgrade the gif with this?

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Most retarded post of the week goes to you, congratulations. Now fuck off to your mitsuboshi threads.

Fuck off, Kyoani hagfucker.
Don't ever nominate that shitty loli when you don't even know any other.

Solid 8 episode, show overall is a weak 7.

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Giving any overall score below 9 is a symptom of terminal shit taste.

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Not really, I have seen over 2k shows so I'm a very seasoned anime watcher. The show is good but nothing special.

>we pull this one girl without character for the most primitive drama
>and we use the "VIOLET CRIES" card!
Fuck off. It was a shit episode ruined by the fact KyoAni just can't put effort into little girls.

i'm cry ;

Everything was fine untiI the song and timeskip began. I cried like a damn faggot anons, poor Ann. Y u do this???


1.2k here and it feels bad enough to have sat through so much trash, your brain must be fried at this point.
I'm very sorry you can't appreciate Violet Evergarden the way I do.

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Maybe if I was a bit more naive and ignorant as you I'd enjoy it as much.

Fuck off, LRD.

S'all good, nigga, only a low bottom faggot wouldn't cry at that ending.

Episode was good, but the show overall is 2/10 trash

More like if you weren't the kind of person that takes pride in watching over 2000 japanese 2D vomit you'd enjoy it as much.
If after all these years of watching the same shit every damn season you're still not dropping at least 80% of all shows you pick up out of spite you're hopeless.

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I'd let Akarin call me a faggot any day.

Emotional stuff is really subjective and it often depends on own experiences, past and character traits.
I never cried during known tearjerkers like Clannad for example, but then I reacted to other shows that barely anybody but myself was even taking seriously, despite having already seen more than 1k anime at that point.

I don't see where this argument of yours is going. How does watching more anime makes you not enjoy VEG as much?

Tears can't blur the fact that this episode was just filler. Maybe the last arc will start the next episode?

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Your life is filler, maybe when you finally kill yourself this board can get better.

Always amusing seeing desperate shitposters wriggling in their frustration.

Watching more anime every season implies you're ok with watching part of irredeemable trash that makes up 95% of all seasons.
Calling yourself a seasoned anime watcher should not be an argument for scoring things.

>trash that makes up 95% of all seasons
You do realize 2k is not even an eight of the whole catalog anime can offer? Or maybe you believe anime was invented 10 years ago?

I have only watched 300 aprox in 5 years, and every season is more difficult to find something good among the sea of trash. Don't know how that user got 2k


user you're missing the point entirely. After a few hundred shows the total count becomes irrelevant as you develop taste and realize just how awful the industry is overall.
If anything having a high count after all these years is a bad thing.

It's accumulated over years. When you're already watching seasonal series since 2005 or so you get these numbers since you never drop everything that isn't 100% good, sometimes you just watch something "okayish" till it ends to see what kind of conclusion it gets.

I also think that there are always 3-5 enjoyable series in each season, depending on what someone likes.

***,227位 (**2,038pt) VEG 1 (a)
***,312位 (**1,498pt VEG 1
***,536位 (**1,351pt) Franxx (a)
**1,104位 (***,850pt) Franxx

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If you think 95% of anime is trash, you're ridiculously jaded. I've been watching anime for about a decade now, and I still find plenty to enjoy every season. Also, I agree that none of this discussion even really matters, because jaded or not your opinion is still valid. It's just a copout preventing either of you from actually making a solid argument.

Wait, I was told they fixed the filters, but this still looks awful.

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Shows that are overly melodramatic such as this are only frustrating if you're dealing with issues/have depression/anxiety. They don't make me feel anything besides frustration. I remember crying to Clannad (and even shit like anohana) as a newshit to anime though, maybe it's one of those things you grow jaded and sick of.

People with 2k+ shows watched probably use anime as background distraction/noise more often than not and as such can't really claim to have "watched" 2k shows. I've only seen 300 shows since 2011 but I tend to remember every show since I rarely watch anything that doesn't have my undivided attention.

It doesn't have to be 100% good user, it's just that some people drop shows more easily because it gets really damn tiring after a few years.

user we have almost 70 new shows every season right now. How many of those are actually worth spending a total of (about) 5.2 hours watching?

Those are both shitty numbers, especially considering all that shilling.
Good shows like Sora Yori or Yuru Camp made it to success with actualy quality content.

Now this is autism.

You are not fooling anyone.

With what?
By both being shitty number? By Yuru Camp and Sora Yori being huge successes compared?
Or that despite they managed to do this despite almost no initial hype, especially for the latter?
Really makes me think.

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As said. You are not fooling anyone. i know it hurts. No need to pretend. You are fighting a meaningless battle you already lost and further struggle only deepens your frustration.

I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
If you think I'm somehow a Frankxxx fag, I don't even watch that crap with that oh-so-funny little fagboy main character, and their tacky wacky adventures.
But it's a fact that the numbers for this are horrible too, anything that still can't make into top 100 by this time is irrelevant in sales, so fuck off.

***,*22位/***,*25位 (**3,069 pt) [*,*62予約] 2018/03/28 宇宙よりも遠い場所 1(イベントチケット優先販売申券) [Blu-ray]
***,*47位/***,*53位 ◎ (**8,030 pt) [*,178予約] 2018/03/28 ゆるキャン△ 1 [Blu-ray]

You do. You know it.It is futile. Just accept it. Denial will only make your agony last longer.

You either cough up what I'm "futile" about, or shut the fuck up and cease this shitposting.
I am stating facts here, where am I mistaken?

What the fuck, I actually cried.

Yuru Camp is not a good measure of an anime doing well, Violet is doing well, Yuru Camp is a fucking monster

You are mistakin in the fact that you assume you can fool anyone with your play. You've been shitposting in VEG threads for so long we are almost blood brothers by now. We know you on first sight. And having such familiarity, it hurts to see a brother hurt himself in vain desperate denial. You chose the wrong path and it is not your fault.

Shows that still heavily rely on BD sales to survive at this day and age are irrelevant and more often than not very niche. The big dogs make a lot more cash elsewhere.
Worse, most studios don't see a cent of their BD sales no matter how good the numbers are. This is the real tragedy.

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>being the most advertised series, having incredible production values, huge names and companies behind it
>hardly at the mediocre 3-4k mark

>Violet is doing well
I mean at least regarding to disc sales, it isn't. And you're the one who brought those figures up.

It is ok, if you wish you will be properly educated in stalker thread tomorrow.

So you're just a desperate shitposter somehow thinking you got some of your obsessed shitposter.
I see. Don't fucking reply me if you can't address anything I've said.

I am smiling seeing you struggle and yet the pointless effort you put in it makes me sad about human foolishness.

>Everything was fine untiI the song and timeskip began.
This so much. Before that, I was ok. Timeskip begins and I'm starting to feel sad. Then the flashback to mom's kiss and I tear up quick. When Violet started crying, that's when I just bawled.

>hardly at the mediocre 3-4k mark
it sold out disc's lol fuck off back to the Franxx threads faggot

There's no need to be educated, it's pretty straight forward.
Fucking shitposter
That's a completely irrelevant shit series.

Wait, what figures? Were you answering to other user?

Almost 10 years later and people still don't understand why kyoani is so financially stable.
Guess which show this season got sucked dry by nettofurikusu and is buttfucking the chinese market.

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>Violet tried her best not to cry the entire episode
>cant stop crying by the end
how did you guys do? I made it until she started reading the letter

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Just please dont cry. At least if you intent to, actually watch the episode of the show in a thread of which you came to shitpost - it would make you feel better

The skips killed me, the damn ED is being used at the right moments.

People both here and in Japan were unhappy the ED song before, and yet in this episode it fit just perfectly

You're not making any sense.
You bring up disc sales, I show you facts about them, and then you go about on some meta shitposting about my person.
That's my last (you), I'm not here for trading insults.

I will tell you when subs are out

Look at this smug.

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It is ok. Life will become better. Someday. Maybe. Not in your case, but don't give up. If you put the effort and time you dedicate to VEG hate, to something else - eventually you might do something constructive with your existence.

Literally worthless character.
As expected of resident anti-lolicon pioneer studio.

She reminded me of Baja. Had some of the same quirks and movements.

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Not him but the damn event ticket BD sold the fuck out. Meanwhile Sora Yori's event ticket is sitting is for sale.
Use your damn head.

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>since 2011
That's the problem you literal newshit. Some of us started in the 90s or even 80s

I just realized i have dozens of Not-yamada shots, but no actual screenshots of Baja made

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>is sitting is for sale.
is still for sale*

Being born in the 70th or 80th one would believe you would have learned not to post as 8yo kid from the ghetto and have higher level of culture.

Franxx is actually doing better in China. It even has more paid views than VEG.

>70th or 80th
ESL-kun is that you?

They all have something to offer, it's easy to watch 50 anime a season if you've given up western TV like I have.

This, merchandising has much more weight, and make more cash. Luckily VEG has a ton of those.

I hate this show and I hate all of you.

Really? I live in Japan and haven't seen any merch at all. Where is it?

. 169799317

You don't. Animate, Lawson and variety of smaller chains offer the art and starter books, and obviously LNs where they are displayed - all of which, artbooks and LNs are regularly sold out now. The rest of merch is on KyoAni shop and mostly will be sold on even, ticket for which comes with the BD.

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