We love cakes, right Sup Forums?

We love cakes, right Sup Forums?

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I hate Kaede

>tfw all the Idol cakes are younger than you

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Yet another /c/ake thread that will eventually turn into a blog?

I love Kaede!

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We mainly love Kaede.

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Before you go on a date with Kaede, you must meet her father.
What do

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I lov.e them

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Are all of you old

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Stand quietly while he begs me to marry his daughter before she gets any older.

>not forces

Wrong post brainlet

Do these two OL'S I just posted count?

Sorry i'm blind from one eye

Cake teachers are the best.

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Ah, well I apologize for insulting you then

No but I like older women.

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Why is Kaede so popular?

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She has a simple but beautiful design.

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The only people that don't like cakes are pedos.

But i'm a pedo and i like cakes too

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>Hayamin Effect
>character design
>elegant stage presence, quirky off-stage

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And she's voiced by Saori Hayami

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Is this cake approved here?

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Don't worry, we will always be younger than Nana.

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She's got that girl-next-door quality that makes it easy to imagine she might actually be your girlfriend (2D).

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But that would never happen to you or anyone on Sup Forums, what people like about the cakes is how they're portrayed as these 10/10 thirsty women that somehow don't have a boyfriend/husband and that they're so desperate for a man that they'd go out with you. If these women were real they'd be taken by the nearest Chad and wouldn't even give you the slightest bit of attention.


Big tits are great, really, but I wish artists wouldn't over-inflate her like that.

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I really wish Kaede didn't have heterochromia.

Kaede is becoming the new Rin spam.

Not that I mind.

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It's fine as long as artists don't make it incredibly obvious

Why not?

>onee-chan type
>"skilled with her fingers"
>looks like an older Minami
>twenty fucking three

If she'd only been two years older she would've been perfect.

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And even Rin's obsolete now, thanks to her upgraded version.

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She reminds me of my ex

See also:
>only 21

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Why is she getting so much attention compared to the others? Is it really just her looks?

>huge ponytail
>probably naive, yet bold and "princely"
You should be able to solve this.

People are gonna be disappointed when it turns out she's a lesbian.

This isn't LL.


>tfw missed out on JCs, JKs, and now in cake territory

Of course.

jill is not a cake........yet

Cakes are great. JDs are good too. But what about those who are neither?

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Mentally ill always be a kid so even if I am started to get older than the cakes ill still be younger in my mind and my heart.

Jill's 27 Christmas cakes are 26 and older, because christmas cakes don't sell after the 25th.

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>tfw Still no shown with Wakamoto being a father-in-the- law adventures.

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College age here. I've never liked girls my own age, I've always more gotten along with and been attracted to grown women.

No. They are old, that one is also drunk.
No one likes drunk hags.

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Bunny is my Cinderella Girl.

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College here, but I've been lurking these threads since highschool.

>College here

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That's just a high school girl in skimpy clothes. Post better aras

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Isn't she great?

Do cakes please pure young shotas for money or do we please dirty old cakes like Kaede for money in the alternative timeline?

I'm a wizard. I need cakes because I'm too old to like high schoolers.

Cowtits are the cancer killing MILFs

This is a 2-D board, you don't need depth perception!

I read that as Welcome to Attack Squadron 11, Hall-A

Be careful, some cakes were left behind for a reason.

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late 20s. i want someone i can drink with


I'm older than cakes and am going to be forced to switch to milfs soon.


there's no rule on how cakes must end up with younger men though

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>realism shading detail on all the body
>face has soft cell shading

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Twenty five. Perfect range.

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I do.

26. I'm a complete failure but at least I won't be making them feel old. I'm into most women from 18 to 35 tho.

19 but despite this, I still want cakes

That's just Kanade with ponytail.

Having kids with Sensei!

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20. I don't really care much for cakes in general but Kaede is perfect.

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I'm young at heart.

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how can she be a cake when she admitted to get fucking DESTROYED by dick the day before

i want kaede to choose me

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>tfw when Kaede will never take a pikachu

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I don't love cakes! I just love Kaede!

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This thread is still up? Nice.

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Because moe anime faces look wrong and unattractive with realistic detail?

Hajime isn't cake,she is 20 years old!

Hayami, singing, looks, high class but easy to approach with charming pun-sonality.

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>had children
>fucked every warrior

Aggressive, teasing cakes are the best cakes.

Nice one.

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