Oingo Boingo brothers "translated" as the "Zenyatta Mondatta brothers" or "buddy brothers."

>Oingo Boingo brothers "translated" as the "Zenyatta Mondatta brothers" or "buddy brothers."

>Vanilla Ice "translated" as "Cool Ice."

What the hell is Crunchyroll doing? Is it a regional copyright thing or are Crunchyroll translations just that bad?
Are there any better fansubs of this that I can download?

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They want to avoid the song/artist references in Jojo names due to fearing lawsuits.

Worst case scenario, possibly both. At least the former keeps the musical reference.

Though if they changed 'Cool' to 'Cold', we could shoehorn a Foreigner reference at least.

Copyright claims I guess. Also oingo boingo sounds pretty niggery so they wouldn't want to upset their fanbase that comprises of 90% offended trannies

Is it a reasonable fear? The Japanese didn't seem to care about it and they're usually pretty careful when it comes to that kind of stuff. I just assumed the creator(s) of the manga/anime got permission from the bands/labels beforehand.

>Cool Ice
>Not "Chocolate Ice"
>Or "Strawberry Ice"

What a waste.

"Pretty-blandly-tasting Ice.

Filthy Acts For a Reasonable Price

>Is it a reasonable fear?

it is in Burgerland.

Oingo and Boingo is kinda dumb but I can understand Vanilla Ice, I don't think that guy wants his named used for a guy who kills a dog.

Yeah, that's the kind of thing that could drive a person to their grave. I mean, look at J. Geil.

I can't wait to see how they'll deal with Part 5. Just look at some of the stand names
>Green Day
>Man In The Mirror
>Purple Haze

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>Is it a regional copyright thing

I'm more interested in what will happen when/if part 6 gets animated with the Disney and other references because of Bohemian Rhapsody.

This is why JoJo took so long to come to America. The Viz version of Stardust Crusaders had to get redrawn and have characters renamed by Araki too, hence Centerfold and Soul Sacrifice

Was involved in the Mexican translation.
Those were the names provided by Warner Japan. The same ones you'll see on wester PS3/PS4 titles. That's pretty much it.

>Changes name to "Zenyatta Mondatta"
>Boingo's comic book clearly says "Oingo Boingo"
>Ending song clearly says "Oingo Boingo Burothaaaaasu"

Don't forget:
>Notorious B.I.G.
>White Album
>The Grateful Dead

King Crimson might be untouched. Robert Fripp has shown his appreciation for the Stand.

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>vanilla ice
>regional copyright
Brb copyrighting the word candyapple!


Why didn't the fuckers just romanise it from katakana and be done with it?
>Banira Aisu

>Grammar Nattheeth

user, it took a long time because part three sold very badly when Viz was expecting Araki to be the next big thing when the Dreamcast game was released in America. The David anime adaptation and ps3 game brought the series back to a mainstream audience.

The latest Viz Jojonium release reverts their names back to Oingo & Boingo.

J. Geil is still Centerfold, tho.

Vanilla Cream

>what are copyrights

Parodies are exempt from copyright. But I don't expect people that read Viz translations to care for good TL

The RuroKen translation was fine, if a bit prone to typos.

>Is it a reasonable fear?
Music Intellectual property is taken *very* seriously. They're the biggest abusers of copyright bullshit.

Funny enough Vanilla Ice was one of the very few people (if not the only one) that actually stated he wouldn't have minded having his name used in jojo.

It's almost as if when you dub/sub something made by someone else you're only responsible for what you actually make and any problem concerning literally any other aspect of the thing would be the original creator's problem and so you only need to cover your own ass and not the ass of who drew/voiced the thing hmmmmmmmm.......

Even a frivolous lawsuit costs money. Sad that they had to change, but it was likely necessary.

I don't know but I laughed at those.


>Properly translating from one language to another makes you liable for damages even though you're just paraphrasing what someone else did
Go away RIAA, I don't have any illegally downloaded mp3's on my hard drive and you can't prove otherwise