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TL note: Uma means horse.

>Whore of Babylon

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>you will never hear Nero's embarrassing poems and plays while she blushes
>you will never go to the theater with her while she waits in line with you unable to contain her excitement
>you will never go to buy cute clothes with her while you tell her how cute she looks on everything
>you will never convince her to no execute people while she pouts and tells you it's not fair
>you will never plan the most luxurious wedding with her while she keeps you awake all night and promises is gonna be the most unforgetable experience of your life

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It's okay because Zabiko will do all of those things!

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TL note #2: Ru means cock.

TL note #3: TL means Trans Lesbian, a weird form of mistaken identity of self pushed to the extreme.

She's adorable as a living emperor. Wonder if she's the same as a Servant.

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Also means delicious.

Umi means beach.

How many UMUs she already said?

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Twenty three

Not enough. The answer is always not enough. If Last Encore was nothing but that close-up of Nero with looped audio of Sakura Tange saying UMU for 24 straight episodes, that still wouldn't be enough.

What does umu mean?

RIP Bodoro

horse delicia


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Friend and I have been counting. We're at 31.

>no one took her

w-whats wrong with her?


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Were fansubs always this meme-y? I kind of forgot after all these years of fansubs being dead and then the stupid shit commie pulled. The Apex-subs and an UMU-counter.

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I laughed

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>you will never pat her head and tell everything is gonna be ok
>you will never hear her bad singing and still be happy because she enjoys singing
>you will never take her to modern day Rome and show her cool stuff

It's not fair

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... Who art thou?

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nobu a cute

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Nobu came before Altair, go away faker.

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I love Teh Rie's hammy voice


She also does Cleo.

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She's infertile?

Nero is perfect don't say mean things to her

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I didn't realize they had the same voice for so long.

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That's extremely cute

I like you desu.

He has some good taste

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It seems that Sakura is making me spill my seed again