You may not like it, but this is the greatest hand to hand combat manga ever written...

You may not like it, but this is the greatest hand to hand combat manga ever written, as well as the greatest anti-hero manga.

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Why isn't it anti-hero? Also, China arc never happened.

Is this the series that turns into a badly written shitstorm of rape and drugs after a while or am I thinking of something else?

There's only one rape scene that I can remember, a dude refuses to give him an official kickboxing fight, so he rapes his girlfriend to make him more inclined to accept the fight. Only drug use was his steroids.

Because Ryo is a flat out Villain Protagonist, bordering on a complete fucking monster - that's what makes him so fun to read.
If you're pinning him as a hero of any variety, you're fucking retarded.

I thought this was Tough for a moment ...

At the end he just wanted to protect that cute autistic grill from her overbearing father, who ended up hiring hitmen to kill Ryo. I think he was 100% on his way to becoming a normal functioning person by the end of the manga.

Any other villain protagonist manga, that take place in a realistic setting?

I't fun and well done until it falls apart, but it was entertaining until the end.

The art is top tier though.

Oh and... greatest anti-hero, I would give that to Akagi.


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We will never have the Oton vs Kiryu fight translated

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Vagabound from a certain point of view, Blade of the Immortal and Akira come to mind.

What manga is this?

Didn't this guy get raped in prison?
Also I never understood why he killed his parents and became this twisted person.


Did you read it until the china arc?

I got up until the ballet dancer but it was so long ago since I read it

Then you should know Shamo's motivations.

Thanks user.

Shamo manages to be both one of the best and worst manga ever made.

I think you're thinking of that wolf manga

I love it and hate it at the same time

OwO whats this? Is this from the Prequel or from the Oton manga?

Shamo had one of the greatest endings ever made in any manga.

I love all the dirty fighting techniques. Poking eyes out with their hands, even kicking a guys eye out with his big toe. Stabbing the throat with the first 3 fingers, crotch kicks.

This was truly a unique character for any anime/manga. He gave off an original vibe that I've never felt from any antagonist in any form of media. That mix of autism and stupidity, that just barely didn't cross the line into making it seem silly. He was straight up intimidating as fuck despite his personality. Well made.

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Ryo was a horrible person and his ending is foreshadow by Mochizuke's death (attacked by random criminals).
Which is fitting for both characters.

I enjoyed Shamo but it was edgy as all hell. I enjoyed Garouden far more.

He wasn't natty bro

>I enjoyed Garouden far more.
Who doesn't. Everyone is damn crazy in Garouden.

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I hate that the final boss's gimmick was literally retard strength.

How about a manga from someone who can actually draw, there's stylistic exaggeration - and there's flat-out failing at anatomy.

And then there's flat out being a mouthbreather

>hating Itagaki's art
Come on, how can you not love this guy.

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I do find it interesting from a storytelling perspective that Ryo hit his physical peak fairly early in the manga in the Sugawara fight, and never really got that strong ever again.

ok, im at chapter 49 already just because of this thread, interesting shit
sorry for blogging

Fuck you, tard, i'd hit the word limit if i were to point out everythng wrong with just the splash panel alone.
Just look at those forearms, it's like they guy didn't know how to draw one so he just slapped on some extra, nonexistent muscles and called it a day.
Then there's the upper arms, for the cloth to form such loose, fl folds, without stretching out the fabric - his actual arms would have to be not much thicker than his wrists, i assume the character doesn't have Popeye arms?
I'd rather have simplified art than one that tries too hard and fails completely.
I get that he might be an amazing wrtier, and this manga might as well be a crazy ride, but that art, as presented by this page doesn't exactly make me eager to give it a go.

I saw where the author was going with him, but I couldn't really enjoy him. Though I suppose that's sort of the point, Ryo didn't deserve a proud final bout, he deserved an embarrassing end.

I'm jealous man. Sugawara vs. Ryo is one of the best fights in all of manga. Enjoy

The art in this really carries elevates the antihero story. So much of this manga would have come off retarded (the whole ballet/priest fight, for example) if the art wasn't ridiculously on-point and capable of making Ryo look believably insane / vulnerable / evil all within a few panels of each other.

Although I gotta say
>greatest hand to hand combat manga ever written

As much as I love Shamo, Hiroki Endo just completely owns this title. All Rounder Meguru is like a fucking MMA training manual.

Yeah, Shamo has good body proportions and realistic body types, and the blows characters take have good impact, but I wouldn't exactly call it realistic. Alot of it is treated pretty spiritually/stylistically.

Teppu is basically the diet cola version of Shamo.

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You're wrong the moment you start thinking everything should be anatomically correct, Baki is a fucking wild ride and the art is the perfect combination, plus it makes it unique and instantly recognizable
Go jack off to some roman sculptures

Also anyone who likes Shamo for the Sugawara fight and also enjoys the antihero + spiritual/symbolic side absolutely must read Zero - God Save the Knuckle.

Taiyo Matsumoto's art is a bit of an acquired taste but it's a great story, short, and it actually ends where Shamo should have.

He did make the fair argument about the sleeves having folds, in which he specifically said it's alright if it's not anatomically correct. He argued basic physics, not anatomy, was a fair point he brought up.

It's a goddamn disgrace how few people know about this goddamn masterpiece jesus christ, If you thought Ryo was fucked you you'd be in for a surprise.

Zero is great, you won't find many manga like it.

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Itagaki obviously has perfectly fine knowledge of anatomy and so much many more things, is exactly because of that he can warp it so much that it almost becomes grotesque, everythings is so obviously done in purpose that it amazes me that some anons still think it's because he doesn't know anything

The dirtiest shit that I loved the most wasn't even an attack, it was this single page.

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Thinking back on Zero some more it really makes me wonder if anyone ever asked the Shamo team whether the Sugawara fight in particular was influenced by it.

I'd go one step farther and say it doesn't even matter if he does have full anatomical knowledge or not. Complaining about his art is like saying you won't read Freesia or Akagi because of the art. I can't claim to know Itagaki that well but his pages remind me of Fukumoto, Jiro Matsumoto, etc.. - I think people underestimate how hard it is to create your own style and then grow it + keep it internally consistent. While his art is certainly not on par with Inoue or whoever, anything by Itagaki is instantly recognizable.

I don't see where you're really drawing that many parallels with Zero, they're nothing alike.Great manga but I don't see much correlation.

You should read Baki, user

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I'm mainly thinking about the concept of a boxing match where one fighter's brutality is shown as metaphorically corrupting/influencing their opponent. It's certainly not a 1:1 comparison, in Shamo Sugawara is "pure" and has his noble commitment to karate while in Zero it's more about both opponents being similar fighters with checkered pasts but in the end only one of them ends up being truly "pure" and committed to it, to the exclusion of everything else..

So the overall idea of two personalities being weighed against each other, and the focus on the underlying brutality of the sport, strike me as comparable.

LMFAO, I forgot about this page.It's not even a bluff, he would fucking do it.

Nah man that title goes to tough

I don't really see it, but if you say so.

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Where can i find a download for this
>That bottom left panel

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Is this the manga where the MC kills his family for literally no reason?

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The last arc and the ending ruined it

>ace how few people know about this goddamn masterpiece jesus christ, If you thought Ryo was fucked you you'd be in for a surprise.

The World is Mine is actually one of my favorite manga ever. It's a shame it's so unknown and so few people read it.

>but this is the greatest hand to hand combat manga ever written

I thought you were talking about Kenji.

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I just started reading this and its great, but I argue Holyland is better. I just got done with the Sugawara stuff and on to china but it shouldve ended during the title fight.

if you don't mind hamfisted power fantasies sure.

Why is albino Obama fighting Levi?

They were physically abusive, and "over-bearing"

Holy fuck is that guy running over children and babies in strollers??? Picked up.

You might the main villain from Takemitsu Zamurai then.

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This manga is damn great up to the sugawra fights

The arc with the dancer was ok and the brothers arc was retarded

It was clear by the final chaoter that they just wanted to get this manga done with, didnt the writter and the artist had some legal drama at some point?

Was always hype whenever you saw him pull out the signature Tonfa.

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1 chapter in and im hooked.

At first was with you but the more i think about it the more i'm convinced he is a byronic anti-hero
Some on e who did a big seen and does fucked up shit from time to time but still the story stilll is trying to be redeemed

So were some parts of this written out of the canon?

China arc never happened.

Never liked how after China he was so weak, I waited during the legal battle to see it finished but afterwards it took me maybe a year or two to finally finish it all in one sitting.

So he died right, the tree signified death and rebirth or replacement. Don’t know why he didn’t just wait around for the ambulance with the two bros. He could’ve carved out a quiet life for himself, it was deserved.

Motherfucking Garouden mate, how could I forget about Tamba vs Tsusumo or The great Tatsumi vs Crybaby Sakura (that guy was far more bizarre than any of that jojo shit). IMHO, Tamba was a total sociopath too though, just not a murderhobo like Shamo's MC. In retrospect, I actually enjoyed more than anything in Baki, except maybe for the convict arc.

Bruh I am losing my shit at the "rescue arc" lmao

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> China arc never happened.
What the fuck was the author thinking with this arc? It's so jarringly out of place and it doesn't lead to anything. I guess for filler it's cool, but for the main story it's entirely useless.

two authors i think, they had a fight which suspended the manga and was lifted and straight to axe

Best arc is prison arc

Is that the one with a nigga with two elbows? I feel like I have vague memories of having read it at one point. Art looks great.

It is

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Where can i get the raw? And the novel is ending.

Cool. Is it finished yet? I'll get back to it since I just funished Tekken Shinmi and I'm down for another martial arts manga.

Yeah you can tell the disconnect. Man of the evening Shamo was weird too.

I thought it was interesting.
Then they had the weird China arc.
Then it focused on the ballet dancer.
Feel bad about dropping it but I don't really want to go back.

post rape