Reminder that thanks to Toriyama's new art style, saiyan kids' musculature is canonically like this

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So U6 saiyan teenagers aren't really THAT thin, it's just the art style.

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Goku and Arale were chubby in the manga

yeah a promo ad totally outweighs years of the manga

>Goku and Arale were chubby when the art style was different
That's the point. People isn't canonically thinner, it's just that Toriyama art style changed.

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Dragon Ball "Ultra" is a mainstream thing now
thanks a lot Sup Forums

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We are leaking bois


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El Hermano

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So what show/manga will you turn to now that DBS is ending?
back to wan piss for me



Bit late. Here's a fb convo with a friend of mine

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Meitantei Conan.

Frieza...please help me...

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Okay that might be a bit early but what are some good dbs streams ? The peppa pig stream wasn't there for 129 and I'm searching for alternatives. Tons of people will want to watch 130 so I have to keep my options open
joowz doesn't work either lately.

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>DBS is ending?
>he doesn't know
gonna catch up on Build and post-Movie Ex-Aid

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Reminder that Krillin will get eliminated by Frost easily due to being the weakest human

Sorry tenshitfag but Kuririn is stronger according to every single piece of official media that mentions who's the strongest human since Boo arc

>b-but Ten is stronger now I swear
Prove your headcanon or leave

back to Sup Forums

>"¡No eres blanco!"

If Jiren sin camisa is stronger than Goku with mastered UI, how powerful would be Jiren sin calzones?

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why is Jiren such a fat fuck

holy shit

Who is El Hermano

>Fat fuck
>Visible muscle definition
Pick one.

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fuck off twink


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If by soon you mean never.

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>you know now that i won i really feel like i always wanted a brother

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This is peak saiyan fertility.

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jiren is shit


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*has the best fight in the series*

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no, this is.

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this is El Hermano

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Hello my fellow ningens

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Note is pure!

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zamasu this is ridiculous, your plan wont work.

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oozaru will never be relevant ever again

t. Gokek

Vados-Kun is so kawaii


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s l u t


I want to play videogames with kefura!

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Oozaru blanco would molest jiren


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Do you love Whis

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Oh boy, the manga vs animefag neckbeards have woken up.

Toriyama confirmed that he's going to be more hands on with the anime making that the official canon, and that the manga will be different from the anime and movies, so enjoy your non-canon fan fiction Toyo shit

Nice, especially for me who was the one who made up the name

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Reminder for burgers

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>Champa after sex

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I don't know if you are shitposting or you are unironically this retarded but enjoy the (You)

Yeah, you were the only person in the whole world who "made up" the most cliched and uncreative name ever.

>both new IPs
Yup, the fatasses fighting over anime and manga are here, as if DBS is worth shitposting about.

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It's just insecure cuckotaro fans who are jelly of the anime's popularity and sucess.

I want to remove her pants and inseminate her.

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>coming from the kekfuckfag

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Jiren is not for molesting

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>as if DBS is worth shitposting about.

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>using a reaction image of someone laughing means you waifu that character

I'm noticing a lot of people's first introduction to DBZ is from fucking Team Four Star and they misinterpret all the characters.

>wasting your time with this shitshow


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>not being a dragon Ball memelord


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No he isn't

Old enough to die in a school shooting = old enough to be called Adult Gohan.

I want to bully pan!

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I'm finishing the original dragonball at the moment and have also watched most of super and some cell saga dbz

How should I watch dbz ? DBZ Kai or the original funi dub ?

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calm down Chile

Can you stop being a degenerate pedophile for ten minutes?

That perspective, she physically looked like her anime counterpart. You would need at least a Mashima tier artist to make her look great.

But Gohan isn't from Burgerland

Funi dub if you don't mind filler, kai if you want to get through it fast and can't stand falcounershit.

Their bandwagon fans already move on to Boruto girls.

We are getting a new manga chapter this saturday.

Fuck decency, this comment chain was godlike enjoy

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No thanks.

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>mfw waifufags were actually borutofags in disguised

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good so they can go shit up their threads instead.

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Wasabi and Namida are pretty much Boruto version of Caulifla/Kale.

>tfw we'll never have Murata-style Dragon Ball

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