Can we have one of those?

Can we have one of those?

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How the hell could anyone think that AnoHana was going to look like A Beautiful Mind?

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I'm stuck on episode 52. I really don't have the motivation to go forward.

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Don't worry, that's what we'll get next chapter

I can't wait to see how his daughter affects things

u forgot the template

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Came here to post this.

Manga is a masterpeice, anime is too short
>scanlators gave up at 64 chapters.

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lazy made,

yep yep

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You forgot to take off your trip

I'm not posting with a trip what are you talking about.

>Ruri~ !baqIMoEFAg
>not a trip

dumb tripfag

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I think it's a problem on your end buddy.

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What are you guys talking about?
doesn't have a tripcode

You're not fooling anyone Ruri. Go home.

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Forgot my trip.

Wait, no, that's my trip.

Trying too hard. Still, the show is weak as fuck except for the first and last episode

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Best gem

I don't care how often this is posted it's accurate as can be

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Nailed it

>posting a thumbnail

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manga name?

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I swear one of these days I'm gonna watch that. It looks so damn cute.

Shouldn't this be 9s?

The Black Mars Fleet arc was the best. Hana a cute.

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So you got what expected then?

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Trips confirm

Version with mild spoilers

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>comparing that trash to the best game of last year

More like best game of the last five years.

If they picked the original nier instead of automata it might have actually made sense

Good show.

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Kill la Kill yourself

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Its a bit of both.

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I just wanted some demon king titty...

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Thanks to this am watching it right now, it did not lie.
Seiji's sister is too fucking hot.

Are all the novels translated to english?

Fucking this!
I was expecting another Plastic Memories. I kinda fell in love with that bittersweet romance but sukasuka fell flat delivering this.

I hope they adapt more of the yandere chapters.

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I do not know a single thing my dude

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> ln eng
Wasn't so difficult now, was it?

Just answer the question

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You're a fucking loser Yoog

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Thanks for memeing the show for me, and setting me up with the wrong expectations.

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that's a lie and you know it.

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Actually i don't, since i dropped it 6-7 episodes in. At that point it hadn't really committed any sins, but it hadn't really presented anything interesting either.
I'm just poking fun at the people who think wolf waifu and light character banter/flirting isn't the reason people care about it.

anyone who needs a template for this shit is to retarded to post

I don't understand this shitpost.

It's tied for my all time favorite, but I didn't want to needlessly stir shit up. Calling it the best game of last year is pretty safe.

Accurate from after the early volumes

It's not a thumnail. It's the same size as yours.
OP here. You are right, I myself was on the verge of dropping it after the first arc. But the next two arcs are awesome and I think it is worth to go on and see them.

Give me my genki phos back ;_;

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