What do you guys think of this show? I thought it was surprisingly great

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I liked it. Anyone figure out what “Misekku Kesta” means?

Great animation, ome of the first anime I watchex I could say was actually good. After watching more realized how much it borrowed from other, better, shows. Still good though.

Pretty standard shounen stuff but it's watchable. Yuu is a fag in every dimension though.

Better than Haruhi

Noein is just a poor man's Shingu. As for my review copy pasta:

Just not that interesting. Characters are too boring etc. Could do with 12-18 episodes easily. Tobi a qt, acts as if reveals done 10 episodes ago are still a reveal, starts out strong

I lost my screencap folder of the show but have a tobi.

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Not enough doujins

Good show let down by dodgy animation. Some of the action sequences were great but some moments were poorly drawn. Also the few episodes drawn in a completely different style didn't help.

Tobi was very cute.

>Also the few episodes drawn in a completely different style didn't help.
I think it was only two episodes but it was especially jarring having one of those episodes being the second one

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Fapped to a Noein doujin yesterday and today a Noein thread.


Those series about a group of normal young friends with personal problems linked to supernatural stuff are usually very interesting, other than Noein, Ghost Hound, and Zettai Shounen what is there like that?

>Pretty standard shounen stuff
You have no idea what standard shonen stuff is.

it's a solid show with a cool aesthetic and some cool ideas that aren't explored that thoroughly

it had favorite potential at the beginning but it felt kinda standard by the end, just nothing really surprising or especially satisfying. didn't have that much of an impact on me

like a 7 or something

Noein himself being another iteration of the male MC was a pretty cool plot point.

Also, I forgot Dennou Coil.

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It was okay.

Yeah it was only twice, but it was very distracting

The dub bloopers were amazing.

i remember it being good, but i can't remember what it was about.

Its like those hidden and forgotten gems like shinsekai yori

You take that back.

on my 10/10 list along with S-Cry-Ed