Darling in the franxx ep 10

Guys 11h to preview ep 10!

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Ichigo loves Hiro and Hiro loves Ichigo!

PV when?

I like the show and the SoL episodes are cute, but I really want things to start happening.

I hope the next episode about this cute couple!

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Me in the back

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can't wait for milkman to finally shed his crippled horse and get the top quality ride he deserves

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The threads for this flop have been getting worse and worse.

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>approving and endorsing NTR
the absolute fucking state of the DitF fanbase

It can't be helped. The preview is still far away.

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Survival of the fittest

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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at least now we have ichigoro lewds

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this thread needs more dinosaurs

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occultfag where u at?

I need you to tell me the hidden secrets of mating with Trigger's mecha.

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Oh my.

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repostan occultfag Triggernometry from LWA thread.

what A1 & Triggers really saying about fossil fuels?

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This frame wasn't on any episode so far right? Just saw it on twitter.

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I want to fuck that man.

Is the next episode going to be more action focused?

I just want to know who is going to die first. Too many death flags going around

Might be episode 1 during that first fight.

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My money is on the fat one dying first.

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Maybe, what shocks me more is seeing Strelizia angry.
No, Stralizia was too much on control to be angry, plus I don't remember it.

It has been forseenile .

So it is written. So it shall be done.

This has all happened before, and will all happen again.

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02's shirt in the final episode.

Yes and its suppose to be the best one yet

Episode 2 i believe.

Seriously nigga?

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Stop. I ship Mitsukoko too but Ikuno isn't at any fault. She is also pretty cool for all the shit Milkman throwing at her.

it's from 4 speedwatchers

>Ichigo loves Hiro
>Hiro loves Ichigo
wishful thinking

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I hope that Mitsukoko can happen without causing too much damage to anyone else. From the looks of it, I don’t think Ikuno will mind.
Pity about Futoshi though.

I normally hate NTR, but something about Goro makes me fucking furious.

Like he's so positive about being sidelined with his partner for life. Fuck man DO SOMETHING.

isn't that the tree of life?

He gets to have metaphorical sex with her for the foreseeable future, of course he's happy.

yes it is

He already told the girl how he feels. He's long gaming it.

no dice

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Yeah, he can't exactly do any more without 'ignoring her consent', or whatever the radfems are calling it these days.

>I get to have sex with my wife even if shes with other guys!
Same logic.

>long gaming it
He should've been short gaming it and told Hiro about it a long time ago.

I'm starting to realize my hate for NTR is manifesting in a man that's actively allowing NTR.

He just confessed. What do you want him to do? Threaten her to date him?

I hate to say it but he's approaching it in the right way. He's not confused about what he wants, he's not confused about what the other person wants, and he's giving room to the possibility that he'll score and not Hiro. And in fact, he most likely will, because people like him usually do. All the needless drama and crying and emoting about it that you miss is useless clutter that does nothing constructive.

Leave Episode 10 to me.

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He didnt know what the feeling was

>a man that's actively allowing NTR
He can't control Ichigo, either she reciprocates his feelings or she doesn't. It sounds like you're bitter for no reason.

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Trips confirmed

Reminder that unrequited love is not NTR. Cuck and NTR became buzzwords that people keep throwing around in all the wrong places.

>just let her go dude
This is a universe where your entire life is tied to this one person. At least reign that in a bit.

Ichigo is a sensible girl, she finds maturity hot.

ep 4

Every time I see it.

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He told her he loves her as soon as he figured out what it was. Before he was confused what he was feeling or how to approach it. Things have changed now.

Going to be a lot of awkward moments between Hiro and Ichigo now that he knows Ichigo likes him.

Don't know what he'll do and how Zero Two will react.

Punished fatman episode

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Dumping previous Karling in the Franxx posts for reference.

My initial post about Hiro/Charlemagne and 002/Desiderata.

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The horn should be green.

>double trips
digits confirm

Imagine if Naruto aired today. Everyone would be calling Naruto a cuck.

Merovingian Pasta

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>implying he isn't

No Mitsuru, you have acknowledge your autism first if you want to score good end with best girl. Dykuno might mess up the scores, but you have to play safe and nice with minorities, or you'll end up as a minor villain

is this how you treat your lover, onifags?

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Harun Al-Rashid Speculah

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Buffy is the mother of all modern fiction.

so close

Based Oni. She knows Hiro's place is in the garbage.

Things changed.

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>don't have to keep the mask up if he's knocked out

but that's when she wasn't sure if Hiro was going to survive or not

Charlemagne, Hiro and Honey

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>she literally tells him "I found you, my darling" while he's unconscious

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The time has come.

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the more things change the more they stay the same

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Reversed Satan trips don't lie

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Charlemagne and Astronomy

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yes, Darling not meaning what you think it does.
Notice how she says it after tasting his blood.
>The origins of "darling" can be found in the very heart of the English language; its earliest known uses can be traced back to Old English writings from the 9th century. Old English "deorling" was formed by attaching the Old English suffix -ling ("one associated with or marked by a specified quality") with the adjective "d?ore," the ancestor of our adjective "dear" ("regarded very affectionately or fondly," "highly valued or esteemed," "beloved"

She's injured you retard.

Alright user.

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reminder 02 has canonically lied to Hiro two times now, not counting unconfirmed times.

> tree of life
Hmmmm. Nah, couldn't be.

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Ichigo as von Vinzgau (not my theory, someone else's)

> That is because Ichigo is Hildegard of the Vinzgau, second wife of King Charlemagne (Nine Iota Hiro). Nine Merovingian and two sons of Charles Martel the Hammer served before the reign of Charlemagne (Hiro). Desiderus (aka Doctor FranXX) has given his daughter (Zero Two/Oni) to Hiro with a caveat. A proposed alliance between Lombardy and Francia was represented in the marriage and was annulled. Hints of rebellion or dissatisfaction with the Lombards can be seen in this episode. Hiro wants to rebuild the lost Roman Empire that once ruled all of the known regions. Doctor FranXX holds the keys to Lombardy and therefore Rome. If Hiro wants to restore the past of the glory of Rome and claim the title of ROME (ie Escaping the plantations and ruling beyond Francia) he must fight. The other rival introduced this episode is probably his brother Carloman (or maybe this is Goro). Either way, it will be interesting to see Hiro's first steps to recovering the glory of humanity (Rome). Especially with the actions of the Papacy/Plantation Elites showing signs of accepting him. They are already questioning if he is a worthy successor to Rome.

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>I'm out of arguments

>>just let her go dude
He told her how he feels and is now leaving it up to her to figure out her answer. Tell we what more he should do, something that a creepy "nice guy" who is nice to a girl just so she'll like him wouldn't do?

name them

When did she lie?

>acting like she's happy

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My Lu Bu/Hiro Diaochan/002 fun theory.

>For the sake of fun, I am going to compare Franxx to the Three Kingdoms.

>Now, anime MCs have a habit of sharing traits with Liu Bei - the "humble, true pious knight" figure so as to say. Indeed, upon first appearance Hiro very much resembles Liu Bei in his soft-spoken demeanor and attitude. Additionally, like the infamous Shumaker, he also harbours hints of subtly hidden ambition - for example, his EP 5 quip that one day he might control the rain.

>However, perhaps it is only this duplicity that he shares with Liu Bei. When you look at the relationship between Hiro and 02, the first thing that should come to mind if you're a Three Kingdoms fan is the relationship between Diaochan and Lu Bu. And indeed, Hiro resembles Lu Bu one way - he is hypercompetent in Franxx combat - "valour and virtue" indeed.

>This is all very disturbing, because the fall of Lu Bu came from his overdoting on Diaochan and neglecting his duties as a warlord. Perhaps this is what Dr Franxx is trying to warn against. Only time will tell.

>So who is Cao Cao/ what traits does Hiro share with Cao Cao? Who is Zhuge Liang or Sima Yi? Who is Liu Xie, Xian of Han? This is all very interesting speculah.

How about be someone that she's actually interested in? She's with him a majority of her day and she harbors no feelings for him?

Being the wingman then suddenly saying "I love you" to someone is what a creepy nice guy would do.

Other anons noticings a cross-shaped scar on Hiro's chest resembling the Imperial Orb of the HRE.

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