Why is incest allowed in anime?

Why is incest allowed in anime?

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Sniper + Ninja a best, their jobs have the best chemistry

did someone just distribute jobs randomly here?

because you once fucked your sister when you were young

Because they're desperate to get the birth rates up in any possible way.

we both regret it greatly

Why? Did you get her pregnant?

Outside of hentai it typically isn't like that pic at all in anime though. The most popular incest anime has none of that and is basically just a pretty standard high school romance drama, where the main chick happens to be the MC's sister but they have no sort of sibling relationship present anyway. It's there as a gimmick really (and it worked, so the author's a genius I guess)

The problem is that it isn't allowed.


It should be onee-sans with imoutos.

Because Japan.

It's hot

Because incest is hot in abstract. Exploring a 2d relationship with a person they've known all their lives but taboo to go farther has all sorts of great possibilites that make it childhood friend on steroids. Its irresistible to some authors who fear nothing

>What is Oreimo?
>What is To Love Ru?

Because for ronery virginal otaku the only actual women they've ever significantly interacted with other than their mothers would be their sisters. Hence the fixation on relationships with sisters, it's the only scenario most otaku can relate to without their self-loathing instantly chiding them for unrealistic fantasy. They're almost always little sisters, too, so the impotent and unassertive otaku can indulge in the power fantasy of having natural atuomatic authority over her.

>mfw i have no elder sister

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Me the Cavalier. My waifu the Light Sage

Ask not why incest is allowed in anime, ask why incest is not allowed in real life.

Look at Cavalier and Light Sage, look at how they look at each other. They definitely fucked.

All of them fucked.

>trying to browse streaming porn sites
>every vanilla sex vid is labelled as incest to increase hits

fuck this trend, I can't even find legit RP videos anymore if they're just going to claim every couple is related in the title

Better question is, why does Sup Forums get in such a hissy fit whenever it turns out the siblings are NBR?

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Sniper = General > Draco Knight > Cavalier > Dark Sage

What's up with these classes? Is this Tree of Savior?

If it's explained at the start or early is one thing, but if it's later then it's nothing but a shitty cop-out.

I believe it's Fire Emblem.

Dark Sage, Light Sage don't come up in FE, but they might be translations.
But then, FE is surprisingly fitting given how much incest there is in the series.

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Which games have the most incest, asking for a friend.

I mostly thought of FE because of Dracoknight and Pegasus knight. Though thinking about it further, FE has wyvern knights, not dragon knights.


Gaiden/Echoes' main conflict revolves around a Goddess Imouto and her Dark God onii-chan being rivals.

Only two of those are incest

Ninja a cute

Because 2D is different from 3D, so authors let their desires free

2nd couple from left is disgusting.

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All of them. I like all of Henreader's lolis.

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