Would this make a good animu series?

Would this make a good animu series?

Would you watch it, Sup Forums?

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With BFG Division as the OP


No, but Doom3 would make a good OVA.

style it like Ninja Slayer and Inferno Cop, it'll work perfectly

In this day and age we would need some heavy re-writing to make this appeal to the market:
Doom Guy is a highschool boy.
The demons are tsundere succubie.
The Mars U lets human boys enrol for the first time.

First 4 minutes it's hardcore as shit, then god transports him to another world where it's an Isekai and this world has no guns

I want to see Turok 1 and 2 get an anime adaptation

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Doom was the last decent mainstream western game.
Why are the others so shit?

Does DOOM even have a sizeable Japanese fanbase?

This is exactly what anime needs.
No more isekai, love triangles, ecchi, harem, SoL, or moe trash. Just pure testosterone.

>The last notable thing Turok has been in was a port of Turok 2 on steam
It didn't deserve this

kek, underrated post

>No cute girls
It's trash

It's easy, we make doomguy into a cute girl, and the demons also

I guess I shouldn't be surprised Sup Forums shitters are this thread

Only if every thing was replaced with cute little girls and ryona.

Sup Forums only cares about weebshit games. They don't play good games like doom.

That can be fixed.

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This guy gets it


Turok 1 and 2 were GOAT. How is the 2008 game? All I've seen is that Turok has a knife kill animation where he smashes a velociraptor on his knee to kill it.