Mfw I just realize I'm supposed to read mangas left to right

>mfw I just realize I'm supposed to read mangas left to right
>mfw I realize why all the manga I've read has been so disjointed

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Wowee user what an asstute observation

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good job crossboarder-kun

You're supposed to read them upside down, that's why you mixed up left and right

Is OP autistic?

Nobody fucking told me, how was I supposed to know to read it backwards.

Brain problems

Yeah, I remember middle school too.

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user, are you 12 by any chance?

You mean right to left, right?

I mean, a nonautistic person would just figure it out

Yes I'm dyslexic
I did figure it out it just took like 20 pages

most manga released in the west has warning labels for fools like (you)

I haven't bough any actual books, I've just been reading PDF ones that don't have such labels.

all translated manga I own actually state that you should read them right to left

>Yes I'm dyslexic
the first excuse of morons that refuse to acknowledge their mental deficiencies

This is a bait thread. No one is actually this retarded or new. Remember to sage.

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>No one is actually this retarded or new
My sweet summer child.

dyslexia IS a mental deficiency you fucking mental deficit.

This. The manga literally tells you to read it that way. There are even some fan translations that explicitly tell you this. And even if you didn't see the message, how can you not figure out that all the dialogue you're reading is in reverse order, even after reading multiple manga?

>mfw I just realize I'm can't read manga in japanese
>mfw I realize why all the manga I've read were written in weird symbols

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are you literally retarded
how did you get past a page and not realize the story/dialogue would be going fucking backwards

>mfw I just realize manga is actually Japanese
>mfw I realize they aren't just comic books like my Marvel and Batman.

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>mfw I realize that manga, like other japanese media, is dead.

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by baiting prolly

refer to it's bait. sage and report

file name

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I feel you OP.


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Why did you chose this bait/newfag thread for such godly act?

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Obvious script is obvious.



gr8 thread


OP here, I just thought there was a cultural element missing that was going over my head/some of the story was getting lost in translation.
Then I read something by a westerner and remembered this one time I found a manga lying on the subway, which had a message on it saying to read it right to left.

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I did the same the first time i read a mango but i was like 7yo. Dumb guys put the page "how to read manga" on the wrong side. I mean, if i dont know how to read manga, i will start from left right? Put the page there dumb negro

For how long?

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