Is Shana is a good or bad tsundere?

Is Shana is a good or bad tsundere?

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She is a melonpan tsundere.

Good because she has a reason to be frustrated. She was bred for a job, and was already busy doing it until some fucking anime MC came along and made her aware of her budding womanhood.

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I want to feel how hot Shana is

With my penis

Inside of her

She was my first experience with a tsundere character and I think she's good

>She was bred for a job
>you will never breed shana for your job.

She's cute

I hate tsundere with a passion but I love Shana. Unlike Taiga the bitch, Shana's antics were much more lovable and understandable.

>Good because she has a reason to be frustrated.
This, exactly.

Stop sexualizing my daughteru you fuckers.

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Shana is for hardcore anal

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I only saw season 1 of the show, is it worth watching the rest?

>implying you could without getting your dick cut off
Do not, repeat, NOT, post lewd pictures of Shana.

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But she has such a cute butt

It's only natural that I'd want to fuck it after spending a few hours licking every nook and cranny

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Bad by default. Yoshida was the only likable character in this show.

It's been a while since I watched, but there's a point midway through S2 where you should just forget about continuing. S3 is a struggle.

This is your last warning, buddy.

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Please post more of my lovely wife

Who loves it in the ass

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>Ignoring Wilhelmina and Marjorie Daw

You need to be drawn and quartered for forgetting Marcosias at the very least

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The best

But Marjorie was for the chad, and Willhelmina is too pure and cute

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Delet this.

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oh god shana is hot

Too many have forgotten this.

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It takes serious brain problems to forget that Shana is hot.

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~de arimasu

How much does Shana love you?

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Season 2 was dragged down by anime-original relationship drama for the middle half, I liked S3 a lot though LN readers said it was butchered. Yuji did nothing wrong.

I was disappointed with her a little bit, desu. I felt like she was all tsun and no dere. I like tsunderes, but it isn't really rewarding if she doesn't warm up towards the end

Shana is the best tsundere.

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>Yuuji !ZzSakai1/g

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He did everything right

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I liked her autistic hairband.
I want to teach Shana how to make babies.

Based Yuuji

S3 was just rushed and the anime didn't introduce the new characters at all when some of them were in flashbacks/sidestories in the LN. The other two were more butchered. Obviously they both have anime-original stuff. S1 in particular merged the first two arcs and if I recall made Friagne a complete bitch.
Name a better op
there isn't

Light my Fire > every other Shana OP

Will the novels ever fully be translated to English?

JOINT is the best song, even if the OP itself had too much love triangle shit.

Sorry, that's incorrect

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You guys are so wrong, it's not even funny

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Even if you don't watch anything else, the OVA where they switch bodies is fun.

Best op was chosen for epic final fight music
Best song overall might be koubou tho

It was a callback m8, not because it's the best

It was chosen because it was the 1st OP and is admittedly more iconic of the series, but it doesn't mean it's the best.

>not because it's the best
Well i disagree
Easily one of the best osts overall
But i'd take Hishoku no Sora over any other song (except sometimes koubou)

She was the best Kugimiya character of all. Fuck Taigafags.

Louise ≥ Shana ≥ Taiga ≥ Aria ≥ Nagi

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I like both, but Louise is mai waifu.

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Akeno Watanabe's voice makes my lord crimson

Shit tsundere

>it's not like I want to post in your thread or anything


God damn, I miss the karaoke-glitters effect sub when an insert song plays at the start of the last fight.
I miss SS-eclipse so much.

Oh i was planning to watch anime over reading LN as i thought it was above decent adaptation just because there are more than 80 eps. I guess I'll just read the LN then after watching a couple of episodes to get those voices in my head

You got it all wrong. Nagi was her best character. Her voice perfectly fits this spoiled bratty loli

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It helped a lot that her tsun was her actually not knowing how to deal with liking a boy.

Wait they haven't been fully translated?

Nah, fan translations are lost and officials dropped after 2 volumes

Too hard to translate. Shakugan no Shana has very chuuni words.

Now that's depressing

There are no good tsundere

She is a good tsundere. One of those classic tsundere

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God tier taste user.

This thread has reminded me that I haven't fapped to Shana in a long time

S3 Yuji was based

tsundere is neither good nor bad, it is like photons.

There are no positive or negative photons, just light. Tsundere is tsundere.


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After some years have passed I think Light My Fire > Joint = Hisohku no Sora = Serment

Why did it feel like the fanbase for the show collapsed on itself between seasons?

IIRC there was quite a long gap between S2 and S3

The first half of S2 was really bad. Also . S3 pretty much demanded to have read the novels to understand tool

How old is she now?

Will we ever have a golden age of tsundere again?

Tsundere is old and busted.
Smugdere is the new hotness.

They are the same thing most of the time.

That is what most tsunderes use to be.

Shame no one even talks about her, it's always that other one that disappeared from he story.

I always like to think of modern tsundere as girls that watched too much anime and molded their entire personality after Taiga

She is okay, but her partners makes her series great.

I think we're about to be entering the golden age of bully girls, which I am perfectly okay with.

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More KOTSU doujins when?

Man it's been forever since I listened to the OP's, the feels are coming back. I used to listen to them all the time. God bless that one Shanafag that still draws cute/lewd art of her.

Absolute top 5 greatest tsundere of all time.