Anime peaked in the 90's, you can't prove me wrong

anime peaked in the 90's, you can't prove me wrong

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This opening was great

nope, that was late 20000's

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Hahahaha. 20000's? Surely you mean 2000'S.

>anime peaked in the 90's

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Agreed. How can modern anime even compete?

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If you don't have at the bare minimum 500 watched anime from the 90's your opinion is garbage.

not all of us are NEETs you incel retard

I can't

you mean the minimum 1000 you newfag

Anime peaked in 2017 with Kemono Friends, you can't prove me wrong.

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The 80's

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Kemono Friends could've been great, but it didn't have DBZ-like fights. It would've been arguably the greatest anime ever made if it had DBZ-like fights.

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80's > 70's > 00's > 90's > 10's > 60's

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what do the 10's look like?

Ugly as sin compared to modern anime. Nostalgiafags, please go back to Sup Forumseddit.

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>nostalgia for almost two decades before I was even alive

Fuck off cgdct fag, anime looked a lot better with real paint, real noses and big hair.

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Damn what happened to anime?

Lazier, inbred aesthetics from those who refuse to copy from life and instead copy from anime, a decade of subpar shit due to technological barriers and shakeups (the 2000's), the shifting tastes of otaku from science fiction/fantasy/military stuff to cute anime girls, digital paint looking uniform and lifeless, the focus on animation over composition, coloration or character design.

I could go on.

>lazier, inbred aesthetics
So like yourself?

Why is orphen (the character) so based?

I mean I like the show too but it has its problems, Orphen is an awesome MC though despite not being that unique or having much depth

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The absolute STATE of 'modern only' anime """"fans""""

You're right

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Just started watching Saint Seiya, and I'm still having trouble accepting that the late 80's had anime this good.

Anyone got any 80's-90's recs?

>muh visuals
>muh shading
Kill yourself inbred nostalgiafag. Old anime is utter shit. People who obsess over shading and "sakuga" are the true ironic weebs.

Orphen is slayers tier or more action?

Looks like edgy teenager shit. Typical of pre-2000s anime.

>doesn't care about visuals in a visual medium

Also, see
Saying nostalgia isn't an argument.

Otaku always liked cute anime girls.

It wasn't the only focus. There weren't too many critically acclaimed and popular shows starring 5 lum clones with different hair colors.

I was like you a few months ago but it gets worse as it goes on though apart from the Asgard arc.

SS can definitely be aesthetic but it's pretty shit in a lot of ways. You get burnt out on the repetitiveness and there's too much lazy writing/cliche shit to really get into it much. Trust me this is coming from someone who thought SS might be favorite potential when I first started it

The pacing was what kept it entertaining for the first few arcs but it starts to drag more and more and the fights get worse on average though there are still good ones. Also the last couple of episodes are extremely unsatisfying. It has its epic or impactful moments but lots of moments that are supposed to be epic have no weight or impact and feel botched

>It wasn't the only focus
So just like today's anime?

Orphen isn't that much like Slayers but it doesn't have a huge amount of action either

you're retarded and judging an entire anime from a screenshot taken from a comedic scene, Orphen as a character and as a show isn't edgy at all.

Thats pretty sad to hear. Are the new Saint Seiya shows any good?

ESL, let me spell it out for you.

The otaku community in 180's Japan cared more about high concept ideas and worldbuilding than they did about anime titties.

Today they care much more about anime titties than anything else.


The lost canvas is pretty good but it doesn't have a proper ending

I can't comment on the quality of the final arcs of SS because I haven't watched them yet, only finished the original series a few weeks ago. As far as I know it does have an actual ending at least. It's just that I saw the original series as its own show because eventually it became clear I wouldn't feel like jumping right into the final arcs (which were animated in the 2000s I think)

>we'll never get another show that looks as good as 80s anime

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I see where you're going with that but posting that bitch Minmay just makes me want to disagree with you.

>He doesn't remember love

Minmay is bae.

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i haven't seen any 80s anime, is it mostly just aesthetic in stills or are there shows with that kind of quality art + some good animation? i like 90s shows because they have that older look but at the same time they still have great animation moments like slayers or escaflowne (probably not great examples because they probably had above average budget but those aren't the only shows)

i was checking out some scenes from the original gundam on youtube and it wasn't that impressive in motion, i mean i would still be able to enjoy it if i committed to watching it because it has that comfy vibe but it didn't seem to be very dynamic. could have just been the scenes i chose to watch though

The hell you mean? Anime nowadays is levels above what it was 20 years ago.

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You mean like Killing Bites?

Gundam is 70's and while I love it to death even in the 70's it looked subpar. It's worth a watch for the story but it looks like Scooby Doo.

80's varies wildly, the best animation anime ever produced is in 80's OVAs and films, but many TV anime can be literal slideshows. Older TV anime is best enjoyed as a pretty sequence of well composited scenes, not really as a technical animation showcase.

For a crash course on super accessible stuff, watch Gunbuster, Akira, Bubblegum Crisis, California Crisis, Robot Carnival, Project A-ko and Macross: Do You Remember Love?

If you can handle less impressive animation for awesome ideas or great designs, check out VOTOMS, Dirty Pair, Urusei Yatsura, Patlabor, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Space Adventure Cobra.

You're not wrong

gundam is the most important anime ever made with eva only on its level in terms of changing the creative industries of japan

thanks man, saved this to a notepad

>Dirty Pair

My man

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress says hi.

moefags pls go back to die

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>It's worth a watch for the story but it looks like Scooby Doo
kek, not disagreeing though

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Even some early 80s TV anime had a pretty good amount of high quality animation, like pic related. But it does vary as said, even within the same show. The one pictured (SDf Macross) rightfully has something like 50 entries on sakugabooru because there really are a ton of great scenes thanks to having top tiered animators like Ichiro Itano and Hideaki Anno on board. On the other hand a decent stretch of the episodes have awful animation at times.

Once you get into mid and late 80s OVAS and films( which made up 75% of what was coming out during that period during many seasons), stuff gets pretty phenomenal visually. The list that user gave you is a great start. I would maybe add Crusher Joe, Neo Tokyo, Arion, Angel's Egg, the first two episodes of Megazone 23, the Dirty Pair movie(which is stand alone, so no need to watch the series first) Devilman: The Birth, and Royal Space Force to the list, if you are interested in more gorgeous looking films and OVAs that won't take up too much of your time to get through and help give you a good idea of what the period was like visually.

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damn that looks good

alright i'll add this stuff to my list as well thanks

Don't you have CR shitty dubs to shill?

The pic they put for 2000s is actually more 2010s, 2000s is squarer eyes, same blush, and less prominent eye lashes. Smaller, rounder eyes and nose more of a dot, less blush, rounder face is the trend for the 2020s it seems.

The Kyoto arc in Rurouni Kenshin was my first contact with something that good.
No anime has made me feel the same

>I have an opinion about what was enjoyable, you can't prove me wrong
What did user mean by this?