Ginko BTFO. Ai BTFO. Loli King BTFO. Everyone's getting BTFO

Ginko BTFO. Ai BTFO. Loli King BTFO. Everyone's getting BTFO

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Oh no no no no how will everyone ever recover???

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Only Ginko is the loser in the LNs

I wish she'd win, she's best girl without a doubt

Not true. Everyone not Blue Ai and Ginko are bigger losers.

Maybe if you actually read about how hard she is get shat on by the author you would understand.
Machi has more chances as Ginko is fading into background losing relevance.

Literally who?

i want to kiss her in the lips tobehonest

You're crazy. Ginko is second behind Ai in the race for the Dbowl. She got her volume two books ago and was competing with Ai in the last book. Machi's volume is coming up next, but there's no way she'll have a better chance than Ginko who's the the second most development girl after Ai.

Ginko a tree

You need to check your sources right now.

Ginko a shit.

Ginko a best.

Ginko a cute.

You first. Ika is the most BTFO of them all.

Ginko a trash

Ginko a love.

>these one-liners shitpost without new IPs
Guess who's here.

Ai got BTFO the hardest. She died because of it.

She isn't even part of the group.

Same contrarian loser as usual. Seeing him autistically rage on Franxx threads is a delight.

>Same contrarian loser as usual
So you admit you're a contrarian loser. Nice.

Stop projecting.

Neither is Machi. Your point?

Your words, not mine.

Like clockwork.

>Franxx threads
Ginkofags confirmed for plebs.

What did you expect from the Ichicuck.

Who the fuck is Ginko

>shat on
>fading into the background

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>literally a buttmonkey
Wow, that showed him!

>THK replying to himself and being ironic when he lurks and spams in Franxx himself

You misquoted.

>so mad he can't even properly quote

>THK being blind and deflecting the irony

Right. meant for .

Kill yourself.

>implying I ever clicked on these shitty threads
Go there if you care so much.

Ginko a poop

Sure, THK. You don't watch the show and never go in Franxx at all. That's how you know. Makes sense.

Ginko a cute JC for lolicons.

Ginko a fag

I hope Ginko will win.

Jokes aside, I agree with this desu.



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As we can see, Blue Ai is at the top, meaning she is best girl. Red Ai is fine too.
Third place is for Charizard. As you can see, there's an error in the poll, and a strange option appeared. The one that says 'Ginko'. But everyone knows that there is no such character in this show, therefore, you need to ignore that one.

>325 votes
Feels like reddit.

Ginko a literal best

That butthurt is pretty real, geez.

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Ginko a best! A BEST!

Ginko a shit! A SHIT!

I'll manage.

This motherfucker.

Dangerous Beast Ginko SSR when?

>you will never pick up Ai again

There's still another one.

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Ginko a best!

Ginko is the Eriri of Ryuuou no Oshigoto.

Let Ika rule

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Looks like men of taste and artistic skill have discovered that Ika is best

That's an awful OP that reminds me of Sup Forums or Sup Forums so I will no longer post in this thread.

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>all those esl errors

I want hot monkey sex with that monkey butt.

>not bringing baron samedi with you to the morgue

virgin writers

Yaichi was shit! He ruined the whole episode!

That's not Ginko's BTFO moment in vol 5 though. That's coming up next episode.

Oh shit. I don't even like her that much, but if this recent episode is anything to go off of, I feel bad for her already.

Why was shishou so shit, he ruined the whole shogisode!

I'm mad about how the show is introducing drama related to high level intellectual pursuits such as shogi. It's bringing down my mood as I masturbate to the cartoon children.

There are at least 4 such moments of varying degree of BTFO though.

I want to nibble Ai's tummy!

I want to play pachinko with Ginko.

I want Ginko to play with my chinko.

JCs are the best

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We can agree at least that if anything would count THE BTFO moment it'd be the one in Yaichi's room, right?

Please stop posting that hideously thicc fanart. It doesn't do my JC Ginko justice.

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JS can't top this...

Ginko a shit

Ginko a CUTE

needs the behind her back shot.

Ginko a TRASH

What did he mean by this?


Yes, I'm Ginko

No, you're not.

Ginko a good

In that case, on behalf of everyone else, fuck you, you sexay thang :^)

Is this Cle Masahiro art?