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What historical event or time period would you like to see an animu made about?

>French revolution in the style of drifters
>GuP style anime about the Czech foreign legion escaping Russia
>Cute roman senators doing cute things during the punic war
>Youjo senki american civil war
>zulu wars with qt thicc brown lolis

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more taisho period

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the space race with cute girls.

Loli Hitler SoL

Oh it's been a long time since we've had this thread.

World War I. Not the exciting parts, the parts where they're all catching rats together in a trench or trying to make a waterlogged dugout cozy.

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cute girls doing cute things in the Vietnam war

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This but every few episodes they have to go over the top and we get a new cast.

>GuP style anime about the Czech foreign legion escaping Russia
this ,the white army of RCW also had a lot of crazy/badass characters

>online poll determines which girl will go over the top every episode

Benito Mussolini SoL right up until he was publicly mutilated and executed.

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The Great Italian Wars.

Macedonian war of Philip V and the War of Anthiocus, these were a continuation of the Second Punic War, which has already been manga'd.

War of Mithridates VI from that king's perpective.

The 30 year war.

The conquests of Tamerlane.

The Life of Louis XIV.

The French Wars of Religion.

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Why do you want animes made in China?

Puta de madre

So like WW1 SoL with that looming feeling they might die at any moment? Sounds good. I'd like loli vikings though.

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the wild west with gunslingers ,homesteaders ,ranchers,cowgirls,the other type cowgirls,oil /steel/mining/rail/cattle/banking/ land barons, mexican bandits,outlaws ,ecta with cute girls

OR a realistic anime depiction of wild west life

A fictionalised version of the lives of the Mitford Sisters done as a moe CGDCT:

>The sisters achieved notoriety for their controversial but stylish lives as young people, then for their public political divisions between communism and fascism.
>Nancy and Jessica became well-known writers: Nancy wrote The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate, and Jessica The American Way of Death (1963).
>Deborah managed one of the most successful stately homes in England, Chatsworth.
>Unity and Diana were well-known during the 1930s for being close to Adolf Hitler. Jessica turned her back on her inherited privileges and ran away to become a communist.

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cute Pinochet doing cute things

We already had an anime depicting some of the most harrowing aspect of the conflict in Vietnam.

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Chernobyl nuclear accident and cleanup....
possibly with big tiddie anime girls?

African bush wars + hetallia

Almost forgot that series existed, it's been so long.

ruby ridge / Waco the manga

4th crusade sol

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black hawk down anime

the Grenadian invasion with cute girls

the Cuban communist revolution

Liberian death squad Sol

Loli Hitler

>African Bush war
Cute girls in short shorts slotting floppies fucking when?

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Who are the villains, user? The feds or the besieged?

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Late Cold War that goes hot.

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"Memphis Belle" but with cute girls. Every episode is a different run over Germany. 25 episodes means 25 missions, but the crew at the end of the show may not be the same as the crew at the start of the show. Who lives? Who dies? That's the thrill.

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mongol conquests

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Ancient Egypt.

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Shut Hell adaptation fucking when?

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That's a good dog

A dead straight, completely serious series focused on The Late Republic as a whole and Caesar in particular, with brutal and lavish battle scenes and a tremendous sense of narrative weight.

But all genderswapped.

The key is playing it straight. Everything plays exactly like your standard historical epic. You lure the weebs in with sexy anime Caesar making Asuka faces, then blind-side them by making HBO's Rome, except big battles are easier to do in animation, so better.

You can have little narrative flares I guess. One cool idea I had was Caesar, still a bit young and making things up as he went along, discovering a shrine or something that had belonged to Hannibal during his time governing Spain. He(she) meets Hannibal's ghost, who gives Caesar pointers on how to be a great commander and warrior, and when asked why he(she) would give good advice to a Roman like this, Hannibal says: "Because you will be the greatest enemy of Rome since I".


I like it. Cute senators passing cute legislation tickles my inner history nerd just right.

Ends like Blackadder Goes Forth.

100 years war Isekai please.

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Revolutionary BASARA
>George Washington wielding a giant axe fashioned from the cherry tree he chopped down
>Benjamin Franklin, womanizer with laser bifocals a
>Ninja Benedict Arnold, who fights with paper shuriken on which he's written rebel military secrets.

Why would I watch this instead of actually watching Rome?

Did you miss the part about the cute girls or what?

Something about the Age of Discovery.

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Three Kingdoms

Is it really an isekai if it's our world but back in time?

I wasn't saying remake Rome.

I was saying take it seriously.

Also go watch the """"Battle of Pharsalus"""" in Rome and tell me some things couldn't be done better in animation.

>fem-Octavian daughteru
Why does this appeal to me so?

I want a show about cute Portuguese girls doing cute sailing things that ends with them making the first direct European contact with Japan.

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Mark Twain invented Isekai when he wrote a story about a yankee going back in Time to chill with King Author.

A satire involving the 'holy' 'roman' empire'

What about Gulliver's Travels?

I just want something actually good and historically accurate in Stalingrad. Yes, I know there's that one movie that ends up using magic or whatnot, can't even remember the name, but no, that was trash. I want proper suffering, but without the edge my chink cartoons just love to use.

Lots of biking around the rear trenches looking for food to scrounge up

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Made in Abyss style, starts off as a cute loli adventure and then the suffering begins

Nah should be everyone dies one by one until only one of the original cast remains in their squad and you can see the age diffrence. Then they too die an ignoble death with no one to mourn them. The final scene is the cast marching ghost like into the horizon.

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>starts off as a cute loli
No, fuck that. I want my proper war movie like animu, with proper suffering. Something akin to the '93 movie I guess, because the recent one was shit.

Odd that if any medium other than an anime did this it would be attacked for being feminist progressivism gone mad.

Thats because even the bois in anime are cute girls

I want a black comedy about Enver Pasha trying to make the Ottoman Empire great again but fucking up at every opportunity and eventually getting himself killed.

Alternately a harem anime about an actual Turkish harem. The beta prince and his bishie Jannisary budy have ecchi hijinkd with concubines from all parts of the empire, including the Austrian ojou-sama, the fit horse-riding Magyar, the drunken tomboy Slav, the Tsundere Greek, the brown loli Somali and the bratty Arab girl who thinks everything is haram.

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>Jannisary asked what happened to the Armenian chick
>'what Armenian?'

Ottoman-chan moves to a new school but gets bullied by all the richer, more advanced kids from being sick all the time :^(
dark comedy the sick girl of europe

My only request is for a loli vasily zaytsev

Scopers are overrated.

SoL set in France and/or England circa 1860
>Cute girls wearing poofy dresses
>Haughty, vain English girl who constantly brags about her wealth and lineage; really soft on the inside
>French slut who causes a scandal every other week
>Tomboy American on vacation
>Drab Prussian with no sense of humor
>Quiet Russian girl
>Token Japanese for audience appeal
Maybe they each get a boy by the end.

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tru dat

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Group of girls see the 'Kurofune' that break the isolation of Japan in the 19th century.
They decide they want to see what's out there in the world and set out.
Adventuring and sol around the world in the mid-19th century.

When I day-dream about this I do consider including a few very subtle moments of exploring gender relations, especially to do with the world building.

I think that a fundamental but understated part of the background would be that in this version of history women are stronger than men, in proportion to how men are stronger than women in the real world, with the resultant implication being that gender power disparities arose from disparities in physical strength giving men the last word in primitive societies.

On top of that, and this would be necessary anyway in order to mirror the actual history, the men act like women and the women act like men, because they were socialised in reverse. Minor differences in gender expression are preserved for the sake of aesthetics-Caesar and the other women still tend to have longer hair for example, but fundamentally you're dealing with women socialised as men and men socialised as women. Still hot anime girls though, and you can get some occasional(not frequent enough to undercut the drama) crude comedy out of all of the historical roman 'women' now being twinks.

If we're talking specifically Japanese then anything Meiji/Taisho

Directed by Stanley Kubrick

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Gunka no Baltzar is about the !NotGerman unification, and as close to a realistic depiction of mid 19th century politics and warfare possible, so an adaption of that would be a good send.

poor Laika

If we are going the CGDCT route then I want a Roman Empire.
But as the time goes on and the empire start to get shittier the girls also get less and less cute.
In the end we see the western Roman Empire fall and foreshadow the end of the Byzantines.

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>Late Cold War that goes hot.
Future War 198x

>ancient Egypt

There are a bunch of anime set in those eras. Shashinkan, and Taisho Yakyuu Musume leap to mind.

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Imjin War
Korea and Ming China vs Monkey Japan

Cyrus the great vs everyone

the second pacific squadron traveling to tushima as a family road trip= kancolle spin-off

The heroic Vietnamese people's resistance against the barbaric American murderer and rapist hordes.

>French Revolution with lotsa violence
>lotsa titties and lotsa blood


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we need more ww1 action

Pic related but in medieval europe.

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>French revolution in the style of drifters
I fucking wish, royalist vs republicans

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Victorian era would be fun. Around the World in 80 Days, but it's a tsundere British loli traveling around the world with her butler to win a bet, with a new episode contain plot every time they stop at a new location.
Oh, and brown Indian loli join them halfway through the story.

I don't want to see historic events being raped to accommodate the anime style, with loli&shota, shounen power levels, adults characters acting like children with autism and ADHD etc.

You have Hetalia.

>He wouldn't want to see Adolf-chan's rise to power done as an idol show.

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A fun family road trip with nothing but incompetence and failure.

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Unity and Jessica shared a room during all of this. Right down to having a dividing line run right down the middle.

The Opium wars or the boxer rebellion

Cute anime girls doing uboot things. Starts off all happy-go-lucky with huge success for the girls but spirals deeper and deeper into despair as the show goes on and the sidecharacter subs get sunk one by one.
It ends with the maincharacters trapped at the bottom of the sea until their oxygen runs out

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History is a whore. Always been, always will. Never shy to accommodate the political fashion of the week. There's nothing anime could do that Hollywood hasn't already done decades ago.