Really, Urasawa?

Really, Urasawa?

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Name drops r kool

I read the whole thing a few years ago and I remember next to nothing.

I read it in 2009 and am rereading it now. It actually holds up pretty well.

Thanks to this fucking page we're in I actually laughed at that part.

>This is Killing Bites!
fucking really?

Wasn't the Kishin from Soul Eater trapped in the moon?

>Truly we are Fate Stay Night: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS

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>This really is... our Yuru Yuri...

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>We truly did it, we truly became BERSERK

I will never forget Donkey.

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Amateur. Try having a name drop after every new character introduction.

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Was getting shot part of the first Friend's master plan?

Of course.

Was turning "That dead kid they regularly namedropped that really wanted to dissect carp" into the 2nd friend part of Urasawa's plan?

Well congratulation, you're now considered the god of this world.
What's the next step of your master plan?

Alien invaders destroy the planet.

As long as you drop it after the second time skip.


>Je suis innocent!
yeah Sakamoto

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All I remember is the ending where the guy goes around playing the guitar.

You're a great fighter Baki, I love your style. They should call you "Baki the Grappler".

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all I remember is the Kyouko arc because by then she was the 4th main character or so and I just lost it, absolutely mental.

BOWLING BOOM killed billions.

God Urasawa sucks at endings but I keep reading his work for his charismatic characters. Whatever happened to his Louvre short manga? Haven't seen Niggerstream update it for a while.

God Innocent was so good before the shitty edgelord Mary Sue sister became a major character.

Kyouko was the best. Gotta love how she just sort of bumbled into the whole conspiracy because she picked a random page for her school assignment. And she simply makes all the best reaction faces.

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She was my favorite part but she absolutely didn't fit the mood of the manga.

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Perfect marriage material right there

Yeah she would've died three times over given the tone of the manga since she was in way over her head yet survived due to plot armor.

>"You all blessed me with such happiness, that I wanted to give you a Land Of The Lustrous to live in."

Wow such deep.

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Mary was such a fucking fan service character. Than time skips out the ass. Its like they forgot that the manga started out as a character study.

If you like this guys artwork though, check out Kokou no hito, or the climber. It starts off pretty generic until the main writer decides to quit after chapter 20 so the artist takes over and completely changes the story from shonen sports manga to depression and social anxiety guilt trip.

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