User and his Waifu: White Day

All the Anons with Waifus who did something for White Day, show what you did so I can make a collage!

I'll start with what I did for Hane.

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I only celebrate American holidays.

Fair warning. Mods are on patrol, and have already purged at least one thread. Don't be surprised if this one mysteriously disappears as well.

The Valentine's thread was allowed to stay, in fact multiple were made, so this one should be treated in the same vein.

The mods encourage the creation of original content and collages fall under that.

Not sure many did, OP. I didn't since it wasn't even a holiday when he was alive.

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So cute desu, I fucking wish 2D were real.

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I'd be happier if those were actually from you, not what I assume are reposts from somewhere else, but thank you for your contributions nontheless.

Das pretty cute.

Thank you! I made the chocolates myself so I really appreciate the compliment.

>waifu from dokan
That's a pretty unique choice user, what does the middle picture say?

Today (or the 12th or 13th, I can't remember exactly so last year I considered it today) is actually me and my husbando's 2nd anniversary. I've been busy and sniffly so I didn't do a setup this time, but I hope to draw something nice this week. I know he'd understand.

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Congratulations to you two!!

Do you mean Bakuon?

My friends and I all called it dokan after the first episode where she pretends to be on a bike and shouts DOKAN!


The middle picture is a so-called shikishi that was drawn for me by Orimoto Mimana and has my name on it, Bakuon ばくおん!!, her name 羽音 and his signature.

that's really nice art

I love how you draw yourself in Matsu-style.


?? huh?

I dropped my quote like a dumbass.

I don't think you'll get enough contributions to make a collage for White Day, most people only do Valentine's and sometimes Christmas.

Yeah I've been sat eating white chocolate all day but didn't think to take any photos.

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I was too late for Valentine's Day. What I have isn't much, but it's still our first White Day together. I look forward to many more in the future.

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Super cute, well done!

I assumed it was personalized but was too lazy to actually look into it. How much did it cost for something like that?

Does Valentine's day count?

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Thanks user. Truth is that I didn't change my self-portrait at all, really. I figured that since characters can vary greatly in the Akatsuka universe, I didn't see the point in changing much. It's a gag series so I'm in my element when it comes to expressions too.

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I don't celebrate white day, and my waifu is one of those very few anime girls that are not japanese, she doesn't even live in japan but since this is the only thread today, i'll use it to say i really love my waifu, everyday i feel a bit closer to her and someday i will finally be worthy of her again


Ah, I made chocolate covered strawberries, sorry for not posting.
I didn't set anything up for a picture, it was just an excuse to make more sweets for her.

He probably just got it signed at an event or-

>drawn for me
Holy heck Philip, that's really cool.