Will the Magic Gods save the World from the Crowley's Army and the demon Coronzon?

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Magic gods are neutral'ish. They probably would only help if it threatened their new club house.

I'll take right only, please.

There also kind and no World mean World Rejecter World is lost too. I can see Nephthys doing something at less do to the her we saw in NT 14 saving Birdway's Sister.

Goddamnit which-kun.

A question I still want answer about Magic God is why does something have to be sacrifice to become one. It the only thing that Magic Gods all seen to have in common.

Chimera didn't sacrifice anything. mexigod was just said to be made to fight the spanish.

I hate insects and shit, but my dick was diamonds imagining Misaki smugly forcing Mikoto to get pregnant.
Just imagine her having a three way with Touma and Misaka, forcing herself down on misaka seconds before Touma cums and puts her legs behind Touma, using her big fat body to silence Mikoto's resistance as she is filled with Touma's seed.

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Chimera did sacrifice something. The ability for normal humans to see and understand her. The only thing is I don't think she cares. As for the mexigod being made to fight the Spanish, where was this said.

stephen hawking died, no nt20
fuck maybe thats why it was taking so long

Misaki a pile of shit

From the between the lines NT17

>“Okay, time for a hint. Tezcatlipoca is the god of a certain mythology that fought Quetzalcoatl for the throne of the gods and lost. …Although that big man you see floating over there is the Tezcatlipoca created to combat the Spanish guy who was mistaken for the original Quetzalcoatl.”

They'll be busy keeping Touma from sleeping,

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>I don't think she cares
Sounds like she does
>“Giin giin, gwan gwan, giin, gwin gwiin, giin giin, gwin, gwan, giin!!”

>“Yes, yes. We can chat later! I know you might want to show off ever last inch of your naked body since you finally have someone to ‘appreciate’ it, but if you make Kamisato-chan go along with your perverted exhibitionism, he’ll drown in his own brain juices!!”

She didn't fight Niang Niang she just left. She wanted kamisato to see her.



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>season 3

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haha xd

>an actual magic god was created to fight the spanish and somehow they still lost

Mating pess Neph
Prone bone Neph
Full Nelson Neph
Pile Driver Neph
Cuddle with Neph

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Kakine is the TRUE-NUMBER-ONE.
He's better then Accelerator though, but to call him Number One isn't a matter of Aleister's ranking. In reality, he's just superior.

Good taste, user.

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Nah, these guys are just pretending to be stupid,right?

Hmmm, guys?

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How many layers of proxy are you on?

neph is worse god. Didn't even help during the big magic god fight.

The reason was that the Magic God that was on Spanish side was just better

mods = gods

Brown curves is best

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I hope they like Nakajima Yuka

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Better purple.

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>that other thread
Stiyl is going wild

>"I'm more partial to MikoKuro.. Kuroko is definitely my favorite character (Satomi Arai plays her sub voice

Does anybody have that mikoto energy conservation video?
I cant find it for the life of me.

I honestly can't be bothered to give a reaction to the dumb shit secondaries say because even the people who have read the material are total cancer.
It's all the same shit at the end of the day.

That sounds like the average /u/ poster.

>most embarrassing part of Index is the creepy way Touma has of accidentally stalking Misaka and completely dominating her with his presence.
>I suppose if I had to decide which is the lesser of two evils I would pick Index, but that’s not to say that it isn’t gut-wrenchingly awful. After the first few episodes I would involuntarily flinch every time Touma opened his mouth. Half of the series’ running time must be him flapping his lips about friendship, which he defines as the relationship between a man and whatever half-baked moeblob he bumped into 5 minutes earlier. Touma is as impressionable as a newly-hatched chick; over the course of the show he risks near-certain death to save a young girl he met earlier in the day (several of these actually), a man who claims to be his father but is a complete stranger to him, a tsundere who he has every reason to believe hates him, a living puppet that he is explicitly told is only an extension of a higher consciousness and has no mind of its own, and an undying simulacrum of a human being who is some kind of manifestation of another dimension. All but the first on that list tell him outright not to interfere, but as a main character in a shounen story he gives no fuck and imposes his childish will on everyone around him.
>he’s as boring a lead as shounen has ever seen. Hell his special ability is to suck the fun out of everyone elses’ magical powers. He acts like a hero but he’s a shallow and one-dimensional character. Meanwhile in the second season Misaka is revealed to be all too human; I’ve lost count of how many times her underwear has come up in conversation.

Any real yurifags wouldn't touch this series to begin with after noticing it's a harem.

>Despite its technical quality (as I’ve said before, JC Staff can animate the shit out of a cartoon), the franchise is soulless and cheap; frankly if you’re tuning into Railgun every week in hopes of more wacky underwear antics you are what’s wrong with anime.
>JC Staff can animate the shit out of a cartoon

>They tell him not to interfere
>So Kamijou should just fuck off and listen to them
Gee, guess who'd be a great suicide hotline worker

Someone needs to get his life corrected, I think

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That leads to another thing. Othinus is true Odin but that is clearly not true Tezcalipoca. Which magic gods are the real gods? Are the gods that aren't magic gods all Telesma beings like the angels.

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Fuck the guy who wrote that. Only we Raildexfags have the right to call Index and Railgun shit

Actually anime is what's wrong with anime

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>He acts like a hero but he’s a shallow and one-dimensional character.

This was a hit piece commissioned by Kamisato.

t.Harem Accepter

I wanna fuck Nephthys till she cries of pleasure

You know, I would like to say I feel vindicated in my ranting from last thread, but actually I think the other guy might be right. This is stupid.
If you can't pay enough attention to understand basic motives, why go off on a rant in the first place.
There really is something about this series that invokes strong emotional reactions in people, both positive and negative. Any ideas what it is?

The only people happy with the current story are Kamijou fans.

Give em hell, MP.

Don't you get tired of being wrong?

>The only people happy with the current story are Aleister fans.

Fixed that for you.

Did MP write this?

It also shits on the railgun anime, so I doubt it.

But that won't save the declining sales aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Index III may but that only if the online sales are also counted in the sale chart.

No one cares.

It might give a boost but will be a very short one considering they took their sweet time to announce it.

Only way to prevent so is by making a long season that goes up to the end of WW3 with the best animation ever that it makes up for how much the fandom has got shat on.

>It might give a boost but will be a very short one
Not how boosts work user nor is it quantifiable when you look at S1 and S2 and other anime.

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Misaka Network coming together to be Touma's personal army when?

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This has to be an imposter Purplefag.

Reminder: Fuck off.

Reminder of who's number one, peons.

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Fuck off to /vg/ retard

You know what if Mugino is Touma end girl?

She does have some of the things Touma was looking for in his Ideal Woman.

Except she is a fucking psycho.

Not like they got anything else to do now, but I assume Aleister is gonna fuck them up anyways

Most of the people in this series are insane in someway.

pretty much any enemy that can't be beaten by five clones would take the entire groupe

It's too bad that Aleister still likely has contingencies for the clones. A Misaka clone/Aleister personality war would have been the coolest thing ever.

Kamikoto is good for the heart!

So about the Imagine Breaker.
From how i remember, When Fiamma cut Toumas right hand off, he deconstructed/dissasembled it and added it to his right to stabilise it. Touma then regrew it after rejecting Invisble Thing.
Izzard however cut it off cleanly, and it was afterwards reattached by Heaven Chancellor who remarked it was strangely easy to do so IIRC.
So could Touma, after getting his hand cut off, just hold it up to his stump and let it reattach itself?
If so, could he reattach itself from a distance?
If both are so, could he cut off his hand, throw it to punch at a distance, then let it reattach itself?

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When is the Illuminati and free masons going to show up in Raildex

Could still be a war scenario or a large group fight rather than them fighting one enemy

Why doesn’t Touma just keep chopping his arm off and feed it to Index, then regen his arm and do it again? It would be free food for the headcrab and save him a fortune

Next time they go to murrica

He still loses a lot of blood when he cuts it.

Shipper tears are best for yhe heart!

god I'm gonna really enjoy shoving your face in it wgeb your cancerous ship gets shot dowb and taken out for the cancer it is. And no, shitting out """"""""""""""""""""""""""""discussion""""""""""""""""" doesn't make your shipping diarrhea any less cancerous

I’m sure he’s used to it by now

That fag is obnoxious, but you’re literally just as bad

Yeah no

You really are. Quit calling attention to it and talk about something that you want to discuss

He'll run out of blood eventually if he keeps chopping his arm off to feed it to index.


Lately HE has been trying to get "attention" by posting some generic discussion (usually something thats been heavily discussed) after making his cancerous shitpost. Its even more obnoxious cause faggots will reply to the discussion and feed him more attention when jts clear he just wants to shit his stupid good for the heart post because he's fucking severely autistic


Then post a discussion topic more interesting so that no one pays attention to him

What's pathetic is being so fucking brain damaged as to autustically make the sane fucking post over and over again every fucking thread

Just fuck already

Do you think we could get info next week at least about the mangas?

Kuroko BLACKED when?

Since it can grow back on its own, he can probably reattach it easily enough.

We most likely will not get PV for Season 3 until June or July.

Who do you think will get the most screentime in NT20? I say Accelerator because its been a while since we've had an Accelerator volume. We've had a few Hamazura heavy volumes and the rest Touma

Then start going hardcore autism mode on the purple spammer too, if thats your reasoning. Oh wait, that probably doesnt upset you, huh? Seek help.