Why do most isekai series present slavery in such a positive light?

Why do most isekai series present slavery in such a positive light?

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because its a fantasy world "Fantasy"
probably the most likely cause of this is the writer likes the idea of slaves and doesn't want them to be shown in a bad light so he/she portrays them this way.
just my 2 cents I actually have no idea tho

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I don’t think they do at all. They need to portray it in a bad light so when the main character gets a slave harem and he treats them reasonably well, it gives a bigger impact because of the contrast.

Why must a significant amount of people always become bandits and murders?

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a lot of countries back in medieval times had tons of murderers and bandits because if everyone who saw the bandits or the murder died there was virtually no way they would be found out, so it was an easy way to make money for some people

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It's a staple of otaku culture

it's just replacing "maids" "catgirls" and "robots" with "elf slave, wat do?"

japan does not have ""western"" First hand""experience of A slave owning culture & (no one) is force feeding the students guilt of a culture they are never part of.
also it might be a fetish or shit the writer wants.

This guy gets it, Japs can do whatever the fuck they feel like because they're not made to feel guilty like us westerners

They think slavery amounts to servitude and not menial forced labor at the end of a whip. Servitude is something that the japanese are used to.

It was a relatively easy way of life, especially compared to being a serf.

slavery is not necessarily a bad thing you know, specially in such primitive settings, but even nowadays there are a lot of people who would legitimately live better lives if they were slaves. there was just too much propaganda demonizing it

what's wrong with their faces

What's wrong with that sowrd made of a giant hair.

because a cheap way to write submissive girls that crave for MC dick more than usual.

How else am i supposed to get laid?
Also slavery is fine so long as you’re not on the recieving end

I'm not going to consider fantasy settings where people can use magic and as a result of that magic have a global mercenary organization named adventurer guilds, can make instantaneous perfect documentations and categorize your abilities objectively, have awesome health care in the form of healing magic and even sometimes the ability to revive the dead to ever be primitive.

>sure I will keep this underaged girl into inhumane servitude, but I certainly won't have sex with her, that would be immoral!
Man, I love retarded hypocritical isekai protagonists.

>men so far detached from women that the only way they could imagine themselves being liked is if the woman were slaves

>implying they don't fuck their slaves

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>Most Isekai
>Positive light

Check your FUCKING FACTS before you post. "Most" isekai dont have slavery, and if they do, it's not in a "positive" light, the slavery is just there. God I wish Americans would stop posting.

Pretty much the talentless hack way of handing the initial harem members. Why bothers with genuine character development when you can make slave girls instantly fall in love with their master and want to be his slaves just because he doesn't make them eat knuckle sandwiches everyday? Not like non-slaves are any better, doing a single nice thing for them = undying devotion anyways.

Yeah man, people's lives would be so much better if they were stripped of human rights and became someone's property.

>doing a single nice thing for them = undying devotion anyways.

telling a lost girl directions to the market will make her masturbate at night while thinking on the kind user that told her where the market was, that takes a lot of effort man.

>half a dozen FREE fan translation projects that JNC didn't DMCA and just left to do their own thing while crushing them with translation quality and speed
>DMCA a single scam project for being flagrant profiteering
>waaah waaah muh business ethics
Let me tell you something, if you're paywalling dozens of MTL chapters behind $100 Patreon paywalls you're not a fan translator, you're profiting by selling bootleg translations.
If you read the thread where he first laid out his "ask nicely" policy, the context for that policy was FAN TRANSLATIONS
Roxism are not "fan translators" trying to bring more exposure to content that isn't licensed like Baka-Tsuki, they're profiteering crooks on an industrial scale.

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Having to write a realistic relationship where people dont feel completely in love with the MC out of one favor/ or feel completely indebted is pretty hard for writers.

To most people, if you do not IMMEDIATELY portray slavery as a negative and horrible thing, then people think it's positive, or at least hinted as 'not that bad'.

Historically speaking, though, slavery is pretty damn horrible in most cultures.And American slavery, chattel slavey was pretty much "you're a toaster, I own all of you' slavery.

Anime SOMETIMES makes slavery sometimes convenient, useful, clean. It seems fairly common in Isekai.

I'd prefer a ISEKAI or fantasy that had a well thought out slavery system, like some form of debt slavery/crime slavery system, ect.Would work in a higher magic setting.

If the way sex slaves are treated in my country are of any indication, slavers don't really give a fuck about their wellbeing so long there's people who would pay to fuck them in their current state. At best would give them make up to hide the consequences of a life of slavery

>Having to write a realistic relationship where people dont feel completely in love with the MC out of one favor/ or feel completely indebted is pretty hard for writers.
I thought that best advice about that is to treat the woman as a man.

>dont feel completely in love with the MC out of one favor/ or feel completely indebted is pretty hard for writers.

even then, there has to be better stuff like the classic "rescue romance" than "hey I picked your lost wallet and return it, now you are in debt with me and will love me"

Slavery is commie propaganda
are you a dirty commie user?

Why did you post this in this thread?

For someone who live in a time where even dogs cant be abused you are dumb for automatically assuming slaves would have no rights whatsoever

We all complain, but we're no different from those Jap writers, both in our detachment to women as well as our depravity.

If it has to be done in secret no matter what you might as well do as you like

It's just a convenient way to add waifus.

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Same reason why people become criminals now days.

You stop that shit
But since you brought it up, even though it would be good for certain people it would be bad for economy, there's a reason why it was forbidden in the first place and it surely wasn't human rights sure

>literally buying girls to basically force them into sexual slavery

sounds like what a nip would do.


Pretty much. Slavery as a plot point ends as soon as MC acquired his slave beastgirl waifus, maybe last a bit longer if the entire thing is about gaining slave waifus. Otherwise it will only serve for waifus and to show just how much of a good guy the MC is for being a hypocrite that condemns slavery, yet wastes no time in buying a slave himself. But that's totally okay because he treats them nicely and once he got his slave waifu, suddenly there's no slavery anywhere else and little is made about the fact he goes around with the very often discriminated beastgirls that suddenly are no longer discriminated outside their starting point.

If you think thats such a bad thing then why dont you write your own isekai?

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the total state of the industry, just a bunch of hacks renaming the characters.

Because I'm a failure at creative works

I know that feel user. Look at me, I'm fat, and I'm old, and everyday I'm just gonna wake up fatter and older. Yet I still manage to drag this big old bald bastard onto my word processor everyday. I'm out there, writing tropes, editing them out, trying again, and tomorrow I'm gonna hang outside at a lady's prison.

You gotta get your mc up on that tanning bed, slip him into a tight t-shirt, wash off some of that cologne, and get yourself outta that tunnel and your mc into some strange demi-humans bed.

Man, you don't want anons to write isekai. Other than the odd person who genuinely wants to make the difference, odds are that most of us would replace the usual japanese cliches and fetishes with our own personal fetishes. It would be trading something we see as bad from the point of view of our society for something that probably would make the japanese and other society frown upon. At least it would make for an amusing read to see what western isekai fans can come up with

Still working on it.

Also, who would be the best love interest?

[ ] MC's personal meido who loves her unconditionally and friend from her former life.
[ ] MC's fiance, badass Edmond Dantes-type, ex-isekai villainess
[ ] Sassy meido also an ex-isekai hero

A better role would be an editor and force better authors to make a few changes to remove some of the problems most have.

All of them.

I really wonder what are editors doing on japan, thousands of guys writing the same plot, the same character, the same events and resolution, you will think the editors would try to push a some difference here and there, but is like they dont exist.

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The MC of my story is okay about slavery, mainly because he was something like the Kingpin on steroids/a more gangsterish Blofeld in his original world and thus he was already involved in shit like that.
Also, he is total asshole so it's not like anyone would expect him to condemn it.

Could do. I'm not that keen on an actual harem end, but I guess it couldn't hurt.

They seem to do the opposite, and just want to duplicate the success something else has. They may not want to take the chance that something different will have worse sales.

Would Kingdom Hearts be considered Isekai? Going by the gummy ship mechanics it feels more like traveling to different planets, but each "world" is treated like being an isolated existence away from others unless it has world travellers inside. They even pull the whole transforming themselves into forms suitable for the world to stay undercover, at least the times they bother with the whole thing about keeping the worlds separated that sometimes they follow, sometimes they don't.

Enjoy user.
its the first chapter of my isekai and its not even close to being done or edited

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Well, if you're born a slave in your next lifetime, I'm sure you can prove your words.

An editor's job is to make shit that sells, not to promote originality and creativity.
If the same shitty template sells over and over, they are more likely to actually try to convince an author to stick closer to it than to try something new.

Because only learn the "bad side" of slavery in school.
In history as long as you weren't a war slave you wouldn't be treated bad.

>and just want to duplicate the success something else has

I can understand this on the initial stage of a trend, everybody just copying the original work(s) and giving them some reskin, but after a while, you would expect some variants and changes to make the work different from the rest and avoid stagnation and the public getting bored of the same, but that doesnt happen here, is the same shit over and over again, just with a different name.

This is a fucking lie. Yeah, not all slaves were abused for shits and giggles but pretending slavery wasn't a horrible thing is pure contrarian stupidity.

I was slightly interested on this manga before but then I got tired of it cause of it's fucking duck faced characters all the time.

Based Fuuka poster

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Because we've done it since antiquity and it's honestly not a big deal.

>I'd prefer a ISEKAI or fantasy that had a well thought out slavery system, like some form of debt slavery/crime slavery system, ect.Would work in a higher magic setting.
Plenty do

this thread is where that user is most likely to show up again.

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I'll even throw in the lube

But it wasn't a horrible thing.
You see, only war slaves were robbed of their dignity and abused across all societies.
The rest of slaves had jobs, in some societies they could also buy houses, partake in schools and even have business.

But as I said, we only learn about war slavery in schools.

It was not as bad as school made you think, and often was better that being free

How fast would characters from other cultures adapt to a harem? I think muzzies would handle them the best because they got a culture bonus.

Japanese were enslaved by the Portuguese tho, and there was a big fuss about it.

What monstergirl would Sup Forums buy from the slave market?

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Monster girl or demihuman?
If demihuman, wolf girl
If monster girl, kikimora

>Monster girl or demihuman?
They are both the same.

really depends on the era and civilization.

All of them, they are one of my main fetishes. Gotta show nice slaver-sama that there's potential in the sex slave market. But if I had to choose a favorite, a kitsune would be great, specially if I can take them to nine tailed level for maximum fluffy tail overdose

Sylvie is cute!

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Real meat where are you?

But user, the only difference between a monster girl and a regular girl is that the monster is on the outside.

I'd sooner adopt a scholarship orphan, thanks.

Is because is not as culturally inappropriate as it is in the west, specially in the US where is was real. japan may have had indebted servitude and some slavery but it was never as extreme as it was in our side of the pond. so showing medieval societies still use slavery is what makes sense for the setting of the story.

NTRing this thread by posting in another.

LN fags spoil me. What happens after this point? Does she gets eaten and Mio becomes her? Because she kinda look like Mio

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Dragon girl, racoon girl and dog girl.

i don't get it

No that's Limia's hero Hibiki, Makoto's senpai from school. I wish she'd died there though and so does Mio for a while

Reminds me about reading a silly interview with an author, where the author was asked how he managed to write women characters that are so realistic and relateable, and his answer was something along the lines of "Well, basically I just try to think of my female characters as real people."

Because Neet authors can't see themselves being liked properly by other girls even in a self-projected novel written by themselves.

That isn't the one makoto rejected right?

she got truck'd, everyone who gets truck'd in Japan goes to isekai

The best advice is to write plausible characters. If all your characters think like men, the readers can tell. (They might not care though.)
To write plausible characters, you have to be able to explain what they want, even though in most cases you won't be explicit about it. Some people want to win a fight. Some people just want to take a vacation. Some people want the comfort of an intimate relationship with another person who knows them well enough to surprise them on a regular basis with gifts and favors they wished for but never asked for with words. This last one is a common way for women to think, and maybe the number one reason why men "don't understand women." Not ALL women think this way, so not all female characters should think this way, but a well rounded writer should be able to portray it just as easily as a more tomboyish character who always says what she means and likes to drink whiskey and punch people.
Most writers can't do any of that, though. Web novels, light novels, and anime based on them are modern pulp fiction. They're shiny distractions, so there's no pressure for the writers to be good at writing anything other than shiny distractions. Basically, everything is shit.

I would save all the catgirls I can

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The two he rejected weren't summoned.

Looking for some good isekai books that are easy to pick up and read on my phone when I have free time - preferably as ePubs. Any recommendations?

Lots of isekai start off as web novels. As such, they end up gaining a fanbase and shit without an editor, so when they become a Light Novel, editors are cautious about what they change or keep the same, because they don't want to lose that original fanbase.

It better stays that way. What would they think of makoto after all he's done?

No one else should be summoned, other gods weren't happy that goddess took more than just Makoto. It's more likely Makoto meets them again on earth once he finds out how to go there and return.

have you read shieldbro yet? we're at vol 10 in english.