Would you join the empire for her?

Would you join the empire for her?

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I would create a new empire with her pussy.

Without hesitation.

Yes. Just have her kill the Prime Minister and everything’s good.

Akame is so much better tho

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Imagine if the characters in this show actually debated politics and shit at some point instead of immediately going in for the kill. This disappointed me more than any other anime for the missed potential in the story. The literal only reasons any of the characters have for being villains is either greed or sadism, which are both shit-tier motivations.

>Tatsumi didn't convince Esdeath to slowly depose the emperor while giving her the D each night and convincing her Night Raid were decent people, thus making them his own personal King's guard in the future if he should ever take over

He was a fool. He could've easily saved his village this way.

Hell yeah. I forget, why didn't she just kill everyone and make herself the empress?

she didn't have ambition to become empress

The empire was literally the worst most edgy fucking empire ever.
Fucking this.
Imagine if instead of Tats being turned away by the Empire they actually gave him a shot, he got in, bonded with the less insane members of the empire, actually spent time with Esdese, formed an actual relationship THEN the series as it was happened and instead of a simple Black and White we get a more grey series where Tatsumi knows there are good people in the Empire but also bad people and the Rebellion is the same. Just throw in some rebel extremists and we've got a series that isn't just edge incarnate vs good guys who think they're no different when they are.

She didn’t have a qt husbando to motivate her.

In a heartbeat.

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Would she let me wear her cute hat?

Only after marriage.


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Would Leone be more fun to date than Esdeath?

she would kill you, brutally

Terrorist propaganda!

That requires competency from the author so no.

I doubt I can meet 2 of the points in her husbando criteria

>Izou is hyped to be strong enough to cover any losses Wild Hunt might gain
>doesn’t have a Teigu
>cuts down trained Revolution soldiers in a single move
>Kills Lubbock so he seems like he isn’t just another Wild Hunt Jobber
>Is finally about to fight Akame
>Gets killed in like three pages

I’m still mad. I will forever be mad.

The worst part is I'm not even saying you should change the character's starting points. Esdese can still be a sadist just keep in on the down low. Justice can be a Blood Paladin but keep that from being revealed.
But then remember to DEVELOP those characters.
That's all.
And maybe a surprise Esdese pregnancy and self sacrifice for Tats out of love for him

Yes only a gaylord wouldn't

>Esdeath could've just raped Tatsumi like Mine did

Does this mean Esdeath is the purest girl?

That'd be a viable plan with real people. But she's an anime character that represents edginess incarnate. I still would

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You realize she's a war maniac and the atrocities of the empire would continue?

I feel like it would have been really easy for him to convert her to the rebellion. If I recall correctly the only real motivation she had was a love for fighting, and a belief in survival of the fittest. Seems like it wouldn't have been hard to convince her that joining the rebellion would give her a more powerful army to fight against, and that the only reason the rulers of the kingdom were on top wasn't because they were strong, but rather because they were leeching off the strength of people like her.

The atrocities committed by the empire had less to do with warfare and more to do with decadence and corruption. It was relatively peaceful, either their neighbors never saw it fit to compete with it or it was a literal Empire subjugating all other nations in the known world.

Yes, because Leone knows what dates are. Esdeath would just want to fuck and kill some weaklings.

That sounds like a great date to me.

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At best Leone would just steal your shit, Esdeath would kill you if you showed her a shitty time.


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So Esdeath is the the best girl

>glorious conquest

Yes, but only if I could explicitly be her dog. Ain't signing up to be some no-name just because she's at the very top of the chain.

If she loved you like she loved Tatsumi, she would never have a bad time.

Only the loli AgK0 version

>Thinking this hard into a popcorn edgefest
Just enjoy the edge user

I'd rather a Najenda.

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man, I need more akg stitches in my life

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so what about Mine?

Agk would've been so much better as a vn

The problem is the author would have still probably made the Empire women horrible monsters.

>Tfw you'll never be Najenda's househusband and get /fit/ with her

Lubbock truly was a man with taste

Nope, as i prefer pic related.

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Yes? Esdeath was a great general because she was kind and loved all her soldiers, plus she gave all her riches to her men, I mean, fuck Night Raid.

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>raped Tatsumi like Mine did
can't rape the willing.

> loved all her soldiers
until she tried to create a new ice age knowing that it will kill her soldiers and their family

Nay. I'm not a fan of thiccc girls but Leone melts my heart.
This show is still utter garbage tho.

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lost in life and in love to a pink tsun

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What the fuck was her problem?

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Black and white insanity.

Estrash and her underage fags strike again.

That's more like it

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>sadistic general who loves torturing her enemies and complains when captives aren't tortured enough before getting killed, but at the same time is a pure maiden who just wants someone to love and falls inexplicably in love with the bland shonen MC
>a general who orders her men to rape the women of cities she conquers, but who at the same has no idea how sex works so that she can act embarrassed about it when alone with the retarded MC

Esdeath was as awful a character as the rest of her terrible series.

Lawful stupid, as they say.
Because the Empire is infallible, it can do no wrong. So she is morally in the right no matter what crazy shit they ask her to do.

>Everyone forgets the page in the manga where she runs a giant workshop for torturing people like it's an assembly line for pain
She has the mental faculties of a child, and they took pains to highlight this.

What empire would Rei have me join?

Esdeath is fucking shit.

Why is Akame ga Kill popular? It tries to be as edgy and grimdark as it can while still remaining a standard battle shonen. As a result you have this weird hybrid with shonen tropes and jokes, such as the MC trying to peep at the girls bathing or the MC training with his friends to become stronger, with stuff like girls getting skinned alive or being sold as slaves and raped to death by dogs crammed in between. The feel of the manga is completely schizophrenic. And any attempt at characterization or attempt to present moral ambiguity is utterly ham-fisted and ineffectual. It reads like the attempt of a 12 year-old to be "mature".

>Why is Akame ga Kill popular?
Because 13 year old shits exist even in Sup Forums. Simple as that.

Yeah, this series does seem to be targeted at kids who like battle shonen but don't want to read children's manga and think that the torture and rape in Akame ga Kill makes it a mature series.

it's pretty much the same demographic that reads goblin slayer

And the same that watches DBShit, Tokyo Ghoul and Black Clover. Underage fags with horrendous taste.

I am 31 and I like AgK and Esdeath.

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You have double shit taste. Be proud.

The only reason why people shit on AgK is because they can't handle characters dying, and also waifu wars.
Sure, it's not a great anime, but it is not bad either. People just freak out when anime strays from the norm.

>Akame is so much better tho
I would join the Empire so that I could rape her

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This series was fucking shit. The only character I liked was Chelsea because she was vaguely assassin-like with her abilities (at least she tried to go for the whole stealth thing instead of acting like a battle shounen protagonist) and she wasn't annoying.

Esdeath was fucking pathetic with her nonsensical crush on Tatsumi, it destroyed her entire character.

>because they can't handle characters dying
this, finally a show with actual stakes and crybabies sob about not being able get attached to characters because of it

The anime is fucking trash.
The manga is barely bearable.
Kurome and Wave were the only good things.
Everything else is irrelevant.

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Goblin Slayer has some rape and I did find it gratuitous, but it's nothing compared to the rape and torture found in Akame ga Kill. Akame ga Kill keeps trying to go as over the top as it can, e.g. like having a widow and her daughter getting raped on top of her husband's grave. Also Goblin Slayer has a much more consistent tone as it's darker overall, instead of being a standard battle shonen with rape and torture thrown in to draw edgy kids who think that gore makes a series mature..

AgK is like Naruto but with pointless rape and torture thrown in. Why would I give a fuck about its shitty characters dying?

It's more like a reversed Fairy Tail or Black Clover. Shit remains shit though.

I would do anything for her!

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Yeah, it's as if the Fairy Tail author decided to introduced ridiculously over the top rape and torture scenes in his manga but kept everything else almost the same. It makes AgK's tone be all over the place and feels utterly gratuitous.

that was pretty much her plan if i recall right

>empire no longer fucked by internal strife and corruption
>dirty foreigners constantly being shit on, bringing back loot and trade to the empire

ok but where is this bad

> And the same that watches DBShit, Tokyo Ghoul, NNT, BNHA, Kimetsu no Yaiba, TPN and Black Clover.


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I often have a feeling Sup Forums has more underage faggots than reddit. This thread has already proved that.

Her design is the only good thing about her, too bad that her personality is fucking trash.

Her design is also fucking trash. Disgusting cowtits with a man's face.

Plot armor sucks. AgK got rid of it

Will you stop repeating your retarded argument that people hate AgK because characters die? I never said anything of the sort. AgK reads like something written by an edgy 12 year-old that just threw in a shitload of rape and torture in his standard childish battle shonen story because he thought that would make it mature.

Maybe that's not the reason why you dislike it. But it is the major reason why most people don't. That is at least the conclution I have come to after reading AgK threads. It is usually the main point people bring up for their dislike of it.
These two arguments is the core of most AgK threads
>Wah wah my favourite character died.
>Wah wah mai waifu didn't win.

>Will you stop repeating your retarded argument that people hate AgK because characters die?

My first response to you. You asked why it was popular. It's made for my fellow "edgelord 12yo" shonenfriends sick of how soft shonen usually is. I loved the fact that only Akame really had plot armor. Some argue that they die too fast before you get attached to them, but I did like the majority of Night Raid.

I also loved the fact that it's a shonen setting and setup with some pretty hardcore fanservice. I'm not saying every show in its vein should be made like that, but it was refreshing.

Though, the author was really pants-on-head retarded making that stupid rule in the beginning that someone has to die if there's a match between 2 teigu users.

So much so that he introduced Shingu in AgK 0 so he wasn't forced to kill people off when they fought.

I will never not be mad about Bols family. Like 90% of Wild Hunt was utterly unnecessary.

No, she behaves too much like my older sister. Hurr durr social darwinism, only the strong can survive, rules of nature and edgy bullshit that women shouldn't spout.

The manga is unreadable garbage unless it is your first and you also happen to be 12.
Can't imagine just how bad its anime is for people saying it's worse.

THIS. Also they have autism.