Plastic Memories

Decided to watch plastic memories the other day and just finished, and I can't stop thinking about her Sup Forums.
How do I come back to the real world?
How do you guys do it?

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i still cant handle it

Just be your self.

Watch Clannad

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>How do you guys do it?

Think of it as a preview of what's to come, user.

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Kinda wished the Vita VN got translated. Would have really like to learn more about that world they live in and get the Isla living ending.

Watch more anime until you forget.

Also fuck you for reminding me.

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After Story and Plastic Memories are the only anime that can make grown men cry.

and whats to come?


with other anime i can keep myself from crying since its mostly about immersion and i can break that immersion any time, but with this anime i couldnt stop no matter how hard i tried. i was literally watching the anime with my shirt under my eyes.


Read Fujimi Lovers

>How do I come back to the real world?
I already live in singapoor, user. Anime lied. No sexrobots here.

I haven't watched it but its literally just Big Fish with a lolly.

please give it a try. a friend of mine recommended it to me but i put it off for the longest time because i thought it would be shit but its actually pretty good.

Plastic Memories hit me right in the feels. I couldn't stop thinking about it either, even after I was done binge-watching it twice. I've seen a lot of emotional anime since, but nothing that affected me like this did

That entire manga is just unending pain.
Just watching the OP change gets me. Especially around the last few. Also I really love this OP for some reason.

>not way to keep memories of your waifubot after her parts expire
shit future setting

I didn't want to remember
So fuck you too, user

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>that can make grown men cry
youre almost guaranteed to be younger than 24, otherwise you wouldnt consider the garbage that is clannad to be emotionally stimulating at all. you clearly havent watched a lot of anime either, and your emotional range must be extremely limited as well if only death can make you shed tears.

speak for yourself punk, I cry during LOTS of different anime

delet this

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i dont get plastic memories...
maybe its just me but in retrospect i enjoyed watching Isla fuck up so many times and it's pretty funny. and in the end, i didnt really feel anything.

clannad was slow and aggravating in some of the moments, even in the vn. i found myself skipping more often than any other anime/vn.
i kind of laughed and nagisa died too.

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