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And catch autism?

I'll do more than kiss!

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>That ass
Did anyone say... too thicc?

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>posting on Sup Forums
>having standards
pick one

also short black hair automatically means best girl material

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He does in the movie

Ayy lmao

shit forgot image
mekakure is life

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That's what the user who watched in in Japan said. And why would he go on the internet and tell lies like that?

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They kiss. The movie also plays Sparkling Daydream in the ending which I look forward to

if you want some sources

I'll never get over the fact that he didn't kiss Urabe.

her voice is honey for my ears, im surprised she hasnt done more roles. I dont know how to describe it, but that slightly mature voice just does things to me.

He does in the manga end

indirect kiss desu

Yeah, that was a disappointment. For some reason though, despite that and the MC being retarded for lying to her in the first place, I still give that anime a pass. Romance has certainly been done way worse, and there are a lot of strong indications that their love will last. The end of the beach episode with the "we'll come here again next year" bit, really got me.

>a single photo of urabe derails the thread

at least Sup Forums has some taste left

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>Urabe will never talk to you in her delicious mature voice
fuckin angery
Well at least her VA sings the OP and ED, so we've got that.

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He stops her right before they kiss though.

Rikka is simply the most loveable girl in the universe. Noone can top her innocents.

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Damn now I gotta rewatch it now.

prepare to delight at how perfect urabe is
then despair that girls like her don't exist
then have your immersion completely broken by MC's choices from the moment he buys the idol photo album onward

Damn the idol arc ruined the anime too?
I stopped watching it after a few eps so I didn't see it all the way.

Eh, ruin is a strong word. It's a typical case in any anime that involves love. MC makes stupid choices because he doesn't realize how special his girl is. They have to make drama somehow, right? Frustrating is the word I would use.
Doesn't ruin the anime though. If I recall, the ending was good and worth slogging through the rest.


Came to post this.

Ha ha, no way. Don't worry though the signature Kyonai yuribait couple will get one! Oh but it's just a joke ha ha.

God, I wanna swap body fluids with that.

>wanting to get space aids

>Not risking space aids for this qt 3.14
Some fucking people

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