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Was second season a mistake?

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good lord muh dick

I wish these girls were straight

Horrible wish.

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Yes, they shouldn't have forced it into six episodes.

Grave mistakes were made, but the second season wasn't itself a mistake.

The only people that think Yuusha no Shou was a mistake also think WaSuYu TV isn't a pile of junk.

Just something to think about.

I have watched the first seven episodes of the first season and so far it seems mediocre at best. Does it get better? Is every single person who has compared it to Madoka fucking retarded? Both?

It definitely gets better but you may be disappointed at the ending.

Wasting 6 episodes on something everybody saw already and then rushing supposed big finale like that was super stupid.

Amazing it's still selling so good despite that.

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I agree with everything you said, I still don't think it means the season itself was a mistake. It was still better than if they had given up on making more anime in favor of the gatcha game, and for all of its faults, there were still a lot of great moments and good developments to the story. It worked well enough to make me hopeful for a future project where they don't completely fuck up the timing.

How does mobage even fit into anime story?

It doesn't. It's not canon. I don't know or care what the IP owners or the producers say about it. It's not canon.

Brown tit monster Yuuna in anime soon.

You're not canon.

Things will get weird if anime continues. And it will continue.

If I were cannon I would be trying to marry Wakaba.

Too bad you're only a knee mortar.

That scene where Togo bumps into the sliding door was amazing, so no, season 2 was not a mistake.

Should I watch it? The first got kinda boring

What can they even do now?

Claim that Amaterasu was the only god who died? But even then who will give yuushas magic now?

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Every scene with Togo is amazing.

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>Every scene with Togo is amazing.
>posts a Wasshi scene

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That's Sumi, not Tougo.

Wasshi is just Tougou without the final best girl injection.

Without Amaterasu's leadership, the remaining gods will fall into civil war. The yuushas will need to pick a side and play the gods off against each other in order to ultimately overthrow them all and seize control of the Vertex for the betterment of humanity.

>Yuuki Yuuna
>The image is Togou
Stop lying OP.

Sumi is lesser Togo and she's already great.

No, it was not a mistake. maybe it could've been an episode longer so they could've included the scenes that didn't make it, but it was great non the less.

It wasn't bad but recapping the movies was a completely retarded decision.

what's the point? They're not real, nor are they in a pornographic show. So their sexuality is completely meaningless.

The movies are a pre-screening of the anime not the other way around.
And I don't think the creators have control over how many episodes gets green lit. Thanks Jewdokawa.

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Why is she wasting all that lotion by letting it just drip down?

Way too rushed and too melodramatic for my taste and it's so awkward to have SoL comedy and suffering at the same time.

Mere mortals will never understand GodHand.

>it's not porn therefore sexuality is irrelevant
You have to be 18 years or older to post here.

more like the series is a mistake.


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No, seeing Yuuna suffer was hot.

Yuuna herself

There's reasonable suspicion to believe that what what they destroy was Amaterasu's mirror or some shit like that. So the gods themselves are dead they just have no way of pushing further for now. I thought the mirror was the thing that tougou was stuck in but idk

From here they can take a different direction. They can have some conflict with lands gods that havent been discovered or something. They still have to rebuild too since they have no other resources

Imagining this Fuu hitting this Karin was hot.

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12 episodes wouldve been far too long anyway. We only need one more or two at the very max to get a proper epilogue but theres no way an 8 episode anime will ever get greenlit.

I love Wasshi

Well too bad for you.

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Wasshi is the best

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I literally have no idea how that statement is supposed to convey immaturity.

I love Wasshi more than Tougo.

Funny thing actually, I didn't realize she was trying to pull off an Oda Nobunaga until I started playing FGO.

They're going to answer a ton of stuff in the 3rd VN coming with the blu-rays, supposedly. Things like further details on the gods, and if any are left, fate of Karin's onii-chan, and the sentinels. Look forward to that.

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Togo's togos are only good thing about yucky tuna.

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>answer a ton of stuff
So they're going to close everything with the 3rd VN?

Imagine being Sonoko and being asked by Wasshi to be her bridesmaid at her and Yuuna's wedding, her completely oblivious to the NTR she's committing.

>Yuuki Yuuna
Can I post Nogi Wakaba?

No, and no hero fodder either

I hope it doesn't take forever to get TL'd.

The mistake was screening the first half of the series, I forgot the second season existed.

Second half of S2 was just bad.

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Can I post Kusunoki Mebuki?

Imagine how Tougou would be if Sonoko would have continued molesting her.

I don't think they said anything about the sentinels. They wanted to address which state the outside world is in though, so I guess we'll get some more concrete info about post-Shinju society (and thus, possibly hints as to whether or not the story will end there).

God I want to berry my face in those togos.

The first half of the last episode was perfect, imagine how amazing it'll be when we have time for the Fuu graduation scene and the Tougou/Sonoko saying goodbye to Gin scene as well. Can't wait for the BDs.

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S2 was great and had some really awesome moments.
And I think it's better to think of s1 and YnS as one 18-episode anime, with YnS being the last arc. binge watching the two was a better experience.

I don't think Sonoko likes Yuuna that way.

Did they say they would add those scenes back in the BDs?

No, but they did those scenes live during MM3 and a recording of the live event will be included. It's the next best thing.

Next season will be about Akamine Yuuna and the story revolves around Yuusha vs Yuusha.

>the sentinels
Nobody cares about non-yuushas

Mebu is a big dumb baby

Should've learned moon.

Delete this. Mebu is cool and she will steal the show in season 4.

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It ended with canon yuri, so it was not a mistake. Takahiro is still hackahiro though.

Dumb girl should stick to pissing on her harem and stop pretending to be a Yuusha.

I've only watched the first season. Where do I go next, S2? There was a movie or two too I think

Read NoWaYu.

Watch everything, play everything, read NoWaYu.

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>Was second season a mistake?

More female ass is never a mistake

If you're up for it, the two visual novels are worth a look. The second one in particular continues right after the ending of the first season. If not, just continue right into season 2. The movies were just early screenings of the first half of season 2, the prequel part basically.

>a overly nationalistic girl does everything wrong and gets called out
>Amaterasu is the big bad
Anime needs more left-wing writers like Takahiro. How did the aforementioned fly with nip otaku though.


>It was still better than if they had given up on making more anime in favor of the gatcha game

and what do you think is going to happen now that they are done with anime and story is over with incredibly rushed S2?

Sperm metaphor.

tougou did nothing wrong

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YuYuYu was always written to appeal to a core fanbase of sophisticated and loving fans, rather than some cheap casual work targeted at the general otaku audience.

>has samurai, nazis and Japanese nationalists among the protagonists
>main character becomes the mythological ancestor of the Japanese emperors in the finale, thus paving the way for a global Japanese empire
Anime needs more right-wing writers like Takahiro.

I still don't get how normalfags seems to have more problems with the easy to follow S2 ending over the more convoluted S1 ending.

Sonoko is a dumb autist

Shikoku ain't free. The roots of the divine tree gotta be stained with the bodily functions of Shoujo. Mimori Togo aka "homogo" is not my yuusha and probably a Vertex. Mankai and sange not yuri and destruction ok. praise Shinju-sama

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But Yuri is the will of the Shinju-sama.

How can Sonoko keep her balance like that?

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Mankai 20 times.

One of the few perks that come with "leveling up" so many times.

She's a dumb autist

I think they will focus on the gatcha game and I will slowly lose interest in the franchise because I don't have time for that secondary material bullshit shit, that is, until they pull a new anime out of their sleeves and I come back wagging my tail like a good goy, ready to spend my shekels.

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>left-wing writers like Takahiro

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We already discussed that Ginposters and 4-koma reaction are the dumbest posters in YuYuYu threads.

What's with the red circular hairpin Karin is wearing?

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He is probably as right wing as Mahouka writer and Masada