What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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Too short.

That shitty new artstyle.

No budget and some shitty seiyuu choices, Yuki Kaji is a plague. And, I was really disappointed by Morikawa Kira. I had hoped that, if they didn't get back Koyama, they might use Shinichiro Miki, but funnily enough around the same time frame he gave a 10/10 performance as Zamasu. So that coincidence was nice.

They didn't give Josuke an autistic hime-cut ojou for a girlfriend.

A mediocre anime adaptation of the best Jojo part.

>Deadly Queen

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Shit adaptation for a shit series

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What did it do wrong as an adaptation?
I read the manga first and then watched the anime and thought it was decent.
The anime original scenes really helped the anime imo. Nothing of importance was skipped, at least from what I can remember.
Only issue the anime has is some QUALITY with Kira but overall it looks fine.
All the issues I have with the Part 4 anime are also problems I have with Part 4 in general.

I guess my standards aren't that high but I just enjoyed seeing it animated. The stylistic choices like the streamlined scene transitions were neat and the anime-only scenes weren't too jarring.
Kira's theme is just too good as well.

The art style didn't look like the manga at all, where part 3 was a pretty faithful recreation of the late Part 3 style.

It was very gay

Kira didn't put his grasses on

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part 4 is the weakest one.
add to that the awful animation and you will know what happened.
>INB4 part 4 was g-great
no you faggot, you contrarian opinion doesn't count, the only good part about 4 is Kira and it was shit in here

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>animefag tells someone their opinion doesn't count

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>part 4 wasn't the worst

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Part 3 anime characters looked blocky. In the manga they were leanish but still really buff

better than part 6, 3 and 1

what about the Character interactions and how to town feels more alive in the anime due to some extra scenes. They placed Cinderella before Kira’s first appearance instead of having it in the middle of the search for kira. Also, Kira is the best Antagonist to be animated since he’s simple and a bit more Human than the other villains.

Part 4 is by far the best looking David Pro Jojo anime.

>le Part 1 is bad meme

not bad. it's better than part 6 and 3 imo

>Part 4 is the weakest one
>When part 3 and 6 exists

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Part 1 does have terrible pacing in the middle and that is also the part of the story where Dio and Jonathan interact the least, their interactions where the best part of Phantom blood

>one of the few parts that dosent end on an asspull is the worst