Attack on titan

Finished season 2.
What the fuck are is the writing so bad?
In the beginning the world, the set up, the titans seemed so interesting. Why didn't that just stay to as the story?
It had to go to bullshit human transformations and bullshit twists. Nothing makes sense in the slightest and it's nothing feels satisfying at all.
Tell me again why is this shit so popular?

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It's actually great and your opinion is not relevant.

You may not believe it, but S2 Was pretty good.

Reiner and Berthold reveal and Armin's speech about Annie were 10/10. Other than that, the season was shit. Check out the OVA Lost Girls. It's really good.

>yet another dumbass wants SnK to be yet another zombie story but the zombies are big now

Imagine being this much of a brainlet

>what the fuck are is the writing so bad?

English motherfucker. Do you speak it?


You sound like a 3/10

>nothing makes sense
Imagine being such a brainlet you are unable to understand SnK of all things, yet you still think your "criticisms" are justified.

read da manga

What OP means is the pacing was Horible

Only 1 day of progress passed in season 2

The adapted part is still fine. The worse is still to come

The only thing which doesn't have any sense is Ymir killing herself for the enemy sake cause she so wanted to give them the Jaws titan back so much after Eren used the coordinate power.
And she couldn't even explain in her letter why she decided to kill herself and give the enemy the Jaws titan back cause Reiner would look at the letter.
It's insane.
Second most retarded thing is Armin survival.
And that will never be explained.

It's slowly going to shit from here on. Season 3 will probably also be a really dead season.

>Check out the OVA Lost Girls. It's really good
It isn't

It’s limited by being a shonen desu desu

I can't wait until the reveal, animeonlys are going to get so mad.

It's literally one asspull after another. It doesn't make sense. Twists are there just for the sake of twists. The story is not running fluently at all.
The whole "mystery" feels rather retarded and not intelligent at all.
All characters are getting worse and more annoying every episode.
None of the season 2 backstories are interseting.
Literally whole story could be summed up in 20s and that's why it takes 40 minutes to have 1s of actually story vaguely told.

Why the fuck is your writing so bad? Christ, is that even english?

Not only that. They just asspull and don't explain anything. It's so fucking annoying that you actually must go on google and search for answers.
And the answers... Oh god. This shit must be written either by or for 10 year olds.

Read the manga to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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You just said a whole lot of nothing, vapid unspecific comments that can be shit posted about anything anywhere.
If you want anyone to take your opinion even remotely seriously make specific reference to the anime, scenes and moments you claim are "asspulls" or "do not make sense", and explain why. Otherwise it's nothing but hot air, that no one cars about. Now try that again, this time using your brain maybe.

>You just said a whole lot of nothing, vapid unspecific comments that can be shit posted about anything anywhere

Hah, no. For a decent show none of these points would apply.

Every time I think pop culture is leaning far too heavily on the FAR overplayed zombie setpiece, I have to remember that there are still people to this day that wish SnK was a zombie story instead of the great story we're actually getting.

A lot of proggressed happened in a short period of time, that's not what pacing issue are.

Bad pacing is nothing happening over the corse of a few episodes.
Season 2 had a lot happening each episodes, properly spaced out.

Another thing I find funny is people who want to complain about Erens "slow" character development, when it's literally been less then 3 weeks since they graduated as cadets.

Like how they don't apply to SnK.

None of your points apply to SNK either, unless you can site times where they do, which you can't cause it will only expose you as a brainlet.

The fuck is snk?


who could have guessed it.

Things will make sense after they reveal that the outside world still exist and that the people inside the walls are pretty mich the new jews.
I'd consider a story line where you first think nothing makes sense, but after the reveals everything becomes clear a well written story. It just happens that the reveals will be in season 3.

>great story
There is not story. 2 seasons in and nothing is explained. Just by googling your whole "great" story is explained in 30 seconds.
Bet it takes at least 4 season to even explain the whole set up of the world.
And you call me a brainlet.

Welcome to "Attack on Titan:Metal Gear/BF1",kid.

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>The fuck is snk?

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People shouldn't act like this show is particularly good or there was a worthwhile idea buried in shit or some trash opinion like that. The anime is shit & asspully and you just tag along for the ride and some despair

Why did I even come to this place. They warned me you guys are autistic.

>a story can be condensed into a short summary
>this means its bad
Tell me the name of your favourite story, bud.

Oh, it's absolutely trolling. I'm out.

But the concept is not even remotely interesting and neither are the characters. And neither is the pace.
What even left there to be entertained by? The whole show peeked in like 6th episode of 1st season.

How new to anime are you, honestly? You don't have to google for answers, just wait for the next season or whatever. Actually how new are you to the world? Have you ever watched anything at all? Movies? Series?

I have never watched anything so painfully slow and bad.

Season 3 will also be as bad for the most part unless we get Grisha’s flashback and meet Eren’s namesake at the end of it

It can't be explained in a few seconds, the writer put quit a bit of thought and an explanation for every little thing, more thought then literally any other show you can name that's for sure.

>Animefags will never experience the "Grim Reminder 2.0"

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>>a story can be condensed into a short summary

Yes, everything is explained in short summary. EVERYTHING. There literally is nothing more. Everything else is filler. Nothing else is remotely interesting.

There is a way you can fix this.
It’s called “read the fucking manga you dumb nigger”.

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Oh this is rich, all this vague insults yet you can't even explain why or justify your claims, you just say it is and bait replies, o im laffn

>why is an action anime geared towards 14 year olds involving spider-man technology in the middle-ages not an example of an story-crafting masterpiece.

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Finally someone with sense.

user signing off

>Animefags will have a seizure once they find out that the Warriors and the titans are the heros now

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this is how titans are created
i hope this answers all your questions

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It's not rich, he's just poorly trolling.

Holy shit!


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Gonna drop a heavy spoiler,are you sure you want to check it out?

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>It had to go to bullshit human transformations and bullshit twists. Nothing makes sense in the slightest and it's nothing feels satisfying at all.
oooh, just you wait until you reach the basement.

I predict a normie hate-storm when that happens in the Anime.

I didn't know how to feel about the twist, but I must say it did deliver in the long term.

>Stoping terrorists from releasing mass destruction weapons capable of destroy the world
>Saving their people and also the rest of the world
>Not heroes

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They were the terrorists in the first place.

It was set up fairly early on though. Not saying I was fully expecting it but I wasn't that surprised on what the outside world was like

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They are suppressing foreign insurgents, not terrorizing.

quit bumping this shit

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Why the fuck have you replied to me autist? Don't tell me you're actually upset your little shounenshit got called bad

forget the story completely just enjoy the Titan battles and emotional rollercoaster
Then it's good, the so story is retarded

It could had been smoother if Grisha didn't happened.

>suppressing foreign insurgents
>in their own territory

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>It's ok when the USA does it

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>Reiner and Berthold reveal
It was literally
Except somehow they expected it to be something other than a joke.

>Beast Titan
>Reiner and Bert reveal
>Eren vs Reiner
>Armin's speech
user,this season was pure kino if compared to season 1.
Now season 3,if it doesn't have the RtS arc,it will be shit if compared with the first two.

>what the fuck are isthe writing so bad?
No wonder you think it’s bad writing, you can’t write for shit

Isn't S3 12 episodes? No way they get to RtS in that time.

>go in thinking it was about big zombies
>It's actually about reconquista with flesh mechs
It's not something anyone expected, but it's conceptually fresh.

Where is it confirmed it’s only 12 episodes?

I thought they were going for the full 26 again, and shortening the Uprising arc to ultimately get to the ocean

The tease showed until the Basement,so maybe it will be over 12 ep,but I dunno.

You hated S2?
Wait for the shitfest that is called politics arc in S3, it's where this manga jumps the shark

The real twist is season one was shit too.

No,this is where it jumps the shark.
The political arc is fine as long you don't have to wait for a whole month for a "nothing happens" chapter,so I sure the political arc will be better in the anime.Now the RtS arc will be pretty good,until t.he "koff".

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>no genocidal maniacs
Yeah sure.

>>What the fuck are is the writing so bad?
Gee OP, I don't know.


>Not the true genocidal maniacs
Save billions or thousands,tough choice.

This. Armong actively ruins the manga with his presence.

>I don't like thing
>I will complain about it like a 12 year old instead of just dropping it

Armong fags are cancer

>The political arc is fine as long you don't have to wait for a whole month for a "nothing happens" chapter
True, I had a pretty decent time when I read through it all in one night.

>tfw caught up to chapter 103 in the manga

Holy fucking shit, this shit is getting so good. I can't wait until the anime gets past the next season and reveals the truth about the entire world.

Honestly I was skeptical about the pacing of the series and where it was heading, but I'm glad with how it's turning out so far. It doesn't pander to editors (besides one decision regarding a situation on which a main character must decide between two major characters should die or live) but other than that it's as brutal and great as it should be.

My only concern is how long the creator is planning to milk the series out. I could see it ending within a year or ending in 10 years depending on how much he wants to draw out this next arc and whether he wants to go balls deep in global politics and what not.

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im looking forward to the game, to see if i can save her

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B-b-but, warriors are the GOOD nazis! They chose to fight their own kind and give loyalty to the Jews despite living in ghettos and being treated like lowest-of-the-rung gutter trash, they're on the right side of history

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lol rts is the worst arc in the whole series it has by far the worst writing

only normies like it because le titan fighting

>one alleged “asspull” = worst writing
RtS will likely be the most popular arc in the series, but that’s probably because of its shit writing yeah

I heard the author actually wants to move beyond AoT and work on other stuff, but at the same time he doesn't want to rush the series' ending. I'd expect it to be over before 2020 comes around.

The author doesn't know how to craft a coherent story with a beginning middle and end. He only knows how to world build via "rule of cool" beginnings. See also:Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. He's just not good at executing anything after the first act.
>oooh, a twist!
That's as far as his weak narrative game can carry water.

You're going to have to try harder for this (you)

I'll give one (you) to you now. Happy?

>animeonlies will never experience the insanity of post-timeskip SNK

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SnK is the second best selling manga currently in Japan. And the anime is very popular. It will definitely be adapted completely at some point.

>isayama wrote Kabaneri

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>snk anime production is slow as fuck
>meanwhile vapid shit like black clover easily gets 50 episodes like it's nothing
I just don't understand the thought process behind this all.

There's a new game coming up? I'm still pretty mad that Petra wasn't at least playable in the last one.

Black Clover is a weekly manga so there's always more material, it's kid firendly, and it's adapted by a shit studio that makes shitty long adaptations with mediocre animation and production values for most of its length.