How is she not best girl again?

How is she not best girl again?

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Not everyone has the same opinion and taste. You are 6 years old and i feel the need to explain this simple thing to you so it would help you in future life. Maybe someone else also will read this.

I see. I never implied that my opion (and taste) is the objective truth. My thread heavily implied that I am open to discussion as of why the girl in the OP is not the best in the show.
I need arguments and not name calling.

Because Zircon exist.

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I can only say that i also liked her more than the others and despite many people saying they are genderless, they are girls to me.

Because that's not a girl

You are homosexual.

I actually never knew about this until recently when I read the synopsys. Trully a shame that such an anime got ignored by many Lads because of that. It never even comes up in the show.

He's a dumb emo.

*Blocks your path*

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because Phos

How do I get a girlfriend like Phos?

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Cinnabar is just emo. Alex is best gem.

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Is this the Steven Universe of anime?

fuck off

The what?

You are a man of culture.

Live on the moon and grind her friends to dust.

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I like Shinsha.

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because diamond and green are, but actually all the girls are cute and good

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How many of you guys were disappointed with how the lunarians actually behave? It sure caught me off guard that they were all moe like that.
I wanna do things to Bort you guys can't even imagine.

autist passive aggressive tsundere is hard to like
also melon exist

I was disappointed, yes. It was also instant, from Fear and agony to.... whatever that happy atmosphere was. That still had me on my toes in a way because in the back of my mind i thought it was going to escalate somehow.
On the other hand, could it have been handled better? I mean of course the sensei was going to have some secrets, but it was still kinda lame how they presented it.

Have some more Bort

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She was rather bland. Her interactions with Phos weren't all that interesting, and she had that "lone wolf" personality that never really developed. Sure, she wanted Phos to make good on that wild promise, and looked forward to her somehow managing, but that was it. Cinnibar really didn't do all that much, and her whole liquid metal thing was overshadowed by NuPhos' liquid gold. Cinnibar really didn't have anything going for her design otherwise.

> "bort" is used to describe dark, imperfectly formed or crystallized diamonds of varying levels of opacity.

I like Kenny, but I really miss Ghost

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S(he) belive Phos try to save h(im)er


best doc coming through

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Fuck me the anime looks 100 tmes better.

I was also suprised that the cgi was an upgrade in quality.

Just LOOK at it.

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great directing and visual effects go a long way. some of the scenes like long tracking shot of dia sneaking around in the shiro episode would have looked like absolute dogshit if they went with traditional animation unless they had a huge budget

If someone just goes around and just colors the manga it'd be a lot better.

I wonder if the guy who colored this would be interested in doing the whole manga.

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He's been ignored again! Don't worry, I'm doing my best to fix that right now.

I love gembutts!

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>145 cm
>roughly 130 kg

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7 days of suffering until the new chapter.

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She's a thot who betrayed the cause. Hail God-Emperor Laphos.

Was it ever explained why Ghost uses a scythe?

The manga is not what you'd call detail rich, but it has really good composition and use of stark contrast

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>autist passive aggressive tsundere

that's an interesting way to spell 'cute'

She has a literal penis.

Best Gem.

They are all smooth down there.

I would suck her dick to show my love for her.

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she doesn't do ANYTHING beyond her first appearance.

Useless damsel in distress.

Hey! Euclase comes to see us!

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I want to meet Ichikawa!

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Phos is genki, ergo Phos is good.
Rutile is snarky, ergo Rutile is good.
Shinsha is moe, ergo Shinsha is good
the diamonds are all good
Red Beryl and Obsidian are cute, ergo are good
Euclase is soccer-mom-tier haircut meanwhile, which is detracc and distracc

Euclase is kind and sweet, ergo Euc is good

Please do not bully this unremarkable gem.

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>they aren't girls, therefore they are boys
I hate this meme.

The middle is excluded.

I bet the only reason Sensei even took her in was to stop Dia crying about leaving her on the beach

>This is a kind gem


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>t. blind people
The anime fucking sucks, CG sucks
wake up sheeple

Bort a best

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what's it like being unable to accept that something different can still be good?

while this is otherwise a really nice image, does anyone else find the pink around the edges of Dia's eyes a little disquieting?

Can you imagine them being gembutts but with fleshy eyes?

LaPhos already has moonii-san eye, will the other eye become sea slug eye to become flesh, soul and bone buddha?