Does anyone here actually fap to the fan service?

I do sometimes, but most of it is retarded and ruins the mood of the episode

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I can fap and laugh at the same time.

Maybe when I was 13 and used to watch sailor moon on fox kids for the regular upskirts

I hadn't fapped to fan service in years but the bath scene in the succubus episode turned my dick to diamonds.

What a terrible fucking screenshot.

It depends if it panders to my fetishes.
My last fap was actually to a Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls special that featured pet play

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How are you supposed to keep an erection in this scene when you're busy dying from laughter?

Are you a preteen? How the fuck is konasuba funny?

Why is Aqua so perfect?

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I can't get an erection off of regular anime for some reason even if it's really provocative. I don't have this problem with actual hentai anime or even fanservice manga.

I only fap to fanservice from series I don't watch.


I'm sorry for you.

>I don't find Konosuba funny
>Must be only preteens enjoy it
Sound like you're the one who needs to grow up.

Usually not, but if it caters to my fetishes and is well done you bet your ass I will.
This being said, I haven't fapped to anything in an anime since Valkyrie Drive.
What said applies sometimes, too, sometimes when you don't know the characters it's a bit easier to fap to them.

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Nice trips. I could post on my computer if I wanted to but it’s alsi comfy laying down

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I've masturbated to the ice cream scene in To Love Ru Darkness
You know the one

I couldn't fap if I watched my anime in such bad quality.

Why does she behave like such a spoiled cunt is the real question.

>ruins the mood of the episode
What mood?

fan service gets you all hot and bothered and ruins the light hearted mood of konosuba

I WISH I could still masturbate to stuff like that.

why can’t you? when you get a boner when the fan service scene comes on just jerk off and hit the go back 15 seconds button when it’s over until you cum

>hot and bothered
I'm not a horny teenager who gets an erection every time there's ass on the screen.

are you gay or something?

It's hotter if your media player isn't a horrible fucking mess.
Also masturbation isn't the only way to enjoy sexy girls.

It doesn't ruin the mood of Konosuba at all for me. For shit like Freezing, where it takes itself too seriously on the other hand...

how else do you enjoy them?

What a barren room.

Marrying them.

Not him, but years of masturbating daily have changed me. I need a lot of stimulation, and a measly featureless ass just doesn't cut it. There's not even skindentation from her thighighs.
Paradoxically, I'd have a better time fapping if the ass WASN'T as visible as this, just the general outline would've been better.

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That's not even a good-looking ass. Also who the fuck faps to Aqua?

She's a fucking goddess, she can behave a little bit superior and spoiled if she wants.

I can't. I dosent even arouse me after years of reading doujins. Only thing that aroused me slightly was SakuraTrick. But still not to the point of fap.


pick one.

I fapped to every episode of valkyrie drive

I grew out of it.

Also zinc deficiency is a real problem. Stop masturbating.

I cant get a boner from this, anymore.

I watch for legs and feet.

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its just kinda nice achieving release in the middle of an episode whilst marathoning a series. I do it in every series that has a hot girl with her tits showing. It adds to the self insert experience. I’ve done it with evangelion, code geass, to love ru etc.

>a little bit
She is pretty much always shouting and whining and/or being rude to somebody.

My backlog of actual porn is pretty sizeable, I don't need to be tugging it every time some thot flashes her panties

I swallow my cum every time precisely to avoid this.
But anyway, could you say what are the consequences of zinc deficiency?

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>I need alot of stimulation
I'm also in this boat. A consequence of longterm porn use

>I swallow my cum every time precisely to avoid this.

After 15 years of watching anime and with over 1000 completed entries on MAL, I can say with confidence I've never fapped to fanservice. When I feel horny I just look up porn - rule34, nhentai or whatever. Morever, I don't recall seasonal anime making me aroused. As you said, the fanservice is just a distraction and annoyance to me. There were few exceptions, some ecchi stuff that was a bit sexy but it still pales in comparison to actual porn. To begin with, most of the anime girls are just not that hot. They need to be redrawn by porn artists to look somewhat hot, at which point they barely resemble themselves. And there's hardly any porn of the seasonal FOTM. You're lucky to find a few tags on boorus. That's why I mostly stick to old shonenshit. One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach etc. There's porn of them for every taste and fetish, due to how old and popular those series are. Proven stuff. I cringe when I see (which is literally every anime thread) some kid saying that this or that bland, generic wench is hot and they want to fuck them. It's stupid, but I get it, I was a teenager once too and just as horny. If I got into anime in my early teens, I'd probably be fapping nonstop as well.

You’re telling me this doesn’t arose you?

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Not him but I do the same thing. I don't make a big deal out of it. It's just like boogers, except it tastes worse. Makes cleanup easier, recycles the nutrients, etc.

Isn't it really anticlimactic cumming to something as boring and mundane as fucking fanservice?

The real benefit to that is not avoiding a mess, but nutrient efficiency, if I don't have to get up i can live for up to 2 days on a big meal.

No. I don't swallow it because I want to avoid zinc deficiency, I swallow it because I like the taste and the feeling in my mouth.

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Doesn't even look like an ass desu, just looks like the legs go on forever under the skirt.

A little. It would more depend on the context in the episode. But to actually get an erection and orgasm I'd probably have to go out and seek more explicit pornographic material of some form.

Kill yourself, phonecancer.

You could do it too, when you were 15 and hadn't been masturbating to hentai on the internet for 10 years

To each his own I guess. I feel it really immerses you in the series and its kinda hot fapping to a character you’re familiar with, and even if deen is shit and her ass doesnt have an outline she still has nice thighs

Can you tell me what is funny so I can stop having badwrong fun, please?

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Just give your tongue a good scraping afterwards, you wouldn't want to walk around with your breath smelling like cum unless you're an indirect exhibitionist and you WANT people around you to know you've been eating cum.

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I've never fapped to a fan service episode but afterwards I might look up some material with the fan serviced characters to fap to


>when you were 15
Except I never did. It would've still felt like a waste of an orgasm to masturbate to fanservice.

What foods contain zinc?

Is this really a problem?

dude you are 12 holy shit.

I had my dick out while watching all of Valkyrie Drive. That's literally the only non-hentai show I've jerked to.

why do they include the fan service if you aren’t supposed to jerk off to it? I’m not watching this to test my willpower

The only time I've ever fapped to fanservice was when the internet was down for some reason and I had to pull up some shitty BD titty onsen scene special to fap to. Otherwise no I'm way past getting aroused by mere fan service.

So this is what clever looks like, I should take notes.


those sick fucks

No but it might inspire me to go browse the ol' gelbooru

It's as much of a problem as you growing hair on your palms and going blind from jacking it. So no, it's not.

>why do they include the fan service
Simple things entertain simple minds.

Anime creators want kill billons of Spermatozoons every week, this explain why japanese birthrate is so low

So this is what shit taste looks like? Lemme get my notebook

>N-no you!
Absolutely seething

The atmosphere in pic related was so good, and the erotic tension so high, I just had to.
>Valkyrie Drive
Men of taste.
Not him, but usually that's no more than plain eyecandy to reward the viewers for sticking with them. If you can fap to that and feel /truly/ satisfied, nothing is stopping you.

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I usually only like soles, but those toes are really sexy.

I don't have to fap to fanservice, why would I?
It's just a nice little thing sometimes, you see it, you think "nice" and that's it. It's just like hearing a joke, if it's a good one, you enjoy it.

No you see, it rhymes with Mitsubishi which is also Japanese.
It's genious.

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>It's just like hearing a joke
And the punchline is getting a boner and cumming?

Wtf, the minute I let my guard down is the minute I am agressively reminded of the kind of degenerates I share this website with.

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Exactly this.

Unless it's an ecchi show no, and even then it's usually not enough to actually get me going. Exception to Shinmai Maou and that one akeno scene in DXD

>this banana
Maybe this website is not for you, user. Cum swallowing is far from being the worst thing anons have done, and you have this kind of reaction to that?

That's pretty gay user. You might not come into anime heaven.

>fapping makes my scalp dry and itchy as hell
>have to limit myself by fapping once a fortnight
My scalp turns, it begins flaking, and my hair turns into straw if I don't do this.
Could the zinc deficiency you mentioned be causing this? I want to fap every single damn day and not have my hair suffer for it, for fuck's sake.

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my scalp becomes dry*


>not recognizing based Lori
>calling others newfags

That's probably psychosomatic, user. Go to a psychiatrist.

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It's something BnHAfags like to say when they have no argument, you were right about him having shit taste.

Tell me more, what other garbage do you like?

Could something like that really be psychosomatic?

Do you have brain damage or is english not your first language?
Nobody ever mentioned BnHA but you though.
Your favorite anime

I greatly enjoy fanservice but I don't think I ever actually fapped to it.

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that's depressing to look at

a bit. not enough to fap to it but maybe enough to make me switch over to sadpanda and find something to jerk off to