Haruhi is such a well directed show. I like this use of different angles

Haruhi is such a well directed show. I like this use of different angles.

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Shame the character herself was such a bitch

Shame that you aren't heterosexual

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Baiting aside, it IS a really well directed show. The Mikuru movie as the first episode was a bold choice, and throughout the episodes you just feel a nice rhythm of narration, dialogue, and scenery shots. I always get the feeling of "I don't know what's going on, but I want to find out."

Such an ass shot is never forgotten.

He didn't diss the show just the actual director.

>tfw no bitch god gf

is Haruhi a dancing anime? Yes I'm talking that anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It fucking sucks. Now it's pretty popular among the anime circles, and yet this poor excuse for an animated feature is the worst thing ever produced by a human being if you except Plan 9 from Outer Space, and I'm being generous.

First you gotta admit you hated the first episode. It made no sense, sucked as shit, wasn't funny, edgy or new. Or original. Animation sucked dead dogs' balls. Characters sucked dead dogs' balls. Voice actiong sucked dead dogs' balls. But you managed to make it through the whole pile of steaming poo just to see the ED. BEcause that's what this anime is about. It's about the ED. Those 1 minute and a half. There's nothing else to it. You went like "OMG ANIMATION LIEK" you freaking retards and now everyone likes it. Yet it's shit. It's complete shit with no redeeming qualities. There's fucking nothing to it. Just the dance at the end. It's a dancing anime. A fucking retarded danxcing anime with no story and nothing and no characters it sucks. You shouldn't like it you morons seriously. Just download the ED and loop it on your WMP you cockass faggot asses. DAMN I wish all those threads about HARUHI OMG YEAH would go one and everyone in them die FUCK YOU for polluting my forums HARUHI FUCK YOU.

Keep reading.

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post rare haruhis

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My god is better than your god

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>worst thing ever produced except plan 9 from outer space
being this dumb in 2018

She's just alienated and trying to humanize but without stopping being herself, that's what makes her so good.

Correct. That... other guy x kyon was best ship.

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Why does God have such a nice butt?

replying to pasta from 2008

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Mikuru best girl

Are you fucking joking? She is the worst character by far.

Both her and Koizumi are kinda simple, but I guess they get better later on in the ln

Fucking classic
I miss the old internet

This but unironically. Based Kyoani.

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I wonder how old is this pasta. In any case the animation was among the best at the time of it's release (only S1, S2 was more average and the quality of other studios catched up by 2009).

>I wonder how old is this pasta.
It's pre-2010 at least
See the capture I made here from this archived thread from 2010 desuarchive.org/a/thread/37080677/

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Sup Forums seems awesome before rulesfags took over

Everything was more awesome in the past

literally the only people i know who like haruhi are flaming homosexuals.

That's because it was.

i'm not saying it wasn't shit though.

It was great since wojak and pepe didn't exist. Before the trollface got popular, Sup Forums was pretty fun.

It's from 2006 around the time Haruhi anime started airing

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>It was great since wojak and pepe didn't exist.
Are you stupid?
Pepe definitely existed then and even earlier

It was great because it was filled with illiterate dumbasses posting retarded shit.

Yeah you're right, pepe was very present back in 2006. It's always been part of Sup Forums since it's inception, you retard.

Trust me, friend, "bitch" girlfriends are ones you don't want. The fantasy is too off-base. You'll end up dumping her because she'll start antagonizing everyone in your life, invading your bubble and diminishing your self-assurance. Those kind of people are best left alone, never mind being prospected for relationship value. Haruhi falls into this category.

Pepe wasn't huge on Sup Forums but you would still sometimes see Pepe images posted in Sup Forums in like 2008 or so back when he was "feels good man" frog

Either way the guy that you responded was responding to this which is from 2010

I've learned I have to be extremely specific with anons on Sup Forums or they'll go full semantics nazi on me. Thanks for this lesson.

>Haruhi thread
>not a single Haruhisky pic yet
Might people have stopped from blatantly lewding my waifu on a blue board?