Scanlation thread

Why are you on Sup Forums rather than working on something?

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Ideas on how I'd clean that line in the middle right? Shit appears on every second page.

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Because I don't wanna work on anything.

heard someone say that peter grill was axed does anyone know if that's true?
I thought there was a new chapter last week?

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I did this.

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That kerning is atrocious.

Tell the guy who scanned it to buy a new scanner.

I really dig the two chinese watermarks, very nice.

>t. "I'll have my next chapter out in three months"

Go back.

Like I'd even read Super to save my life.

>t. "The translation was done weeks ago, but I've spent 10 minutes perfectly centering this one speech bubble"

Lemme guess, pub raws.

Yeah. I just remembered that Sumikko no Sora-san hasn't had an update since 2016 or something, so I downloaded the raws flying about. Shame though, volume 4 to 6 are all fine.

because I don't speak salaryman

Just get it digitally then.
BW has the early volumes at 1600px.

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I d o n ' t k n o w w h a t y o u m e a n

Probably should, yeah.

>and getting the kerning right

because i don't want to slave away my hours and skills for a bunch of greedy dickweeds who probably use kissmanga

But it's fun, user.

Anyone know what happened with Tejina Senpai scanlations? There was no new chapters for over 4 monts and gooks are already at 71st

Yet here you are on Sup Forums in a scanlation thread.

license, rakuen dropped it

There's nothing wrong with kissmanga.

Aside from needing a Facebook account to upload shit, only having the first version of chapters (no v2s, no alternate scanlation groups, etc.), and so on you mean.

What's a good font for this kind of text that isn't Death Rattle or Feast of Flesh?

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Angry Mob maybe?

Close, but too rounded.

vengeance is mine or monster mash

>tfw wanting to read Witch Hat Atelier
>the translator is up through chapter 12 while the typesetter(s) still haven't even done chapter 9

>scanlators censoring manga
Fucking reddit I swear.
In other news: you can't write "faggot" in comments on mangadex.

>vengeance is mine
Got a link to it? Can't find a free version.

>what the fuck, why can't I act like I'm on Sup Forums on the rest of the internet?

>reddit and tumblr is the rest of the internet!Y0swQRbR!oINmGY5gm0rniOYcz4nIWIOgsJ-rzDuki1PZMHoV1Sk

Mangadex was made for the Reddit crowd, so it is as far as it's concerned. Don't like it, too bad.


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>mangadex made to host manga from batoto, including those that were removed from it for being to lewd
>redditors censure uncensored manga themselves and you can't call them faggots for it
Really makes me think.

I don't think you've thought at all, actually. Mangadex was first announced on Reddit, and that's where they go for feedback. Batoto was just removing manga that the Tumblr mods didn't like. Mangadex isn't Sup Forums. If you can't grasp that, you're just autistic.

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And yes, you can call them faggots all you want. Just don't be surprised when the Reddit admins remove your comment. You'd be better off calling them out on their faggotry here.

Why do people need to make a big deal about reddit or other people using it? As long as you can upload, host and have control over your own scanlations, who cares?


Could somebody work on Zeus no tane?

Zeus is my first name and I'm waiting for so long for somebody to pick it up!

>Batoto was just removing manga that the Tumblr mods didn't like, it didn't affect scans
>Mangadex defend redditors who censoring manga right in scans
I liked batoto more, at least they were honest about their agenda and you could call them on it. Redditors always manage to do things worse.

Wasn't started by a dude on Sup Forums? That'd be the Sup Forums equivalent in this scenario.
Mangadex literally hosts hentai, not sure what you're on about.

>Mangadex literally hosts hentai, not sure what you're on about.
Doesn't stop some scanlators to censure manga and dex mods think calling them "faggots" for it is too offensive for their safe space.

And like all other Sup Forums projects, went nowhere.

What are the Mangadex mods meant to do about scanlators censoring their own shit?

Could you give some specific examples of censorship?

I'm willing to bet the manga you're talking about it garbage anyway, but they don't own the manga. Put out your own scanlation without the censoring.

You can, just don't be one.

Nothing, but SHUT IT DOWN approach when it comes to criticizing said scanlators it's the same as endorsing it.

Did you try calling them retards instead of faggots?
And for the record I still have no idea what manga you're on about. Franxx?

Yeah, because calling them a faggot will really make them change their ways.

Grow up kiddo.

That's what happens when you spend 2 weeks arguing over the merit of .rars rather than actually doing something.
There's plenty of censored pages but pic related is especially bad.
>inb4 link to dex faggot

>I'm willing to bet the manga you're talking about it garbage anyway
Of course. But it's a slippery slope "first they come for the garbage manga and I laughed because it's a garbage anyway", etc.

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I've still got no idea what the fuck you're on about, because I can go on MD right now and whack off to doujins. Why would they censor random ecchi?

that thing is in the raws, search up before you write something

>But it's a slippery slope

reddit censoring some garbage manga is by no means a slippery slope, it's just one group acting like faggots.

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You are right. They wouldn't - and don't.

The group that run it even post their own hentai stuff there... So clearly it's not an issue. Unless, that is, you are a total moron on Sup Forums and looking to whine about something without knowing what you are even talking about. Sad times really.

I'm fairly certain they host more types of content than Batoto ever did, too.

The point of the slope isn't that some people doing something but other people allowing it because this has nothing to do with their life at the moment.

Who is going to "come for" your manga because of one stupid group? No one, that's who. There's no rule saying that they can't censor their scanlations. If you don't like it, put out your own version or call them out on it in a way that won't get your comment deleted because you're acting like you're on Sup Forums. You really do have autism.

>things never escalate once people see it's okay to do this
One of the reasons we have influx of machine translated manga and still have b/w scans in jpg is because people eat that garbage and ask for more and people like you defend such shit one way or another. Literally cancer.

They're using the web raw and not the tank.

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Oops. Guess that puts a cork on that one.

>that resolution

>entire argument is because a retard didn't do his research before complaining

What a surprise.

Why hasn't anyone scanned Kisekae ningyou wa koi o suru or Shinichi Fukuda's works?

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Actually I searched precisely because I didn't think someone was stupid enough to censor manga, but didn't find online raws or anything, only uncensored scans from tank. Poor quality of scanlated scans didn't help either to think that that's how it was in raws.

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>spend 5 years learning moon
>no longer feel like translating now that I can read things myself

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you shouldn't unless you're getting paid

That's always the case. Don't waste your time on scanation.

Shitty magazine with a shitty resolution.

And here I forgot the most important part of the post.

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Oh! Thank you, user.

Using pub raws with no other option. There's a faint red scan line on the color pages in the same spot. How can I highlight this specific area and reduce the red?

>volume 1 and 2 are 1600px high
>3 and 4 are 1920px high
>5 is 1600px high
Fucking why.

Anyone here starting any new comedies and/or romance stuff?

Buy a magazine for the first chapter of a new manga, turns out it has an unfinished page.

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because good music comes naturally or it doesn't come at all

About a month later it's online for free for promotion and has the page fixed.
Decide to check if my purchase got a revision upgrade, it's still the same.

Why is this allowed?

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publishers are retarded, what else is new.

Because my group leader didn't send me anything to work on this week and I'm too lazy to start anything of my own initiative.

If you care about the resolution, scan it yourself.
That's all there is to it.

I don't care about the resolution, I care about the inconsistency.

email the publisher/distributor and complain. It's pretty normal for pages to be edited/fixed for a tank release vs a magazine release because of deadlines. or just stop reading bad things in yangangan

>Sexy Parodius

Now there's a franchise I haven't heard from in a while.

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86 ain't too bad, though.

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Nothing wrong with that. Only translate if you really enjoy the process of translation.

>not picking up something that nobody else is translating to feel good about helping other people read good stuff

Taking a break before I go back and do more work

Does anyone want the 100-HANDRED- digital raws?

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Translator looking for an "everything else" to work on Eguchi-kun wa Minogasanai, or "Eguchi-kun doesn't miss a thing"
It's a manga about an elementary school boy with the shittiest super power ever: Being able to notice every little erotic moment that happens in daily life. It's short, simple, sweet and sexy. Basically guaranteed views
Raws here:

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