How much does she know about dicks?

How much does she know about dicks?

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She's an experienced veteran

I'll make her learn.

You could ask her to suck yours and find out. After all, she says yes to everyone.

Nothing. She's an expert on clits.

Pretty much everything, I'd assume.

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I think a better questoin would be "what kind of penis is her favorite."

She likes them black

Go back.

Literally made for sex.

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I can't believe there still aren't any doujinshi of her cosplaying at Comiket.

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This thread is pure nigger content

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There are no dicks in the yuruverse so she is incapable of knowing anything about them

She knows she loves them

>No dicks
What about Yui Funami? Or Himawari Futanari?

How huge is Himawari's cock?

It's the size of Sakurako's forearm.

Big enough to kill.

Quite sizeable. His customers like it that way.

hetfags are filth

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Blame little girls for being so sexually attractive.

I wanna sniff brat ass

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Her own.

Sluts know a lot OP

Dicks don't exist in her world. Fathers are just manly women. They reproduce through hand holding