What are your VA predictions for Fiamma and other characters who haven't appeared with a VA yet such as Knight Leader and Carissa? Or VA's that you think would fit the characters you want to hear.

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Norio Wakamoto


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Hearing Matsuoka screeching about darkness and the futility of hope would be fun.

Post the most kino moments in Index.

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Don't know which version I prefer.

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Misaki a pile of shit

Dunno, there's a lot of kino moments I think I wouldn't be able to post.

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He's kind of already got a role. I hope they have his lines for OT14.

>“And you think that will let you win?”

>“No, I already told you I can’t. If I could, I would have killed you long ago,” said the young man before smiling and continuing. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t have an idea as to how to push you back just a bit. It’s all thanks to how you so carelessly crushed Kamijou Touma’s right hand.”

>“You don’t mean…?”

>“World War III was started by a man who held the power to save the world. He had the power to save the world, but could not save the world without a right hand to output that power into the world. That was why he used various methods to obtain that special right hand. That’s right. You cut off the right hand that only one of can exist in the world.”

>A great metallic noise came from above.

>It was from one of the pillars used to support the chain-link fence surrounding the ring. A man wearing red had appeared atop it at some point. His right arm had been severed at the shoulder. Growing from there was an unnatural distortion of space that looked as if sugar water had been mixed in.

>“Fiamma of the Right with his power to save the world. And me, a man who can wield the power of a Magic God even if it is impure. …Now then. What will you do in response to these changing possibilities? Fifty percent, Othinus. I believe you have even odds of just forcing your way through this.”

>“Hmph,” snorted Othinus.

>While holding Marian Slingeneyer in one hand, she turned her back on the young man. She was going along with her opponent’s suggestion.

>But after taking a few steps, Othinus suddenly stopped. She carelessly tossed Marian to the side.

>“No, I guess I’ll kill you,” she said.

>With a great roar, something beyond Kumokawa Maria’s understanding blew about.

LPSaD Fiamma teaming Ollerus to fight Othinus while Maria has no idea what is happening. Shame there is no illustration.

Your mom

>“Didn’t I tell you? You only had the information on me from the science side. Without the magic side data, you could never complete an accurate profile…”

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Reminder WILL is in Mikoto (see the time she mentioned thor despite no clones meeting him)

Misaki is Yuiitsu(See the stars in her speech and putting her(kihara) into everyone)


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I'm not against keeping the thread alive, but at least post a theory or start a discussion.
Its one thing to necrobump a dead thread: Another to bring it back to life.

Do you think they'll have enough time to add in the OT short stories with Season 3 if they're covering all the way to the end of WW3? I could see them releasing them as an OVA rather than during the season itself unless they're necessary to the OT plots.

Too many characters and plot lines just from this image.

Who really cares about the SS, honestly? Literal novel filler.

Isn't SS2 a bit too long for an OVA?

>People getting drunk all day so no posters in these threads
Maybe it is all that one drunk guy

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Mobage devs said that despite his old age he’s still good, so most likely

Shut up, one guy

With the reveal of the literal battle royale gamemode, if all the Index characters got into a battle royale who do you think will come out on top and who will be first blood? You don’t necessarily need to be the strongest to win

I think last order could actually go very far if she uses the sisters to research everyone’s weaknesses and alliances and worked accordingly

Plus she has Accelerator on her side

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A lots of it is filler but the stuff with Gunha and Ollerus do see to have some important. Also Seria talking about Touma. Until Mikoto father's try something then his talk to Crowley is unimportant. I would be OK with a full episode of Touma's father story and Gemstone Girl and how it end with him faking their death by blowing up an unmanned Cessna airplane as it flew through the air

What do you mean exactly with battle royale?

Depends on which side this is limiting to and what nerfs are delivered to keep things fair. If Thor went in he'd probably throat punch everyone with Almighty Thor.

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Multiple people enter, one leaves

Probably just no obvious world ending moves, everyone on a equal playing field

>one leaves
Then what's the point of teaming up?

Alliances are important for scenarios where one person is too tough or people are too weak to fight everyone else themselves, obviously they won’t be permanent but for example is it had to come down to just accelerator and last order, Accel would let her live

Could/Would Thor really do that to everyone though? He’s the type to start a fair fight and keep it that way

Did we ever learn what Gemstone Girl power was and what was in the briefcase?