Dragon Ball Super

Under 4 hours left. No more of the "holding back" meme this time.

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Will we finally see El Padrino?

How many of those hits went up Jiren's ass?

No before El Primo

Is there any chance that we'll see Frieza Blanco for real this time?

lol they are gonna fuck the end rite?

>tfw Toei jobbed to Mexico

Hemos ganado hermanos!!!

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Reminder. Freeza is gonna bury Jiren(Admiral Ackbar) and faggots are gonna have an autism attack when it happens. Can't wait.

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Grandma Goku looks awesome!


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What about El Grande Abuelo

Reminder that Frieza and Goku will fuse and there's nothing you can do to stop it


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Censor this you monster


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So is GT canon? They're conveniently making everything from super disappear, I guess they'll get rid of the gods and god ki by the end of this arc.

Esto es el fin mexico

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Just by default. Goku will job and Frieza will kill Jiren.

>No niples
Fuck toei!

Gohan and 18 should be a couple.

It is canon, it just takes place in another alternate universe. Remember those are an actual thing in this series.

GT was never canon, James.

Maybe his species have no nipples

Pan is for ___

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Chinge a su mother el Grande Embajador

What time ET does it air?

Being one of the main characters of Dragon Ball Ultra. Coming Winter 2020.


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>Chapter starts
>Krilin out already

I'm a toeishill from now on

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Manga Frost was too pure and trusting for this world

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Does anyone have that manga page of toriyama saying sorry to his publisher because the drawings feel copy and pasted?

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where are you watching it live?

>Katopelsa out early

Old news
Based anime specialist on the case

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Full Chapter

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>RiBrianne not out early


Fellas I was away for a week or so, was this popular when first posted? Apparently it was before March 14th so its original thread has been lost. I need to know to restore my hope in humanity.

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El Hermano

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select your player

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I work at Toei, buddy. Already know the outcome

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>si se puede transmitir o no el ultimo episodio de dragon ball super en mexico es tema de estado y tema de posible conflicto con Japon
this looks like bizarro world tier shit

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Any last words, goku chumps?

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You already know the answer

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Thanks to him I'll be with my friends watching the stream at the cinema just 7 hours from now on

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>frieza jobs to 1% Jiren
>suddenly he's gonna defeat him on the last episode
this is ridiculous even by toei standards

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Wheres diamond frieza

Too pure

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How strong is el especialista?

I guess Goku will solo the Pride Troopers outside of the main trio instead of the Saiyan Girls.

he had a good chapter, did a lot for u6 on his own

when jiren gets ringed out dont hide from these threads

Still sleeping

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He was training while he off screen. 1000 push ups should make him GoD tier

Did you forget Trunks surpassing Vegetto?

>Yamcha wasn't chosen as a U7 member

Is Yamcha's luck starting to change?

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it's missing the west supreme kai

the weak should fear the strong

jiren defeated confirmed by satan

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El Hermano only sleeps with top thots

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Follow your dreams

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Why is this so fast paced?

>I was struggling to remain conscious and couldn't even stand up to fight
>But I kept trying to stand up
>Apparently that counts as push ups
>So behold

Is this based Salvamakoto artwork

becauses its a manga. Did you ever read a manga before?

>CHADhan soloing the Trio de dangers


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was it fast paced when the furryverse got eliminated in 5 minutes? a chapter a month it better be fast paced.

No, I did it, Im Jirenfag nÂș322.

its not really, jobbers jobbing to make room for meaty chapter long main fights like aniraza and kefura

prepare for some reused animation

Of course, but you can barely make note of who has been eliminated at this pace. I guess 80 fighters was a bit much.


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Gohan fights are always kino, Manga or Anime

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>Main fights
God, Super was really bad wasn't it?

he really cant drag his feet too long, the fodder should be done with in 2-3 chapters max I hope

>cutting anime specialist
redo please

Freeza is going all out with the kill stealing

Kefura is smol.

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Who was she even kissing in the original? There's been so many edits.

>Kefla and Aniraza
>chapter long
Wishful thinking.

I know dragon ball super has been a meme for a while now, but I'm genuinely excited for todays episode.
Are the pablos slowly infecting me with the spic?

>Frost already zozzled
>U9 gone almost as quick as the anime
>Krillin and Tenshinhan gone quicker
Lots of ups and down but hey, not too bad.
Gladthe Trio de Dangers got to fight Gohan and glad Muten is still OK

>Goku BTFOing jejfla

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Can you explain to me what you like about Gohan vs Jimeze

>its a revisionist history post

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So what is Canon for DBS? The anime or manga? They both handled the movies differently which only makes things messier

They're mostly shit for the most part. literally every saiyan had a better fight than Gohan

it was pretty good, it was the first time Frieza helped a teammate and developed a relation. Also Gohan learned a lesson that he shouldn't hold back his power against opponents he does not deem worthy because they might be troublesome if they got a technique he doesn't know how to counter. Pure Kino experience.

I want to see her eat watermelon with her smol mouth

Over 9000

Keru is Swol

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I dont know about you Superfags but im going to miss these weekly threads. Its been a wild ride.

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