What's Okubo doing?

What's Okubo doing?

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Did he end up fucking both sisters?

He started off fucking both sisters


Why do people hate Black Star?

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He is pretty annoying and his hubris conflicts with pretty much every other character that is just trying to do shit.

He seems pretty likeable to me. Guess Sup Forums's shittaste knows no bounds.

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In-universe? He's obnoxious and self-centered to the hilt, not to mention the only survivor of a notorious as fuck clan of assassins.
You're fucking retarded if you hate him as a reader, though.

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People hate best boy?

He talks shit all day every day, but unlike all similar characters he puts hard work behind that and has to bleed and suffer for every victory.

I think he was a very good contrast as a traditional shounen character, which also made it hilarious that he actually power creeped everybody else just by effort and hard work™.

oh fuck, this actually looks pretty sweet
surprised i don't hear shit about it

It's not terribly exciting, and the characters aren't nowhere near as great as in Soul Eater. The design is also limited because uniforms. On the other hand, the story seems to be better planned, and he has grown as an artist even more, so the panelflow is great and art is crisp.

Fighting Firemen

burger king foot lattice

People hate Black Star? He was the only reason some people were following the manga to be honest. His powers were unbelievably busted later in the series though, but not enough to make him Stu tier. Still being able to hold off the Kishin after breaking multiple limbs was pretty bullshit, but it was such a great ending that I can't even be mad.

Is it really hubris when he eventually lived up to his own hype?

Damn soul eater was such a good manga until it wasnt

>until it wasnt
Never happened

>He was the only reason some people were following the manga to be honest.
Nope, Most people were watching/reading SE for Kid.
Black Star is a really liked character tho.

The last part was lacklustre.
Not terrible, just..not as good as the first part.

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Am I the only one who loved the main couple the most?

>Most people were watching/reading SE for Kid.

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Because he is going to fuck best girl

I gues that you weren't around when the anime was airing, the manga still going, missed all the popularitty polls with Kid being above of everyone, his fucking big fanbase, how everybody was creaming their pants when he appaered in the spin off.

He's an annoying asshole.

Doesn't seem that way to me. He seems like the life of the party.

Dude, It's the truth.
Kid was and is the most popular character.
Go search old discussion of this series.

I can't believe i found someone denying this, The Kidfagsism was super big, He's a lovable bishie with two guns/hot twins for god's sake.

He's just vastly inferior to Maka and Kid.

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>until it wasnt
So literally after Kishin resurrection?

>Nope, Most people were watching/reading SE for Kid
Kid was my favorite, but even I'm not that delusional.

He's what people who hate Naruto think Naruto is.

>Nope, Most people were watching/reading SE for Kid.
and cute Maka

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He is marie sue but at least Kid and Maka are ones too...

Jesus, she was cute wsn't she

>best SE character
>not Excalibur

I dropped Firefaggots so I wouldn't know
He never gave up and became a bushido in his teens and is the most impressive character out of the whole main cast, my favorite

Kid was the real MC

A cute boy?

I can't believe how under-utilized Soul and Maka were.

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>Nope, Most people were watching/reading SE for Kid.

i was watching it for chrona

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>it was such a great ending
Did we read the same manga?

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Did we ever find out the gender?
>Or is Chrona a Hideyoshi?

Not him but I thought the ending was good. The only reason people hate it is the boob stuff and it doesn't interfere with the rest of the ending.

Chrona is forever a hideyoshi.

>Anime ending was hot garbage
>Manga ending just wasn't up to par with the rest of the series
Shame, the rest of Soul Eater really was great despite that.

The ending was fine. My only issue with the story was the second half to be honest. Arachne and her clique were supposed to be better than Medusa but got offed pretty quickly, and then the Noah guy came in and things took a weird turn.

>People still complaining about the manga ending
Why? It was perfectly fine and wrapped up everything it needed to in reality. Chrona being stuck on the moon was sad but I mean, what else were they supposed to do?

I liked the improvements as well

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He also seems to have fun with his covers more. pic not related though

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I was disappointed that the story didn't delve more into the Great Old Ones

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his art style really made the madness shit work

He does a great job of making an unsettling atmosphere

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This thread makes me want to re read soul eater.

I personally enjoy Soul Eater a lot, and disagree with people who both say "The anime had a better ending" and "The ending ruined the series"

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The only aspect of the ending that I wish got incorporated into the manga was the Maka being a hybrid meister/weapon herself.

>Soul Eater Brotherhood never
Why bros?

I hated that aspect though. It completely rid the story of the biggest character element, meister and weapon working together.
>Oh man, the Kishin Asura is so fucking strong that the combined strength of the ace meisters and their weapons can't stop him!
>But then Maka finds out shes a weapon and instantly is able to master her power and then defeat Asura on her own with courage
The partnership between weapon and meister was a key part of the story, if you give Maka weapon powers then you take away from Soul's importance, and Maka's character development. Not to mention it's kind of dumb, since theres no way Maka is the first person to have a weapon and a normal person as their parents, so if the plot introduces Maka as a hybrid, then there would have to be other hybrids.
Not to mention it's kind of dumb that a hybrid would exist, Weapons are just people who can turn into weapons, and weve seen weapons that are their own meisters, so what would be the point of a hybrid, it would just be a weapon.

Has anyone here read the fire fighter thing?

No, fuck that, the final chapter was awesome. I was the perfect way to wrap the series up, with it's goofy yet kinda naughty atmosphere. I loved the final chapter, it incarnated everything I, and nearly all the reader, liked about soul eater, it was stylish, unique and funny, plus canon threesome end. It's the last chapter the manga deserved, in fact it's the last arc that's extrimely rushed and lackluster, and not the ending arc the manga deserved.

The ending of the manga is better solely for the final fight with the Kishin and the moon war with Stein going ABSOLUTELY BONKERS

>What's Okubo doing?
Not continuing the story of my waifu

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>Stayed modestly flat the whole series, with some budding near the end, but gained more leg focus the farther along

Still, Okubo is the best for revealing Tsubaki was a massive lustful pervert.

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>We'll never see her wielding her papa with her legs animated

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The fact that the anime didn't get to Black * Star and Mifune's final fight is evidence enough to consider it garbage.

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>We'll never see her in her sexy black blood dress animated

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>Or cute Spartoi outfits

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>maka will never grind herself on you while flying through the sky
Fucking soul lucky fucker

Was she right?

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I think this is my favorite panel/page of Maka

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Mama and Soul are the best.
Wish SE would get a Brotherhood treatment just so we could get this moment animated.

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I mean, she's not wrong. But by the end of the series Maka was a little sex pot herself, even if her chest was flat, her legs were masterfully crafted.

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She can even pull off corn rows

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You ever got so mad that your soul just fucking explodes cause it can't handle it?

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makas voice was sex

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why did Okubo not keep the new designs her had for the main three characters?
why did he go back to the original designs. I loved these

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When they cancelled Hoshiiro Girldrop.

That is her with a spartoi outfit though.

My brain must've deleted it for me because I can't remember that thing about her being a hybrid.

>this is official art

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The early to mid 2000s had so many great manga.

It's fucking insane that we're getting to the end of the 10's. What the fuck have I done with my life?

Apparently this is FMA related too

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It's from the ending of the anime. Kishin Asura is too strong, beats the whole team, and in their moment of desperation Maka discovers that she is part weapon because of her dad, and then uses her powers without any training and beats Asura on her own

Oh I thought you were talking about the manga


I..is that a question? IF so, y...yes.

I know, im asking why the author got rid of it later