Darling in the FranXX

Episode 10

This was the worst episode so far

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I don't know what they were thinking.

The Grand Crevasse

you didnt watch 9 then

Why do I get the feeling the kids wont survive?

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Turning into an utter shit teen melodrama

Episodes 7~10 were shit, but episode 10 has a fucking bland humor

Consider Lucky Star avenged.

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I didn't even watch 9 untill today because 8 was such a disapointment. I'm not sure if I can even muster up the energy to watch 10

They should have stuck to the huge amounts of fan service and cheesy romance.

I don't get you guys. the episode was great!

Basically this

It took me until this episode to realize they were wearing monkey masks

This episode is great, Are people trolling? Zorome is a little shit but still a good episode.

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Yeah pretty lame.

>hey lets do Seele but with monkeys

And what's with the regular citizen face masks? I thought there was something going on with the part that hides their eyes, but its literally just a rug.


I feel like you get attached to this show more the more I insult your tiny little brain, dumb tripfag.

LIteraly nothing happened, an entier episode of cock block. about to say something and they don't, gets cut off. No answers. more questions.
kids infected with what? like say. they never become adults so...die of claxosaur? die of aids? what?
this is gonna be another aldnoah zero. NO ANSWERS, EVER. probably writers didn't tink that far ahea.d. also miku is still worst girl.

I wish the people in the threads would just accept it and laugh at it instead of pretending it's still good/salvageable.

Nobody thought it was good. We are here for boys riding girls into battle, not for Brave New World and teenage angst.

Speak for yourself.

It's a royal we


Are they going to have sex?

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>They see your D

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I was here for a Brave New World vibe.

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I haven't watched it yet. With how things have been going I was hoping they might start to focus on the plot more, maybe some character development but get away from these fillers like episodes. The show feels too sterile.

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it should have been 12 episodes, even the ones that advance the plot feel padded out with repetitive shit like the bird metaphor for the 20th time

doujins when?!

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Huh? It's finally starting to move somewhere by widening the scope of the world in a big way.


What does APE stand for?

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Apes Prolonging Extinction

I was okay with this episode.

It was only just creepy enough to be unsettling without completely breaking the safety bubble of the viewer / the children

They say about how their society values uniformity more than anything else. It might have something to do with that as every adult has same face now

I only watch this for the cute mecha so the beach ep was worse for me
god damn though what a drag

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This is the first episode in a while (or maybe the first in general) where 02 didn't call Hiro darling

I was though. I always wanted to live in a Brave New World style world

They did advance the plot this episode though. Only that it's from the POV of that manlet.I guess that's what got people angry.

tf? Out of the last 4 this one was the best, at least we got proper worldbuilding instead of trivia

>Couples who haven't heard their partners voice in so long that they can't remember what it sounds like
>Hooking up to a giant machine to get a dopamine hit
>Eating for pleasure is something archaic and illogical
>Those external hearts
>Empty, surgically clean streets

This creepy future utopia is going to either fizzle out and lead to nothing or be seriously unsettling later down the line

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How can you have this much shit taste?

Just implant a metal rod in your pleasure center and stimulate it regularly. We have been doing this with rats since forever.

You think? I think that's actually a perfect world.

VEG is almost done gotta find the other Sup Forums show to shitpost on.

This is precisely why we need the sweet release of death.

Clerics sent after 02 and the crew when?

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>not wanting to live in a VR/holodeck world forever
What's wrong with you?

Why?? Is like the ep 9,8,7

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What kind of monkey is the short one supposed to be?

I hope cour 2 is better, this amount of world building is not needed. Wasting an entire episode in Zorofag and a literall who old lady, this was almost as bad as the flip floppers muh alzheimers episode.


It's exactly the right amount of worldbuilding, just poorly paced.

02 smells BAD!

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Definitely the slowest, but I thought it was still some pretty great world-building.
The old lady was cute too.

Lamarch Club - Seven Prince-Electors of the Holy Roman Empire

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I want to lick her armpits

Given the eyes, probably a tarsier.

No user

>This was the worst episode so far
Shit taste, this was a great episode which finally built the world up a bit.

This, wish the last few were also like this one

>people this pleb exist
Main reason I picked this up was its dystopic scifi vibe. 02 was just a plus, the rest of the cast I could honestly give two shits about and won't care if any die

How's the sales

Ah thanks. I could almost picture a monkey that looked like that but the name totally escaped me.

It has been like that since the very beginning, user.

Here I'll fix the future of franxx: Have Zorome, Miku, Ikuno, futoshi, Kokoro, and mitsuru die next ep

Who was the old lady? Her eyes are purple

What did Kokoro do to deserve this?

Lol m8.
Literally the first scene is a teen reciting some edgy poem about a bird with broken wings. You knew what you got into, don't pretend otherwise

I'd fug the old lady desu

Zero two is love for hiro!

>no goro

This show has really gone downhill since ep 6. This is the first episode that I was struggling to get through.

They're not living in VR holodecks and experiencing a stimulating adventure making interesting memories. They're just hooked up to machines that inject happiness drugs inside them.
They're not old people watching TV or going on a holiday trip, they're old people being drugged into happiness.

here's your weekly reminder that
>Apis bees
>APE is bees

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At last this fucking show is going somewhere instead of shit beaches.

How would Goro's death improve anything?

It would please the one and a half viewers who unironically enjoy watching the world burn.

Goro became a fan favorite in Japan after episode 9, he earned his post

Experiments have been done on rats (and I think even people) where dopamine receptors are stimulated if the rat/person presses a button. Basically what they found out was the rat/person would push it and keep pushing it eventually just holding it down. They would forget to eat, the rat died while the person had to be pulled from the machine crying and begging for more completely lost

you gotta admit the pacing/amount of info revealed is a huge miscalculation

it didn't build the setting up much at all because they're holding secrets back for a big "final reveal" but at the same time the last three episodes took up 15% of the entire runtime and there's been NO internal character development

poor pacing no matter your opinion on the matter

better directors do something like contrast 2 characters thematically at the same time. the symbolism used can then apply to both of them and the setting at the same time

this ep just has tons of dead space/time. theoretically it COULD be a directorial trick, BUT they did the same things 7-10 (7 is good though)

I'm here for science fiction, mystery, and mecha action. This episode was what I needed.

Wait a second. Since the caretakers dont wear the magma heart things or the masks, does that mean that they were children too? Maybe she and that short haired guy piloted FRANXX too and could only become caretakers after they lost their potency or something.

not humans

they only do the electrode thing to humans in cases of things like major neurological disorders. the point of that test is completely different and they don't give them the button

The ruling council has probably enough experience to give a dopamine dose that will last long enough, as well as machines and sensors to remind people to feed themselves.
Or heck, perhaps the happiness drug machines automatically also supply the recipients with the necessary nutrients.

Yeah, idk this episode kind of gave me a brave new world feel. It's definitely better than the last few episodes have been

Thanks, Now I want to smell 02.

>thinks this shit is good dystopic scifi
>calls other people pleb

I saw it coming when I saw all that budget in the first 6 episodes. Te moment I saw the first shit one was like: "Yep, here we go, it's going to be like this until the last chapters isn't it?"
With luck we will get a couple of good ones around 13-15

user from the other board, care to post your theory on Dr Franxx?

When did I say "good"

is there humans beyond plantations?

The point is that that this perfect "Utopia" won't last forever. The adult Utopia is only attainable through the blood of the children. If the children rebel or fail to protect them, their world is crushed instantly.

You are still watching it and you already said you don't care about any other aspect of it. So go fuck yourself you weaselly cunt.

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Human equivalent of that button is opiates. Psychological heroin addiction is harder than physiological one just because there is nothing in whole world that stimulates dopamine receptors as hard as this this, so no wonder it does what it does with people.

Don't snark me boi

As you can all see, the mandatory pairing system by the government works. Everyone is happy with their partners. There is no discussion, no arguments, no yelling, no back-talking. Life is harmonious by the partners interacting together at an absolute minimum. The happiness machines will ensure that everything is fine.

Mitsuru and Ikuno are really model citizens. None of them talk with each another. None of them interacts as necessary.