Darling in the Franxx

Sleep tight old man

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I need a dose of happiness.

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Go to church tomorrow.

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I'm about to

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apologize to me Sup Forums

I need a dose of soma and vacation with a nice beta female.

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2 posts in and there's an ironic weeb already
Sasuga trigger

delicious chemical bliss


has anyone else noticed how they live on the set of the bee movie. explains why this girl cant get enough of that honey crisp.
>and we make the money

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So the old lady is Satan's mom?

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here you user

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I'm sorry Trigger/A-1 hired simpletons for writing and directing.

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>The birth of a meme

Can we get one with Mitsuru showing off his Genius face before the first braindead adult scene, then Mitsuru with his "Oh no" face before the second?

>humanity has achieved utopia
>kids and an oni will destroy it to bring us all back to "nature"

What is he giving her

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Magma fuel battery to replace the other

You have only yourself to blame for trusting trigger after their last 3 shows.

When is the episode again?

>humanity has achieved utopia

It's a stagnant utopia though, and one which beggars the meaning of living. It's one thing if humanity at large was creating works of art and the like, it's another if the entire purpose of their society is to satisfy their need for immediate satisfaction.

What are the odds that everything is just a dream and half of the cast is already dead ?

Had to be done.

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it's the heart on her chest.

>and war and suffering and misery
APE did nothing wrong, protect the future.

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I hate that I recognize this.

>he actually does it

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Who was that granny?

thanks doc

Just a granny, perhaps someone who was a caretaker for Zorome, but one that ultimately gives little to no shits about anything except her daily dose of happiness.

an enabler

So this color combination and position is forever fucked

Give me the drug, doc.

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Good, because you'd be a newfag piece of shit if you didn't.

There's a theory she used to be a caretaker for him in the orphanage.

A Utopia with legal drugs!

I dont get it

Thanks doc

lurk more

Thanks, Doc!

lurk moar

The adults are assholes.

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The adults are happy and satisfied. They don't need useless crying shits messing with their fix.

They're victims of Ape too. Merely existing instead of really living.

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Why? They dont seem to do much.

google daily dose


what does ape stand for?

was the episode good?

Why should the children fight and die for them then? What benefits do they get out of it? They could just fuck off and create their own society and leave the adults fix their own mess.

This episode got me back to wondering how far into the future the setting is. At first I had the impression it was thousands of years, so far ahead that practically nothing is remembered of the past. Then the state of the ruins in the beach episode made me think not as far as that, maybe just a few centuries. But granny was born into this system (to the point where her knowing of marriage partners is hazy and vaguely carried from the distant past), and she sounds like she is so tired of life as to be positively ancient.

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The APE can only govern because the people wish that they form the society to be like this.

02 smells BAD!

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Can you just IMAGINE Nana's curvaceous body in a pistil suit. Your old pistil isn't able to ride with you, so Nana takes over and rides with you. But the stations were meant for small children, so you sit down, and Nana gets in, but since she's so big her butt is just hanging off, and makes contact with your groin. She quickly pushes herself up in embarrassment so you two aren't touching anymore, but as you start piloting the Franxx and the g-forces keep pushing Nana back into you, her puffy, skintight area digging deeper now into your erect groin. Not sure if Nana can feel your bulge as the G-forces keep pressing her against you, you try to ignore it and focus on piloting. But after a couple minutes you can't take it any more as her body heat on your groin has nearly made you prematurely climax in your suit, you try to jerk her forward a bit so that you're not touching anymore, but Nana's voluptuous rear shoots up with a jolt and starts quivering. You look closely in confusing and notice that her warm, puffy crotch is dripping wet. "Holy shit, she knows" you think to yourself. "Does she want me to keep going?". So you test, by ever so lightly touching the tip of your still fully erect bulge onto her dripping wet crotch. You instantly know as she sets herself onto you and your crotch digs deeper into her. with a wry smile you start to motion back and forth slowly an-

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I miss when this show had a good ending

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It's nice to see just how dystopic the world really is but a lot of the info we got this episode was easily deduced beforehand

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>only one franxx thread on saturday
Jesus, what the fuck happened?

They can govern because there is no other alternative for them anymore.

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It's probably just 100-200 years in the future.

Wait, tthey already released the latest epp?

jesus the mental gymnastics that ichigo fags go to to JUSTify trigger not being shit

trigger didn't hire anyone new to write this, they just copied the trend of cuck posting on Sup Forums to try and cater to them

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Why should the children know any better? Zorome is the first one to actually see first hand that he's a second class citizen. Everyone else is well fed and happy inside their little bubble community.

02 knows the real score of course, but she's not telling.

Also back when it was a good show to begin with

>adults and technology are bad
What is this show trying to tell the kids, Sup Forums?

Just like in real life! And guess what!? You're going to be there slaves forever! So enjoy those adults stealing resources from the young while you slave away working and taking your parts of your pay check while it gets funneled to entitlements for adults such as Social Security.

>stopping the evolution of mankind by sealing them underground

Where have I seen this before

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02 smells like human hormone treatments and AXE body spray to cover up that musty dino smell.

I want one too

Because the children are given beautiful gardens and dangerous activities that make them truly alive in exchange for their willingness to die against the myriads of dangers that are represented by the klaxxosaurs.

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You missed all the threads discussing cuckoldry at length.

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I liked the world building

Even though the ruins suggest a shorter timespan, I think it's at least 500 years. These plantations have been around for a long time.


Alternate version

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Why should anyone choose anything else? Mankind has achieved utopia.

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>she knows
>higher functions are disabled while piloting
This is not just wanting dick.

This is being MADE for dick.

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No more shitposting fuel like cuckoldry or Ichigo bullying.


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They're not victims since they're the ones that gave APE the power to do this in the first place.

It's like Canadians and Europeans bitching about how shitty their nations have become but they're the ones that put those leaders to turn their nation to shit in the first place.

Papa is literally Anti-Spiral

Yeah, it was great.

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the culture has changed user,
the days of multithread hype are over.

>They could just fuck off and create their own society
>and die in 20~ years because they're all infected
They'd need to fuck like rabbits. But it wouldn't work.
Even if all the girls became pregnant immediately. They would all die before the children would grow old enough survive without them.

Pointless shallow pandering
We are the old people, this show is the happiness machine

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It sure doesn't look like utopia to me. It's just a bunch of old people waiting to die.

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The show started to take the plot seriously so all the shitposters ran away

I only have this one

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