Week of Pluto Storytime #1

In anticipation of the upcoming anime, and since Sup Forums storytimed the original story not too long ago, I'm going to be storytiming Pluto in it's entirety, each day covering a volume.

For anyone curious, here's the link to the original "Greatest Robot on Earth" story that it was based on:

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I still have not gotten around to reading this, is the whole thing colored?

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Nope, only the opening pages for each volume. A shame really, because i'd love for a fully colored version. I guess that's what the anime is for.

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Oh that's good, I was getting a little nervous because it was already 7 color pages.
I really dislike colored manga, same reason why I can't read Sup Forums shit.
Good going on the storytime, but I'm gonna read it on my own before the anime comes out.

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That's perfectly fine, user. I appreciate the bump regardless, I'm going to be here a while.

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I really liked this except for th ending. It went down hill for me once the robot detective died

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why? is death is the catharsis for everything else.

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He was doomed from the start, since you know, that's what happens in the original. What was wrong with the ending though?

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>In anticipation of the upcoming anime
Damn, I'd love anime based on Urasawa's works.

After checking some google links
>The anime is apparently slated for 2020
Welp, we got time right?

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Wow, it's that far away? I only saw some people here hyping it up, didn't know was that far off.

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user your scans are shit, there are better ones floating around, at least for the first volume.

Got a link to them? I'll definitely use them for tomorrow's thread if you got better ones.

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Everything is on sikret club. Scans there are in png and way cleaner.

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I love this manga, though the ending shows how it was done a bit as-he-goes by Urasawa. Still, I'm sort of cautious of the anime i mean, we get a fair share of good-looking anime nowdays but it's a very post-processing good look, I feel like this manga needed an oldschool cel-animated adaption to really capture the look.

Is that the name of an actual site? Also wow, that really is better.

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>Euro Federation

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I see, I don't actually have other links, you need to ask someone to mirror them for you on /wsr/, or maybe someone will do it here, and before you ask — I can't do it myself.

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Gotcha, I'll try and see if I can get something by the end of the storytime.

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Please no more images during the storytime, it confuses people who are actually reading this.

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I love Gesicht's design. He looks like a very decent man

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>lance of longinus

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Is this Otomo Katsuhiro ?

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No, but I wouldn't be surprised if this took some inspiration from him.

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